What Are the Cottagecore Categories? Discover Your Rustic Escape.

Cottagecore is a popular aesthetic that has taken social media by storm. It’s all about embracing a dream-like life on a rural farm, surrounded by nature, gardens, and farm animals. If you’re interested in incorporating cottagecore into your home and garden, here are a few categories you can explore:
  • Farms and gardens: This category includes everything from vegetable gardens and fruit orchards to flower beds and herb gardens. Consider incorporating vintage tools and accessories to create an authentic farm-like atmosphere.
  • Farm animals: Animals like cows, chickens, and sheep are popular in cottagecore. If you live in the city, you can still add a touch of farm life by keeping chickens or beekeeping in a small yard.
  • Rural lifestyle: This category includes imagery and elements inspired by rural living, such as old-fashioned clotheslines, wash basins, and kitchen gardens.
  • The natural world: Cottagecore embraces nature in every aspect, from leafy greens to botanical prints. Consider creating displays with branches, stones, and other natural items.
  • Honeycore: This sub-aesthetic embraces all things honey-related, from bees to jars of honey. It’s perfect for those who love the warm, golden tones of honey and want to incorporate that into their home and garden.
  • Dirtcore: This sub-aesthetic centers around the earth and soil, digging up potatoes, composting, and getting your hands dirty in the garden. It’s all about embracing the hard work and satisfaction that comes with growing your food.
  • Grandmacore: This sub-aesthetic takes inspiration from the traditional grandparent’s house, with crochet blankets, cross-stitch pillows, and handmade quilts. It’s all about creating a cozy, homey atmosphere.
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By exploring these categories, you can find ways to add a touch of cottagecore to your home and garden, bringing joy and a sense of peace to your daily life.

Understanding Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore is the latest trend that has taken the internet by storm. It is a niche aesthetic movement characterized by a dream-like life on the western farm. The cottagecore aesthetic celebrates rural life, the outdoors, and natural beauty. It is all about living simply, a life that reminds people of the days when things were simpler. The aesthetic encourages people to live a more sustainable and wholesome lifestyle and to appreciate the beauty of nature. The cottagecore aesthetic is mainly focused on the environment, farms, gardens, farm animals, rural life, and the natural world. Here are some of the most popular themes in cottagecore: 1. Farming and Gardening The farming and gardening lifestyle is the most popular theme in cottagecore. This theme is centered around growing your vegetables, herbs, and fruits. It’s about tending to the animals like cows, sheep, and chickens. You get to experience the joy of living off the land and eating healthy homegrown food. 2. Nature and Animals The natural theme of cottagecore is all about embracing the beauty of the wilderness. People who love this theme appreciate the simple things in life, like hiking, picnicking, and camping. They enjoy the company of animals, especially pet animals like cats, dogs, and chickens. 3. Handcrafted Items and Vintage Clothing The cottagecore aesthetic encourages people to live off the land and create things with their hands. This theme is centered on making things like soap, knitwear, and candles. The vintage clothing theme encourages people to wear outfits made of cotton and linen. The clothes are often old-fashioned, with pastel colors and florals.
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Exploring Honeycore Subaesthetic

Honeycore is one of the subaesthetics of cottagecore, and it celebrates the sweetness of living. The honeycore aesthetic is focused on cozy places, sweets, and honey. The color scheme of honeycore is typically pale yellows and oranges. People who appreciate honeycore are always striving to create a comfortable environment that is both warm and inviting.

Discovering Dirtcore Subaesthetic

Dirtcore is a subaesthetic in cottagecore that is all about getting your hands dirty. It is about experiencing the joys of the earth, the dirt, and what it produces. It is often associated with the farming and gardening theme of cottagecore. People who enjoy dirtcore like to spend time in the dirt, planting, and harvesting.

Embracing Farmcore Subaesthetic

Farmcore is another subaesthetic that takes its inspiration from rural life. This aesthetic is all about the simplicity of farm life. It’s about working hard and living off the land. The farmcore aesthetic is centered around muted colors, denim, and boots. People who appreciate this subaesthetic tend to wear practical yet stylish outfits.

The Charm of Grandmacore Subaesthetic

Grandmacore is another subaesthetic that celebrates the charm of granny life. This subaesthetic pays homage to the timeless classics, like embroidery, lace, and knitting. It is all about the romance of an older generation. The grandmacore aesthetic is centered on pastel colors, vintage clothing, and soft furnishings.

How to Incorporate Cottagecore into Your Life

If you find the cottagecore aesthetic appealing, there are some simple ways you can incorporate it into your lifestyle. Here are some ideas:
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1. Create a Garden: Start by creating a vegetable or flower garden in your backyard. Grow your herbs, fruits, and vegetables. 2. Wear Vintage Clothing: Go for the vintage look with pastel-colored clothing, cotton, and linen fabrics. Smile more often, and you will embody the cottagecore charm to perfection. 3. Use Handcrafted Items: Use items like soap, candles, and knitwear made by you or someone who shares your interests. 4. Decorate with Soft Furnishings: Add some lace, crochet, embroidery, and other soft furnishings to your surroundings. 5. Enjoy Spending Time Outdoors: Embrace outdoor activities like hiking, picnicking, and camping.

Benefits of Cottagecore Lifestyle

The cottagecore movement encourages a simple lifestyle that can come with some positive benefits. Here are some benefits of living a cottagecore lifestyle: 1. Reduced Stress: Living a simple lifestyle can reduce stress levels. It helps to appreciate natural beauty, pay attention to what you eat, and prioritize pleasure over profit. 2. Sustainable Living: The cottagecore lifestyle encourages people to live a sustainable life that is environmentally friendly. 3. Individual Creativity: Cottagecore aesthetic promotes individual creativity, encouraging people to use their hands to create things and live a more fulfilling life.

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