What is the new decorating trend for 2023: Nature-inspired maximalism!

If you are a décor enthusiast, you must be eagerly waiting to know the new decorating trend for 2023. As per the experts, 2023 is expected to bring in some exciting interior design trends that will revive the retro styles and also blend them well with contemporary elements. Here are some of the top interior design trends of 2023 that you can look forward to:
  • The Return of Bright Colors: After years of earthy and muted shades, bright colors are making a comeback to add cheerfulness and warmth to interiors. Expect pops of vibrant pinks, greens, and blues in accent walls, furniture, and accessories.
  • Natural Stone Surfaces: Natural stones like marble, granite, and quartz have always been popular in interior design. In 2023, these surfaces will be incorporated more creatively to make stunning statement pieces like fireplace mantels, kitchen islands, and backsplashes.
  • Closed Floor Plans: The pandemic has made people prioritize privacy and peace, which is why closed floor plans will become more popular than open spaces. Expect more partition walls, pocket doors, and sliding panels that can be used to divide spaces as needed.
  • Mixed Metal Finishes: Say goodbye to matchy-matchy metallic accents. Mixing metals like brass, nickel, and gold in light fixtures, hardware, and furniture pieces will add depth and interest to your space.
  • Luxurious Living: 2023 will be all about creating a lavish, hotel-like experience at home. Plush velvet sofas, luxurious bedding, and glam chandeliers will be some of the elements that will help you achieve this opulent look.
  • Statement Lighting: Lighting fixtures will become more daring and sculptural, with oversized pendants, dramatic chandeliers, and neon signs being popular choices.
  • Influence of the 60s and 70s: Finally, retro furniture and décor styles of the 60s and 70s will be revived in 2023, with curved shapes, bold prints, and bright colors making a comeback.
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In summary, you can expect 2023 to be a year of bold and beautiful interior design trends that will make a statement. From bright colors and natural stones to mixed metal finishes and luxurious living, there’s something for every taste and style. So, get ready to update your home décor to match the latest trends and breathe new energy into your living spaces. As we approach 2023, interior designers and enthusiasts alike can’t wait to see what decorating trends will be popular in the upcoming year. From bright colors to natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans to mixed metal finishes, and luxurious living to statement lighting, the new trends seem to have a little something for everyone. Let’s delve into the exciting new decorating trend for 2023 and explore what makes it stand out from the rest.

Bright colors make a comeback

After years of neutral beige and gray dominating the color palette, it’s time to bring some fun and color back into our interiors. Bright, bold, and energetic colors like turquoise, fuchsia, and yellow are set to make a comeback in 2023. These shades will bring a playful and optimistic vibe to any room, lifting the mood and making things feel more vibrant and exciting. Think plush sofas in striking yellows, or feature walls in electric blues. The key to pulling off this trend is to mix and match colors with confidence and use bold patterns to create a playful atmosphere.

Natural stone surfaces take center stage

Nothing beats the beauty and durability of natural stone surfaces, and this trend is set to take center stage in 2023. From countertops to flooring, marble, granite, and quartzite will be among the most sought-after materials for interiors. This trend will see an emphasis on the natural beauty of stone, with little need for embellishment. The use of texture and pattern will take a back seat, allowing the raw beauty of the stone to speak for itself. Whether you prefer an elegant marble countertop or a rustic slate floor, natural stone will be a hot commodity in interior design next year.
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Closed floor plans gain popularity

Open concept living spaces have been popular for years, but in 2023, the trend will shift towards closed floor plans. This means that rooms will have defined borders and will be separated by walls or doors. This trend is all about creating cozy and intimate spaces that feel more private and personal. It’s also practical for families, as it allows for more peace and quiet, making it easier to work or study in one area while the rest of the family enjoys leisure or relaxation in another. Closed floor plans also offer more opportunities for personalizing interior design elements in each room separately.

Mixing metal finishes for a modern look

Gone are the days of matching all the metal finishes in one’s home décor. In 2023, the trend is to mix and match metals for a more modern and eclectic look. The mixing of shiny and sleek finishes like stainless steel with warm and brushed finishes like brass, copper or gold will create a unique look that is both edgy and sophisticated. Use metal accents as hardware for your cabinets and drawers and mix copper pendants with chrome wall lights for a chic metallic look.

Embracing luxury in interior design

Luxury living is back on-trend in 2023. In the past, home décor was all about minimalism and simplicity, but now opulence is back in style. From luxurious velvet armchairs to plush area rugs, nothing is too rich or lavish for the modern home. Intricately carved woodwork on furniture will also take center stage in this new trend, adding to the already luxurious aura of the space. Key pieces like chandeliers and hotel-style headboards will also add a touch of glamour to any bedroom, making it feel like a true retreat.
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Statement lighting makes a statement

Lighting is no longer just a practical aspect of interior design, but it’s also a work of art. Statement lighting is one of the hottest interior design trends of 2023, with oversized pendants, floor lamps, and chandeliers being the centerpiece of any room. Lighting fixtures will be used to create a focal point, with bold, sculptural shapes taking center stage. This trend is all about combining functionality with art to create a stunning and practical design element.

The 60s & 70s inspire furniture design

The love affair with mid-century modern furniture still continues, but in 2023, we’ll see the influence of the 60s and 70s on interior design and furniture. We’ll see bold, geometric shapes and patterns, like the classic sunburst mirror and zig-zag chevron. Furniture in deep, rich earth tones will make a comeback, like burnt orange, olive green, or mustard yellow. Clean lines and tapered legs on furniture allow for a sleek, retro feel. This trend offers a playful and nostalgic touch to any space, making it feel full of soul and personality. In conclusion, 2023’s new decorating trend will bring a refreshing change to the home décor with bright colors, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, mixed metal finishes, luxurious living, statement lighting, and the influence of the 60s and 70s. Be bold, be creative, and have fun with these new trends and create an interior design that is both functional and beautiful. Get ready to embrace a new level of luxury and make your interiors stand out with these new design inspirations.

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