What is Spanish-style decor called? Learn the Terminology

Spanish-style decor is often referred to as Hacienda-style decor. This style of decor is something that I absolutely adore. It is deeply rooted in the Andalusian region of southern Spain and its traditional architecture. The Hacienda-style decor is all about creating comfortable and cozy living environments, while incorporating unique Spanish style elements that make one feel as though they have been transported to a different country. Here are some elements that make up this beautiful and unique style of decor:
  • Beautiful courtyards or patios, known as Quintas in Spanish. This is a space for outdoor enjoyment that is surrounded by lush greenery and brightly colored flowers.
  • Rustic, earthy elements such as wood beams, brick walls, and terracotta tiles create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Decorative tiles that are often used as backsplashes, flooring, or wall decor. These tiles usually showcase intricate designs and bold colors.
  • Colorful textiles such as blankets, throw pillows, and rugs often feature rich shades of blue, red, orange, and yellow.
  • Ironwork accents such as chandeliers, sconces, and decorative wall art that feature unique scroll and swirl designs.
  • Overall, Hacienda-style decor is a beautiful way to celebrate the rich history and unique culture of Spain. With its warm and inviting elements, it is sure to make any space feel like a cozy retreat.
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    The Beauty of Hacienda-Style Decor

    The Origin of Hacienda-Style Decor

    Hacienda-style decor finds its roots in the grandiose estates of the Spanish colonial era in the Americas, predominantly in Mexico. It is a fusion of Spanish, Indigenous American, and Moorish architectural and decorative styles that have evolved over many centuries. These styles have all contributed to the warm, bold, and inviting aesthetic that is characteristic of hacienda-style decor today.

    Andalusian Architecture: the Heart of Hacienda-Style Decor

    Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, is famous for its traditional housing architecture. The classic hacienda-style decor is centered around Andalusian architecture, which is most often seen for city homes and country palaces. The most salient style characteristic of Andalusian architecture is the central courtyard or patio named Quintas. Aiming for a look that showcases Andalusian architecture is the first step in achieving the timeless beauty of hacienda-style decor.

    Quintas: The Courtyard Concept in Hacienda-Style Decor

    Quintas, or central courtyards, are ubiquitous in hacienda-style decor. The central courtyard is a unique feature of Andalusian architecture that brings the outdoors in and creates a serene, tranquil, and relaxing environment. Quintas often include a beautiful fountain as well as an outdoor dining area. A well-designed Quinta, interior and exterior, enables an easy and natural flow of people between areas.

    Elements that make this concept works include:

    • Wrought Iron
    • Wooden Beams
    • Brick Walls
    • Saltillo Tiles
    • Lush Plants

    Elements of Hacienda-Style Decor That Make Your Home Stand Out

    Elements of Hacienda-style decor create warmth and charm. Many of these components are set with traditional pieces, and when admired together, the style is complete, creating a comfortable space. Salient features that set Hacienda-style decor apart include wooden ceiling beams, large arched openings, plastered walls, decorative wrought iron fixtures, hand-carved wooden doors, and skillfully hand-painted tiles.
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    Decor elements that highlight Hacienda-style decor include:

    • Spanish-style Chandeliers
    • Lots of Wood
    • Archways
    • Bold Patterns
    • Earthy Colors

    Colors and Textures of Hacienda-Style Decor

    The colors and textures of Hacienda-style decor are nature-inspired and always rich, warm, and inviting. The beauty of the style is in its mix of vibrant and deep earthy tones that are exclusive. In the natural style of the designs, slight detailing makes the walls lively and unique. Earth-toned finishes created from materials like brick and terra-cotta tiles help Hacienda-style decor stay grounded.

    Tips for Achieving an Authentic Hacienda-Style Decor Look

    Achieving an authentic Hacienda-style decor look can be a fun and rewarding journey. The following tips can help you transform your home into a warm, inviting, and stylish hacienda:

    Decorating tips to achieved the Hacienda-style decor look:

    • Start with the Quinta or Courtyard
    • Concentrate on and incorporate earth tones
    • Utilize timeless furniture pieces
    • Integrate traditional decorations or pieces
    • Ensure to add textiles such as soft green or fiery orange area rugs
    In achieving the ideal Hacienda-style decor, you do not need to limit yourself. As with the initial inhabitants of the haciendas, they were curious eclectic, and so must you! The design requires patience as rare finds replace new, materialistic items. Embracing few rustic, old fashioned, or even handmade items, blending it with modern-day designs, is just the right selection to create the perfect Hacienda-style decor.

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