How to Add Spanish Flair to Your Home Decor

If you want to make your house look Spanish, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. Here are some great ways to achieve that Spanish look:
  • Terracotta roofing tiles: These are easily identifiable and often connected to Spanish homes, terracotta roofing tiles are also well-liked in other areas and are admired for their rustic appearance.
  • Arches and curves: Spanish architecture often features arches and curves, which can be incorporated into doorways, windows, and even outdoor landscaping.
  • Painted tiles: Many Spanish homes feature brightly painted tiles, both inside and out. These can be used as accents in kitchens or bathrooms, or as part of an outdoor mural.
  • Arcades: Spanish architecture often features arcades, which are covered walkways with arches along one or both sides. This is a great feature to add to an outdoor patio or garden area.
  • Iron features: Spanish homes often have wrought iron features, such as railings, gates, and light fixtures. Adding wrought iron pieces to your home’s exterior can help achieve that Spanish look. By incorporating these elements into your home’s design, you can create a warm and inviting Spanish style that is both unique and beautiful.

    How to Make Your House Look Spanish

    Looking to add a touch of Spain to your home? Incorporating terracotta roofing tiles, arches and curves, painted tiles, arcades, and iron features are key elements that can bring an authentic Spanish aesthetic to your space.

    Incorporating Terracotta Roofing Tiles for a Spanish Aesthetic

    One of the most recognizable features of Spanish architecture is the terracotta roofing tiles. These tiles are not only popular in Spain but are also admired in other areas for their rustic appearance. Incorporating these tiles in your home adds not only an authentic Spanish feel but also a timeless elegance that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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    When installing terracotta roofing tiles, it’s essential to work with a professional. A skilled contractor can assess the weight requirements of your home to ensure the structure can handle the heavy tiles. Additionally, proper insulation needs to be considered to prevent any leaks and damage to the house.

    • Pro tip: For a subtle nod to Spanish design, consider using terracotta tiles as accents or as a paving material for your outdoor spaces.

    The Rustic Appeal of Terracotta Roofing Tiles

    Terracotta roofing tiles are favored in Spanish architecture for their warm and welcoming ambiance. These tiles offer a rustic, homely feel that contrasts well with the brightly colored walls that adorn many Spanish buildings.

    When it comes to the color of the roofing tiles, it all depends on the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. For a classic Spanish look, opt for the warm, earthy tones of red and orange. However, if you’re after a more modern spin, darker terracotta hues, such as deep brown or black, can pair well with minimalist designs.

    • Pro tip: For an eye-catching look, consider pairing your terracotta tiles with contrasting hues such as blue or green. This creates a striking visual contrast that immediately catches the eye.

    Creating a Spanish Look with Arches and Curves

    Arches and curves are fundamental aspects of Spanish architecture. This design is especially evident in traditional Spanish homes and buildings, where arches connect various rooms and living spaces. Incorporating arches and curves in your home adds an enchanting feel that captures the essence of Spanish design perfectly.

    Consider installing arched doorways in your home for an immediate Spanish touch. Alternatively, adding arched ceilings or curved walls can create an inviting space that mimics the intricacies of Spanish design.

    • Pro Tip: If arches are not an option, look for other ways to bring curves into your home, such as with curvaceous furniture or decorative art.
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    Adding Charm with Painted Tiles

    Spain is famous for its brilliantly colored, ornate tiles. Incorporating painted tiles in your home is an excellent way of bringing a splash of Spanish charm to any space. The tiles can be used on walls, kitchen backsplashes, stair risers, or even as floor tiles.

    When choosing painted tiles, go bold, and don’t be afraid of color. Spanish tiles are widely known for their colorful designs and intricate details. From geometric patterns to floral motifs, there is bound to be a tile design that’s perfect for your space.

    • Pro Tip: If installing Spanish tiles throughout your home is not an option, consider using tiled accents like mosaics, coasters, or even painted tiles for trivets and placemats.

    Capturing the Essence of Spain with Arcades

    Arcades are another essential feature of traditional Spanish architecture. Arcades use a series of arches to create an open space that can span the width of a building. This design is perfect for adding a touch of Spanish charm to outdoor areas such as courtyards and patios.

    If you’re interested in installing arcades in your home, consider seeking professional help as the arches need to be correctly sized and spaced. The result, however, is a beautiful covered outdoor space that you can enjoy all year round.

    • Pro Tip: Install lighting fixtures that complement the arches to create a romantic and inviting ambiance.

    Infusing Iron Features for an Authentic Spanish Feel

    Spanish architecture is famous not only for its arched design but also for its iron features. From wrought-iron railings to light fixtures, iron accents add texture, depth, and character to any space.

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    Incorporating iron features into your home is not only easy but also affordable. Consider installing a wrought-iron chandelier, hanging wrought-iron planters, or even adding iron grates to your fireplace.

    • Pro Tip: For a more contemporary look, consider using blackened iron accents, creating a sleek and modern take on traditional Spanish design.

    All in All

    As you can see, creating an authentic Spanish aesthetic in your home is all about embracing warm colors, intricate designs, and charming details. By incorporating terracotta roofing tiles, arches and curves, painted tiles, arcades, and iron features into your home decor, you can create a space that captures the enchantment and beauty of Spain.

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