What is Beachy Farmhouse Style? Tips for Coastal Comfort.

Beachy farmhouse style is a unique blend of two decor styles – coastal and farmhouse – that evokes a relaxed, summery vibe with a touch of rustic charm. As described by design Instagrammer Kim from Sunny GA Charm, this decor style combines soft neutral tones and natural wood elements commonly used in farmhouse decor with coastal accents like oceanic hues of blue and beach-themed artwork. Here are some key elements that make up this laid-back yet cozy decor style:
  • Neutral color palette: Soft, muted colors like white, beige, and gray form the foundation of beachy farmhouse style. These neutral tones help create a calm, relaxing atmosphere that feels inviting and cozy.
  • Natural materials: Wood, wicker, and other natural materials are key components of this decor style. Natural wood finishes – such as distressed or weathered wood – add warmth and texture to the space.
  • Coastal accents: To add a touch of seaside charm, beachy farmhouse style often incorporates coastal accents like seashells, starfish, and driftwood. Coastal-inspired artwork and decor (think ocean landscapes or vintage beach signs) can also help reinforce the beachy theme.
  • Mix of old and new: A hallmark of farmhouse decor is the use of vintage and repurposed items, and this holds true for beachy farmhouse style as well. Mixing old and new elements – such as an antique sideboard paired with modern woven chairs – adds character and depth to the space.
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    Overall, beachy farmhouse style is a versatile decor style that can be adapted to many different types of spaces. Whether you’re decorating a beach cottage or just want to add a touch of summery charm to your home, this decor style is sure to evoke a calm, relaxed atmosphere.

    The basics of beachy farmhouse style

    Beachy farmhouse style is a unique interior design concept that blends two popular styles: farmhouse and coastal. This style embraces a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere that is easy to incorporate into any home. The key elements of a beachy farmhouse style include natural woods, neutral soft tones, and beachy accents. This style often incorporates vintage pieces and repurposed materials, making it an affordable and eco-friendly way to decorate.

    Combining neutral tones and natural woods

    The neutral tones in beachy farmhouse style consist of whites, beiges, greys, and muted pastels like seafoam green and sky blue. These colors create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in any space. Natural woods like distressed wood, reclaimed wood, and raw wood bring warmth and texture to the room. The combination of soft neutral colors and natural woods offers an approachable and welcoming aesthetic. Suggested bullet points: – Use a neutral color palette with soft tones – Add texture with natural woods – Incorporate vintage or repurposed items to enhance the farmhouse style

    How to add coastal touches to your farmhouse style

    To achieve a beachy farmhouse style, coastal accents are key. These accents include items like seashells, driftwood, and coral, which all bring a touch of the beach into your home. If you’re not a fan of these traditional beachy items, you can also add coastal touches by using nautical colors, stripes, and sailor knots. These elements will make your farmhouse style feel like it’s by the ocean, even if you’re miles away.
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    Suggested bullet points: – Include coastal accents such as seashells and driftwood – Add nautical colors, stripes, and knots to your decor – Use natural fibers such as jute and linen to add texture

    Incorporating shades of blue glass into your decor

    Adding shades of blue glass to your beachy farmhouse decor is an excellent way to enhance the coastal feel. With blue glass vases, jars, and bottles, you can add depth and color to your neutral-toned room. Blue glass can be used as both decorative and functional pieces, such as glassware or lighting fixtures. With a variety of shades and styles, you can easily find the perfect blue glass to coordinate with your beachy farmhouse style. Suggested bullet points: – Use blue glass in vases, jars, and bottles – Incorporate blue glass as both decorative and functional pieces – Find the perfect shade and style to match your decor

    Using beachy art to enhance your beachy farmhouse style

    Beachy art can be used as a focal point in your beachy farmhouse decor. Art featuring seascapes, shells, and boats are just a few examples of the types of art that can enhance your beachy farmhouse style. You can use a large piece of beachy art as the centerpiece of your room, or you could create a gallery wall with smaller beachy art pieces. The possibilities are endless with beachy art, so have fun finding the perfect pieces for your space. Suggested bullet points: – Use beachy art as a focal point in your decor – Choose art featuring seascapes, shells, boats, etc. – Create a gallery wall with multiple beachy art pieces
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    How to create a stunning summer style with beachy farmhouse decor

    Creating a stunning summer style with beachy farmhouse decor is easier than you might think. Adding pops of color, like coral or aqua, to your otherwise neutral room can add a fresh summer look. Incorporating natural elements like fresh flowers, plants, and greenery are also great ways to bring summer into your home. A beachy farmhouse style is all about comfort, so choose plenty of soft blankets, pillows, and other cozy items to complete the look. Suggested bullet points: – Add pops of color to your neutral room – Incorporate fresh flowers, plants, and greenery – Choose cozy items such as pillows and blankets to complete the look In conclusion, beachy farmhouse style is a versatile concept that can be adapted to fit anyone’s taste. With natural woods, neutral soft tones, and beachy accents, you can easily create a comfortable and stylish space. By incorporating suggestions such as coastal accents, blue glass, beachy art, and summer touches, you can take your beachy farmhouse style to the next level and create a stunning space perfect for summer and beyond.

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