What Does Bauhaus Furniture Look Like? Discover the Iconic Style

Bauhaus furniture is easily recognizable for its strikingly modern and minimalist design. Here are some key characteristics to look out for:
  • Minimalist design: Bauhaus furniture features clean lines and a lack of ornamentation. The focus is on the shape and function of the piece.
  • Smooth surfaces: The surfaces of Bauhaus furniture are often smooth and unadorned, giving them a sleek and polished look.
  • Geometric forms: Many Bauhaus designs feature geometric shapes, including circles, squares, and triangles. These shapes are often repeated throughout the piece to create a sense of unity.
  • New materials: Bauhaus designers were interested in using new and innovative materials in their furniture designs. They often utilized tubular steel, glass, and plastic in their creations, which were groundbreaking for the time.
  • Functionality: Functionality was a key aspect of Bauhaus design. Furniture was designed to be practical and efficient, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
  • When you see a piece of furniture with these characteristics, there’s a good chance it was designed in the Bauhaus style.

    Origins and philosophy of Bauhaus design

    Bauhaus design emerged in Germany in the early 20th century, founded by architect Walter Gropius. Bauhaus sought to merge art and technology through a functional and modern aesthetic. The school aimed to create designs that were accessible to the masses and embodied the societal changes of the time. The philosophy behind the Bauhaus movement was to create furniture and objects that were simple, practical, and beautiful.

    Characteristics of Bauhaus furniture

    Bauhaus designs are known for their minimalism and functionalism. These pieces often lack ornamentation and instead rely on clean lines, simple shapes, and smooth surfaces. The furniture is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, making it ideal for modern living. Functionality is a key aspect of Bauhaus design. Furniture is not only beautiful; it is also designed to be used. As a result, Bauhaus furniture is durable and reliable.
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    Key Characteristics:
    • Minimalist
    • Clean lines and shapes
    • Smooth surfaces
    • Functional
    • Durable

    Materials used in Bauhaus furniture

    Bauhaus furniture designers pushed the boundaries of traditional materials, incorporating new and innovative materials into their work. Many of the furniture pieces are constructed from materials that were revolutionary for the time, including tubular glass, steel, plywood, plastic, and tubular steel. These materials were not only innovative, but they were also affordable, making it possible to create furniture for the masses. Key materials:
    • Tubular glass
    • Steel
    • Plywood
    • Plastic
    • Tubular steel

    Key designers and their contributions to Bauhaus furniture

    Bauhaus furniture was designed by a number of influential designers, including Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier. Each of these designers brought their unique visions to the movement, creating furniture that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Key designers:
    • Marcel Breuer: designed the famous Wassily Chair, constructed from tubular steel
    • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: designed the Barcelona Chair, characterized by its sleek, minimalist design
    • Le Corbusier: designed the LC2 armchair, featuring a tubular steel frame and leather cushions

    Examples of iconic Bauhaus furniture pieces

    Bauhaus furniture includes a number of iconic pieces that have become synonymous with the movement. These pieces are often characterized by their minimalist design, use of modern materials, and practical functionality. Some of the most iconic pieces include the Wassily Chair, Barcelona Chair, and LC2 armchair, but there are many others as well. Iconic pieces:
    • Wassily Chair: tubular steel and leather lounge chair
    • Barcelona Chair: stainless steel and leather lounge chair
    • LC2 armchair: tubular steel and leather armchair
    • Nesting Tables: a set of three tables made from tubular steel and glass
    • Sideboard: a minimalist and functional sideboard made from steel and glass
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    Modern interpretations and adaptations of Bauhaus furniture

    Bauhaus furniture continues to influence modern design, with many contemporary designs taking inspiration from the functional and minimalist style. Some designers have taken these ideas and pushed them even further, incorporating new materials and technologies into the designs. Modern adaptations:
    • Tubular steel and leather office chairs
    • Minimalist glass and metal coffee tables
    • Sleek steel and plywood shelving units
    • Functional and minimalist steel and glass desks
    • Futuristic plastic and metal lounge chairs

    Integrating Bauhaus furniture into your home decor

    Bauhaus furniture is versatile and can be integrated into a range of home decor styles. Because the furniture is typically minimalist and functional, it can pair well with a variety of other design elements. Consider pairing Bauhaus pieces with mid-century modern furniture, Scandinavian design, or industrial decor. The key is to create a cohesive look that emphasizes the clean lines, smooth surfaces, and simple shapes of the Bauhaus furniture. Tips for integrating Bauhaus into your home decor:
    • Pair with clean-lined mid-century modern pieces
    • Incorporate with Scandinavian design elements
    • Combine with industrial decor for a sleek and functional look
    • Use Bauhaus pieces as statement pieces against a neutral backdrop
    Overall, Bauhaus furniture is characterized by its minimalism, functionality, and use of modern materials. As both a design movement and a philosophy, Bauhaus has had an enduring impact on contemporary design, and its influence can be seen in many pieces of modern furniture. Whether you’re looking to add a statement piece to your home decor or simply love the clean lines and practicality of Bauhaus design, these pieces are sure to make a lasting impression.

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