What is urban farmhouse style? Bringing countryside charm to city living.

Urban Farmhouse Style can be defined as a marriage between modern and traditional design elements that breathes new life into the classic farmhouse aesthetic. With traditional frontier farmhouse designs becoming a relic of the past, modern designers have sought to create a more contemporary take on this timeless design. Here are some features you might expect in an Urban Farmhouse Style home:
  • Reclaimed Wood: Using reclaimed wood as flooring or accent walls can bring in the traditional and rustic elements to this modern design.
  • Open floor plans: An open floor plan creates a feeling of spaciousness, allowing rooms to flow naturally while promoting natural light and maximizing living space.
  • Neutral color schemes: A farmhouse design includes simple, neutral color palettes, often pairing muted shades of beige or white with pops of black or brown.
  • Modern kitchen: In urban farmhouse style, kitchens are often a mix of old and new. Elements of traditional farmhouse kitchens, such as exposed shelving or apron-front sinks, are now paired with modern appliances and sleek finishes.
  • Barn doors: Rustic barn doors are a popular feature of an Urban Farmhouse home, providing a perfect blend of old and new design elements while introducing an industrial touch.
  • Overall, Urban Farmhouse Style combines modern elements and traditional design features to create a warm, welcoming living space that feels both sophisticated and cozy.

    A Fresh Take on Farmhouse Design

    Farmhouse design, a classic look that evokes feelings of home, comfort, and warmth, has been around for centuries. However, with the advancement of modern architecture, traditional farmhouses have slowly faded from the scene. Enter urban farmhouse design – a fresh take on the traditional style, tailored for city living.
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    Urban Farmhouse Design is a blend of modern and traditional elements that give a modern take on the classic farmhouse style. It combines the rustic look of natural wood and stone with sleek materials like steel and glass. The result is a trendy and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for urban living.

    Sustainable Alternatives for Urban Living

    Traditional farmhouses are renowned for their charming yet outdated features. Non-energy-efficient construction, high maintenance costs, and limited space for expansion have made farmhouses less attractive to modern urban homeowners. However, the urban farmhouse style offers a sustainable alternative that combines traditional features with modern design. Urban Farmhouse style creates a balance between sustainability and aesthetics. By incorporating energy-efficient appliances and sustainable materials, urban farmhouse design creates a comfortable and eco-friendly living space. This style also offers flexibility in using reclaimed or recycled materials, giving homes a unique touch and reducing environmental impact.

    Modern Meets Rustic: The Urban Farmhouse Look

    The urban farmhouse style combines the warmth of rustic design with the sleekness of modern elements. This style emphasizes natural elements, such as wood, stone, and metal. The rustic flair is balanced with modern touches such as clean lines and minimalist decor, giving rooms a fresh and clean look. The urban farmhouse style also features open floor plans that allow for ample natural light and promote social interactions. Modern light fixtures and contemporary furniture provide a polished touch to this rustic atmosphere. This combination of elements creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere that attracts many homeowners and designers alike.

    Features of Urban Farmhouse Design

    Urban Farmhouse design incorporates unique features that distinguish it from traditional farmhouse styles. These features include:
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    • Open floor plans that promote social interactions and natural light.
    • Reclaimed wood or unfinished materials that give rooms a rustic look.
    • Industrial materials such as steel and concrete to add a modern touch.
    • Warm and neutral color palettes that create a relaxed atmosphere.
    • Statement light fixtures to add visual interest to a room.
    • Nods to traditional farmhouse design such as barn doors, farm sinks, and clawfoot tubs.

    Materials and Colors for the Urban Farmhouse Style

    The materials and colors used in urban farmhouse design are essential in creating the style’s unique look. Neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere that is common in farmhouse design. Wood is a prominent feature in this style, whether it is reclaimed or finished, providing texture and warmth. Other materials used in Urban Farmhouse design include concrete, steel, and glass that create the modern touch that distinguishes this style. Sometimes printed tiles can also be used to add a vintage flair. Materials like leather are also used, providing a durable and warm feel to seating and other furniture.

    Incorporating Urban Farmhouse Design in Your Home

    Incorporating Urban Farmhouse design in your home can be done in several ways. By mixing a variety of textures, using reclaimed wood for decor, incorporating statement light fixtures, and choosing neutral colors, anyone can achieve the Urban Farmhouse look. Simple touches such as incorporating plants or arranging furniture in an open-concept layout, enhance the cozy and warm feel of the style. Bathroom design can showcase both rustic and modern elements with some classic farmhouse features such as clawfoot tubs, barn doors, and a freestanding sink. A rustic touch can be added with an exposed brick feature wall, natural wood flooring, and some traditional vintage decor. A few modern touches here and there such as a frameless shower door or a double vanity sink can emphasize the modern influence.
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    Balance and Comfort in Urban Farmhouse Decorating

    Urban farmhouse style design follows the principles of balance and comfort. Mixing rustic and modern elements creates an inviting look, while also achieving a modern twist. Comfort plays an important role as well, through relaxing colors, comfortable seating arrangements, and layering of textures. Transforming a home’s interior into the Urban Farmhouse style is a way to achieve a look that is both comfortable and stylish. This style is rapidly growing, thanks to its perfect blend of rustic and modern elements. By keeping in mind sustainability, using warm and neutral metallic and natural color palettes, incorporating natural materials, and balancing comfort with style, homeowners can achieve the perfect balance and welcoming environment.

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