What Joanna Gaines Loves: 5 Sherwin Williams Colors for a Dreamy Home

If you are a fan of Joanna Gaines’s home décor style, then you’ll be interested to know about her favorite Sherwin Williams colors. Joanna loves to use grays in her home to create a neutral palette with a bit of warmth. Here are her top picks:
  • Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray: This warm gray is Joanna’s go-to choice for creating the principal living areas in her homes. It has a mix of beige and gray undertones, making it versatile and easy to coordinate with other colors.
  • Sherwin Williams Oyster Pearl: For a softer look, Joanna likes to use Sherwin Williams Oyster Pearl. This light gray has a touch of blue-green undertones, giving it a subtle hint of color that pairs well with natural woods and textures.
  • Sherwin Williams Passive Gray: Another one of Joanna’s favorites is Sherwin Williams Passive Gray. This cool gray has a bluish base and is perfect for creating a calming and serene atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom.
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Gray: If you’re looking for a lighter shade than Mindful Gray, give Sherwin Williams Repose Gray a try. This light gray has warm undertones that make it a great choice for an open-plan living space.
  • Overall, Joanna Gaines’ favorite Sherwin Williams colors are understated and versatile, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.

    Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Sherwin Williams Colors Explained

    Joanna Gaines’ love for Sherwin Williams Gray Shades

    Joanna Gaines is a well-known interior designer, author, and television personality who has inspired homeowners across the country with her unique style of home design. One of the signature features of her design style is her love for subtle shades of gray, which provide a calm and soothing backdrop to the principal living areas of the house. Joanna Gaines has endorsed several Sherwin Williams gray shades that she believes give the home an enviable atmosphere.
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    Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray: Joanna’s top pick for living areas

    One of the top picks of Joanna Gaines when it comes to Sherwin-Williams gray shades is Mindful Gray. This stunning shade of gray is perfect for creating a peaceful and muted backdrop to the living area without being too dull or boring. Mindful Gray has a warm and inviting feel to it that makes it suitable for living areas. It provides an ideal balance between cool and warm tones that makes it easy to pair with other colors. Tip: It’s essential to use high-quality paint when applying Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray to achieve a seamless finish.

    Oyster Pearl: A subtle yet stylish Sherwin Williams color endorsed by Joanna Gaines

    Another of Joanna Gaines’ favorite Sherwin Williams gray shades is Oyster Pearl. The Oyster Pearl is a soft and subtle color that blends well with other warm or cool tones. If you want to achieve a light and airy feel in your home, Oyster Pearl should be on your list of top gray shades. Its subtle nature makes it an excellent choice for ceilings and trimmings. Tip: Oyster Pearl is perfect for a casual, coastal, or farmhouse style home.

    Sherwin Williams Passive Gray: Another gray shade favorite of Joanna Gaines

    Sherwin Williams Passive Gray is another of Joanna Gaines’ recommended gray shades for a cohesive design in your home. Passive Gray has a neutral and calming vibe that will make any room elegant and composed. It’s neither too warm nor too cold, providing the perfect balance for an excellent color scheme in your home.
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    Tip: If you’re not sure which shade of gray to choose for your home, Passive Gray is an excellent choice for any room. If you’re looking for a lighter shade of gray that will work in an open-plan space, Repose Gray is one of Joanna Gaines’ top picks. This lighter shade of gray has a warm undertone and works well in rooms that receive lots of natural light. Repose Gray creates a sleek, contemporary vibe for your open-plan space that is both inviting and modern. Tip: To accent a room with Repose Gray, use white tones for baseboards, moldings, and furniture.

    Joanna Gaines’ tips for decorating with Sherwin Williams grays

    – When choosing Sherwin Williams gray shades for your home, consider the atmosphere you want to achieve, the level of natural light in your home, and the architectural features of the room. – Pair grays with warm tones such as browns, yellows, or greens, to add depth and dimension to any room. – Paint the ceiling a lighter shade of gray than the walls to create a cohesive look and to make the ceiling appear higher. – Use grays on traditional features such as molding, trim, and wainscoting, to create a sophisticated and timeless look. – Test samples of paint colors on different walls and in different light conditions to help you make a more informed decision. In conclusion, Joanna Gaines’ favorite Sherwin Williams shades of gray are sure to create a stylish and relaxing atmosphere for your home. Coupled with her expert tips, you can achieve a beautiful and elegant look in your home that’s both timeless and stylish.

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