Stylish Exterior: 3 Art Deco Elements for Your Home

If you take a walk around an Art Deco home, you will be captivated by all the exterior visual elements. Here are the three prominent exterior elements of an Art Deco home:
  • Geometric Patterns: Art Deco architecture is all about geometric shapes, patterns, and designs. These designs are bold, symmetrical, and eye-catching. An Art Deco home often features zig-zags, sunbursts, triangles, squares, and chevrons. These geometric patterns can be seen on doors, windows, balconies, and even the roof of the Art Deco home.
  • Smooth Walls with Decorative Features: Art Deco buildings usually have smooth walls that are decorated with intricate motifs. These designs include stylized sunbursts, florals, and bird-themed motifs. The motifs are often simple, yet elegant, and they make use of contrasting colors to create a stunning effect.
  • Striking Entrances: Another common element of Art Deco homes is the striking entrance. The entrance is often marked by a grand, dramatic doorway that is ornately decorated with geometric designs. The doors themselves may be made of glass, featuring sculptural elements or intricate ironwork.
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These three exterior elements of an Art Deco home make it a true masterpiece of architectural design that never fails to impress. Whether you’re a fan of bold geometric shapes or appreciate the beauty of artful motifs, Art Deco homes showcase a unique combination of the past and present, making them worth preserving and admiring.

Exploring the Art Deco Design Movement

The Art Deco design movement of the early 20th century was characterized by its focus on modernism and luxury. The movement originated in France but quickly spread across the globe, influencing architecture, fashion, art, and even everyday objects like cars and furniture. A blend of traditional motifs and modern designs, Art Deco was unique for its use of bold geometric shapes, bright colors, and stylized motifs.

Architectural Features Commonly Found in Art Deco Homes

Art Deco was popular for both residential and commercial architecture, and many of its design elements can still be seen today in buildings around the world. Some common architectural features of Art Deco homes include rounded corners, stepped forms, and flat roofs. These buildings often utilized materials like stucco, stone, and concrete, and were designed with clean lines and simple shapes.

Understanding the Importance of Exterior Design Elements

The exterior of a home is just as important as the interior, as it is the first impression visitors have when approaching a property. This is particularly true of Art Deco homes, which were designed with the principles of luxury and glamour in mind. The exterior design elements of an Art Deco home are often the most striking features, incorporating bold shapes, vibrant colors, and stylized motifs to create a sense of elegance and sophistication.
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Art Deco Motifs and Their Significance

One of the defining characteristics of Art Deco design is its use of motifs inspired by nature and ancient cultures. These motifs were often stylized to be more abstract and geometric, creating a unique blend of modern and traditional styles. Common Art Deco motifs include chevrons and sunbursts, pyramids, stylized sunbursts, florals, zig-zags and sweeping curvatures, and bird-themed motifs. These motifs were chosen for their symbolism and significance, representing concepts like power, regeneration, and beauty.

Exterior Doors and Windows in Art Deco Homes

Doors and windows were an important element of Art Deco homes, as they provided an opportunity to incorporate intricate geometric designs into the exterior of the house. These designs often featured the same motifs as the rest of the building, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design. In some cases, doors and windows were even rounded or stepped, adding another layer of dimension to the building’s overall design.

Incorporating Geometric Patterns into Your Home’s Exterior Design

If you’re looking to incorporate Art Deco design elements into your home’s exterior, one of the easiest ways to start is by incorporating geometric patterns. This could mean adding a patterned fence or gate, incorporating a unique doorway or window design, or even adding a geometric mural to a blank wall. The key is to choose designs that are bold and impactful, while still being cohesive with the overall architectural style of the home.

Choosing the Right Colors for an Art Deco-Inspired Home

Color is an important element in any Art Deco design, and this is particularly true for the exterior of a home. Traditional Art Deco colors include shades of gold, bronze, and cream, as well as vibrant jewel tones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald. These colors should be used in a bold and intentional way, accenting key elements like doors, windows, and decorative elements. When choosing colors for an Art Deco-inspired home, it’s important to consider the overall aesthetics of the neighborhood and surrounding area, as well as the architectural style of the home itself.
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In conclusion, Art Deco design is an iconic and enduring movement that has left its mark on architecture, fashion, and design. For those looking to incorporate Art Deco design elements into their home’s exterior, there are a number of key features to consider, including geometric shapes, stylized motifs, and bold colors. By combining these elements with traditional Art Deco architectural features like rounded corners and stepped forms, homeowners can create a visually striking and sophisticated exterior that pays homage to an important design movement of the past.

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