What Makes French and English Country Decor Distinctly Unique?

When it comes to incorporating country decor into your home, you have two great options to choose from: French and English. While they share some similarities, there are also key differences that set them apart. Here are some important distinctions to note:
  • French country decor tends to include small birds and farm animals as decorative accents, bringing a touch of whimsy and rustic charm into the space.
  • English country decor, on the other hand, showcases hunting scenes with horses and dogs as the main motif, giving the room a traditional and sophisticated feel.
  • Both styles, however, feature natural elements and materials such as wood and stone, as well as neutral color palettes with pops of pattern and color
  • When it comes to wall decor, English country style typically features botanical designs and nature prints, while French country decor is more likely to include antique mirrors or tapestries.
  • It is also worth noting that both styles emphasize warmth and comfort, with plush seating and cozy textiles being important features.
  • Finally, dark wood floors with wide boards are a hallmark of country style, appearing in both French and English designs.
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Ultimately, both French and English country decor offer unique ways to bring the beauty of the countryside into your home. The choice between them comes down to personal preference, and which style best reflects your own tastes and personality. Regardless of which you choose, incorporating country elements into your decor can add warmth, character, and charm to any space.

The Aesthetic of French Country Decor

French country decor is all about creating a warm and charming ambiance. This design style is typically inspired by the French countryside and rural life. French country decor is filled with elegant furnishing, natural materials and classic lines. The aesthetic is all about creating an inviting and comfortable space that’s both practical and beautiful. Some common elements of French Country decor include:
  • Soft, muted colors such as lavender, pale blue and mustard yellows
  • Natural materials such as wood, stone and linen
  • Floral prints and patterns on fabrics and wallpaper
  • Wrought iron accents, lamps, and chandeliers

Elements of English Country Decor

English country-style decor, on the other hand, is more about creating a refined and classic interior that exudes warmth and charm. The style is both comfortable and elegant at the same time. The materials used are of high quality, and the details and finishes are intricate and detailed. Some common elements of English country style decor include:
  • Rich, warm colors such as reds, greens, blues and browns
  • Floral prints and botanical designs
  • Antique furniture and decor items, such as grandfather clocks and antique mirrors
  • Pictures of horses, hunting scenes, and dogs
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Small Birds and Farm Animals in French Country Decor

French country decor typically includes small birds and farm animals as part of its decor items. These animals can be seen on fabrics, wallpaper and decorative items such as figurines. These small details evoke images of the French countryside.

Hunting Scenes in English Country Decor

English country decor typically showcases hunting scenes featuring horses and dogs. These hunting scenes can be seen on wall decor, as well as decorative items such as plates and vases. The hunting scenes not only add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room, but they also pay tribute to English cultural traditions.

Botanical Designs in English Country Decor

English country decor also showcases botanical designs and prints of nature such as flowers and trees. These prints are often used on fabrics, wallpaper and decorative items. They add a touch of natural beauty to the decor, and are a nod to English love of nature and gardening.

Wide, Dark Wood Floors in Both French and English Country Decor

Both French and English country-style decor features wide, dark wood floors. These floors are typically made of sturdy materials such as oak or walnut, adding to the durability and longevity of the decor. The dark wood floors also provide the perfect backdrop for the natural materials and colors used in both styles of decor. In conclusion, while both French and English country-style decor are rooted in countryside traditions and evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, there are distinct differences between the two. French country decor is all about creating an inviting and cozy ambiance, whereas English country decor is more about elegance and refinement. The decor items in French country-style often feature small birds and farm animals, while English country-style decor showcases hunting scenes and botanical designs. Both styles incorporate wide, dark wood floors to enhance the natural beauty of the space.

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