What is Coastal Style Furniture? Discover Beachy Home Decor.

Coastal style furniture is an integral aspect of coastal design that aims to incorporate the essence of ocean life into people’s homes. It incorporates the use of natural materials in the furniture pieces, including wicker, rattan, and light or weathered woods. The furniture style is relaxed, functional, and comfortable. Here are some key features of coastal style furniture:
  • Color palette: Furniture pieces are predominantly white, beige, and light pastels, echoing the colors of the sand, sea, and sky.
  • Natural fibers: Woven textures, such as linen, sisal, and jute are frequently used in coastal furniture to create a laid-back, beachy feel.
  • Weathered finishes: Coastal furniture often features distressed and whitewashed wooden finishes, giving the impression that the pieces have been weathered by the salty ocean air.
  • Light and airy: Coastal furniture incorporates a lot of open space, and the pieces are designed to give a sense of spaciousness and airiness in the room.
  • Casual vibe: Coastal style furniture is comfortable and often oversized, creating a cozy, relaxed atmosphere in the home. By bringing coastal style furniture into your home, you can achieve a natural and calming ambiance that reflects the beauty of beach living.

    Defining the Coastal Style Furniture

    Coastal style furniture is the epitome of relaxed and casual living, with its breezy, open, and spacious feel. This style is characterized by a blend of natural, organic, and simplistic elements. It aims to bring the serene and calming environment of the ocean within the comfort of your home. Coastal furniture includes a range of collections such as contemporary, rustic, vintage, and cottage styles to suit your preference.
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    The key characteristic of coastal style furniture is its light and airy feel. This is achieved by using natural, seaside-inspired elements such as wicker, rattan, bamboo, and light-colored wood. Coastal furniture also tends to have a relaxed and comfortable appeal, with soft, plush fabrics such as linen, cotton, and woven textures.

    The Inspirations from the Ocean

    Coastal style furniture takes inspiration from the ocean by incorporating its colors and textures. Various shades of blue, aqua, and green are used to bring the calm, serene, and relaxing feel of the ocean into the living space. Earthy and neutral tones such as sandy beige and soft gray are also popular choices as they blend well with the natural elements in the furniture. Textured furniture elements in coastal design, including seashells, driftwood, coral, and starfish, bring a natural and organic look to coastal style furniture. Seashell-encrusted mirrors, driftwood coffee tables, and coral-inspired lamps are some of the examples of how designers bring the ocean-inspired elements into the home.

    Features of Coastal Interior Design

    Coastal interior design involves creating a laid-back, relaxed, and airy space. The aim is to achieve a clean and bright look while also allowing for comfort and relaxation. The primary features of coastal design include:
    • Soft, plush fabrics such as linen, cotton, and woven textures
    • Light, neutral tones and shades of blue and green
    • Natural elements such as wicker and rattan furniture
    • Furniture with a weathered look and/or whitewashed finish
    • Accessories made from seashells, driftwood and coral
    These features work together to create a space that is both welcoming and cozy. Coastal design is perfect for homeowners looking to create a calming and laid-back atmosphere in their living space.
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    Understanding the Classic Coastal Color Palette

    One of the key aspects of coastal style furniture is the color palette. A classic coastal color palette has shades of blue, green, and neutral beige tones. Blue shades from the lightest aqua to the darkest navy are used on walls, furniture, and accent pieces to create a serene and tranquil environment. Green shades in various tones from cool to warm create a soothing and refreshing ambiance. Neutrals such as beige, white, and gray are used to balance and tone down the color scheme. These are the perfect shades to create a beach-inspired feel that is both calming and relaxing.

    How to Clutter-free Your Coastal Spaces

    Coastal style furniture is all about creating a relaxed and open ambiance. Clutter and unnecessary items can be a distraction and dampen the feel of a coastal space. In order to achieve a coastal-inspired space free of clutter, one can take the following steps:
    • Remove unnecessary furniture and accessories
    • Use storage units to keep items out of the way
    • Keep surfaces clear of clutter
    • Make use of multi-purpose, space-saving furniture
    By keeping the space minimalist and uncluttered, you will be able to achieve the open, relaxed feel that coastal style furniture is known for.

    Coastal Style Furniture Materials and Textures

    The materials and textures are key in achieving the coastal style in furniture design. The most common materials used in coastal furniture include:
    • Wicker and rattan furniture
    • Wood with a whitewashed finish
    • Driftwood and other natural materials
    • Soft, plush fabrics such as linen and cotton
    • Natural fiber rugs
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    These materials work together to create a unique aesthetic that is both natural and organic. Coastal furniture textures are light, airy, and natural to contribute to the relaxed and coastal ambiance.

    DIY Decor Ideas for Coastal Themed Spaces

    Coastal style décor ideas do not have to come with a hefty price tag. By incorporating DIY elements, one can create a personalized coastal themed space without breaking the bank. Here are some DIY décor ideas that can elevate your coastal-inspired space:
    • Create a gallery wall using ocean-inspired imagery and pictures
    • Make a seashell-encrusted picture frame
    • Paint pieces of driftwood and use them as decorative pieces
    • Create seashell-covered candles or centerpieces
    • Make a driftwood wind chime
    By incorporating these DIY decoration ideas, you can create a unique and personalized coastal space that is both budget-friendly and stylish. In conclusion, coastal style furniture is all about creating an open, relaxed, and casual environment inspired by the ocean. The colors, materials, textures, and designs bring a unique and natural aesthetic to the living space. Whether you opt for contemporary or rustic, vintage or cottage styles, coastal style furniture has something to offer for every design preference.

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