Where are the most cottagecore places to live? Discover idyllic towns and villages that embody this aesthetic.

If you are enchanted by the romantic and idyllic aesthetics of cottagecore, you may be wondering where the most cottagecore places to live are located. While there are many charming and picturesque towns and villages across the United Kingdom, here are some of the most delightful places that embody the cottagecore lifestyle.
  • The Woodshed in Midlothian offers a tranquil and rustic experience with its lush trees, serene lake, and charming wooden house.
  • Old-Lands in Monmouthshire is a stunning estate with nearly 900 years of history and features a beautiful walled garden and scenic countryside views.
  • For a coastal cottagecore experience, the North Wing at Trevigue in Cornwall is a magical haven with thatched-roof cottages, wildflowers, and breathtaking views of the sea.
  • Cherry Tree Farm in Frome boasts a lovely garden, meadows, farm animals, and cozy barn cottages that exude a rustic and nostalgic charm.
  • If you are seeking a mountain cottagecore experience in North Wales, Mountain Cottage in Gwynedd offers a picturesque retreat with a stunning mountain backdrop, trickling stream, and cozy stone cottages.
  • For a peaceful and enchanting garden cottagecore experience, the Cottage in the Garden in Sussex is a quaint and charming haven with a lovely garden, vintage decor, and a cozy ambiance.
  • These places offer a range of natural beauty, rustic charm, and historic appeal that make them some of the most cottagecore places to live in the UK. Whether you are looking to escape city life, connect with nature, or simply immerse yourself in a cozy and charming lifestyle, these places are sure to delight your senses and captivate your heart.
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    The world is undoubtedly going through rapid changes, with cities expanding and natural wonders being commercialized. Amidst this, the cottagecore aesthetic provides an escape to a simpler and sustainable way of life. A lifestyle that encapsulates the beauty of nature and homely comforts, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re looking for the ultimate cottagecore experience, here are six of the most charming destinations to escape to.

    The Woodshed: A Picturesque Cottagecore Destination in Midlothian

    Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Midlothian, Scotland, is The Woodshed. This cozy retreat boasts a rustic interior, with wooden beams and a charming fireplace. The Woodshed is a masterpiece of the cottagecore aesthetic, with fairy lights delicately strung up outside and a beautiful garden to explore. The nearby rolling hills are perfect for a scenic hike while taking in breathtaking views of the countryside. The Woodshed has an adjoining magical treehouse perfect for children to let their imaginations run wild, and adults to relax and unwind. The treehouse is a personal place of comfort and offers the perfect opportunity to escape the realities of city life. Pro tip: Venture out to the nearby Midlothian Snowsports Centre, an artificial slope located up on the hill, in the heart of the Pentland Hills Regional Park.

    Old-Lands: Step Back in Time with a Visit to Monmouthshire’s Cottagecore Haven

    Tucked away in the peaceful countryside of Monmouthshire, Wales, is the enchanting Old-Lands. The holiday cottage stands on a vast 18th-century estate and is the epitome of cottagecore, with exposed wooden beams, and a traditional Aga oven. Stepping into Old-Lands is like stepping back in time to the English countryside of the 1800s. Take a stroll around the private walled garden, which is lovingly tended, and indulge in some quiet contemplation or a good book. The grounds of Old-Lands offer some excellent opportunities for nature walks and guided tours.
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    Pro tip: Besides experiencing the Old-Lands estate, venture out to Tintern Abbey, a spectacular ruin situated in the Wye Valley.

    Find Your Peace at The North Wing at Trevigue, A Cottagecore Escape in Cornwall

    Trevigue is a spectacular sixteenth-century farmhouse with a north wing holiday cottage hidden away on the cliffs of the North Cornish coast. At this remarkable cottagecore destination, you’ll discover an abundance of breathtaking views with the rolling ocean meeting dramatic cliffs. The cottage features a four-poster bed, a rustic fireplace, a lawned garden, and beautiful coastal walks and trails. Not only can you enjoy the breathtaking nature vistas from the cottage, but you’ll also have access to nearby wildlife havens and conservation areas. With beaches and quaint coastal villages nearby, you have everything you need to experience the best of Cornwall. Pro tip: Experience the nearby Eden Project, a fascinating educational charity situated in a vast expanse of outdoor gardens.

    Cherry Tree Farm: Experience the Charm of Frome’s Cottagecore Lifestyle

    Cherry Tree Farm is a quintessential cottagecore destination located just outside the quaint market town of Frome, England. The farmhouse reflects the rural setting surrounded by idyllic apple orchards, with a charming courtyard garden to relax and soak up the rural atmosphere. The interior of the farmhouse boasts a traditional feel with a modern twist, with exposed beams, wooden floors, and plush furnishings. Head outside to the lavender and herb garden to collect some stems before settling in for afternoon tea. Pro tip: Visit the Frome Independent Street Market for a unique shopping experience, featuring a selection of artisan craft stalls, bakeries, and food trucks.
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    Mountain Cottage: Embrace the Beauty of Gwynedd’s Idyllic Cottagecore Scene

    Proudly standing on the picturesque mountains of Gwynedd, Wales, is the spectacular Mountain Cottage, a quintessential cottagecore destination. The cottage boasts a stylish design with wooden beams, vintage furniture, and delicate Welsh blankets, and a log burner that’s perfect for a cozy night in. Experience the stunning rolling hills of Gwynedd, Wales, that envelop the cottage, as well as nearby historic sites perfect for walking and exploring. The dramatic mountainous view from the cottage sets the tone for a peaceful and relaxed stay. Pro tip: Try out a visit to the historic Harlech Castle to deepen your knowledge of the area’s history.

    The Cottage in the Garden: A Serene Escape to the Heart of Sussex’s Cottagecore Culture

    The Cottage in the Garden is the perfect spot to escape day to day life and indulge in the cottagecore lifestyle. Nestled in the lush, wild gardens of the stunning Sussex countryside, you’ll find a charming getaway. With an inside decor that boasts a rustic retreat with plush chairs, log burners, and traditional oil lamps, the surrounding wild gardens and lakes provide the ideal atmosphere for relaxation. Cozy up with a good book in the cosy yet spacious interior, or head outside to explore the magnificent surrounding landscape and fresh country air. Pro tip: Enjoy wine tasting in nearby Bolney and Stakehill vineyards to experience the ultimate vineyard experience. In conclusion, these destinations offer the ultimate cottagecore experience, with breathtaking vistas, traditional interiors, and modern amenities. Each destination offers a unique opportunity to indulge and escape into the nourishing and sustainable way of life that is cottagecore. Whether you desire peace and tranquillity or a honeymoon setting full of adventure, there’s a cottagecore destination for everyone.

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