What Defines Hamptons and Coastal Decor Styles?

When it comes to home decor, the beachy vibe is one trend that never goes out of style. Hamptons style and coastal style are two popular decor styles that epitomize this trend, but what’s the difference between them? The differences are subtle, but they do exist, appealing to distinct preferences. Let’s explore the characteristics of each style to help you decide which one is right for you. Hamptons style:
  • Hamptons style is elegant, luxurious, and refined, with an emphasis on sophistication and quality. The materials used are high-end and often include natural materials like linen, cotton, and wood.
  • The colour palette is light and neutral with white, cream and beige being the dominant colours. Shades of blue, from soft light blues to deep navy hues, are incorporated through accessories and artworks for the seaside reference.
  • The furniture in Hamptons style interiors is typically more formal and symmetrical, with streamlined shapes and simple details.
  • The interior design of Hamptons style homes places an emphasis on openness with the goal of creating an airy and spacious feel.
  • Coastal style:
  • Coastal style is relaxed, rustic, and bohemian, with an emphasis on the natural environment. The materials used are often lighter and more colorful, incorporating an array of textures presenting the rustic, cozy look.
  • The colour palette is vivid and lively, with bright colours such as turquoise, coral and green integrating the colours of sand and sea into interior design.
  • Coastal style furniture can range from traditional to bohemian. It is often painted white and typically features embellishments from the natural environment such as driftwood, cane, and rattan.
  • Overall, coastal style interiors emphasize comfort and coziness, with plenty of natural light and soft textures, to capture the essence of beach living.
  • While both Hamptons style and coastal style incorporate beachy elements through materials, artwork and design accessories, their style expressions differ significantly. Hamptons style choosing a more elegant, refined look and the Coastal style more colorful natural environment. It’s up to you to understand what your preferences are and which style is the better fit, so you can create an outdoor-indoor sanctuary that feels like a dream getaway.
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    Understanding the Differences Between Hamptons and Coastal Styles

    When it comes to interior decorating, there are two styles that are often associated with the beach – Hamptons and coastal. While both styles have beachy undertones, they differ significantly. Understanding the differences between these two styles can help you choose the right one for your home. Hamptons style is often described as elegant and luxurious. It’s a style that originated from the Hamptons region on Long Island, New York. Coastal style, on the other hand, is rustic and bohemian, with elements that bring the outdoors in. While both styles are influenced by the beach, there are subtle distinctions between them that appeal to distinct preferences.

    The Elegant and Luxurious Touch of Hamptons Style

    Hamptons style is characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and sophisticated details. It brings a touch of glamour to the beach theme. Here are some key elements that make up the Hamptons style: Neutral Palette: Hamptons style is all about soft neutrals like cream, beige, and white. It creates a calm and soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for a beachy home. Natural Materials: Natural materials such as wood, linen, and cotton are used in abundance in Hamptons style. These materials add texture and interest to the room while keeping it comfortable and relaxed. Elegant Details: Hamptons style is all about elegant details such as button tufting, nailhead trim, and plush cushions. These details are what give it that luxurious feel.

    Rustic and Bohemian Elements of Coastal Style

    Coastal style, also known as beachy or nautical decor, evokes a casual and relaxed vibe. Here are some key elements that make up the coastal style:
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    Soft Colors: Coastal style features soft, muted colors such as blues, greens, and pastels. These colors create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Natural Materials: Coastal style incorporates a lot of natural materials such as reclaimed wood, wicker, and rattan. These materials bring the outdoors in and add texture to the space. Bohemian Features: Coastal style also includes bohemian features such as macrame, tassels, and fringe. These elements add a touch of whimsy and are a reminder of the carefree coastal lifestyle.

    How Hamptons Style References the Seaside Theme

    Hamptons style subtly references the seaside theme through its elegant and luxurious elements. Here are some examples: Nautical Accents: Hamptons style incorporates nautical accents such as boat prints, anchors, and ropes. These elements are used sparingly and add a touch of seaside charm. Marine Life: Hamptons style also references marine life through decorative touches such as coral, sea pearls, and shells. These elements are used in a sophisticated way that doesn’t feel too kitschy. Subtle Textures: Hamptons style includes subtle textures such as sisal and jute. These textures are reminiscent of beach sand and give the space a natural, outdoorsy feel.

    Bringing Elements of the Outdoors into Coastal Style

    Coastal style brings the outdoors in through the use of natural materials and bohemian features. Here are some examples:
    • Reclaimed Wood: Coastal style incorporates a lot of reclaimed wood in its decor. This gives the space a rustic, outdoorsy feel.
    • Wicker and Rattan: Wicker and rattan furniture are often used in coastal style. These materials add texture and a natural feel to the space.
    • Plants: Coastal style includes a lot of plants. This adds a touch of greenery and keeps the space feeling fresh and vibrant.
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    Combining Coastal and Hamptons Styles for a Personalized Look

    You don’t have to choose between Hamptons and coastal styles. In fact, combining the two can create a customized look that’s unique to your home. Here are some tips for blending the two styles:
    • Stick to a Neutral Palette: Choosing a neutral palette is a common theme in both styles. Stick to soft neutrals such as cream, beige, and white.
    • Balance Glamour and Rusticity: Combine elegant and rustic elements to create a comfortable yet sophisticated space. Use plush cushions with wicker or rattan furniture, for example.
    • Include Nature-Inspired Accents: Incorporate natural elements, such as coral or driftwood, to reference the seaside theme. These elements add interest and a touch of whimsy.
    In conclusion, while Hamptons and coastal styles share a connection to the beach, they have distinctive differences. Hamptons style incorporates elegant and luxurious touches with subtle seaside references, while coastal style emphasizes the rustic and bohemian with natural elements. By blending the two styles, you can create a personalized look that’s unique to your home and preferences.

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