Where is Modern Farmhouse Booming in Popularity?

Modern Farmhouse has become a trend that has taken America by storm. It’s popularity can be seen in 32 states where it is the top design trend being embraced. But where is it most popular? According to search data, modern farmhouse style is most popular in Texas, where on average 8,647 searches are conducted per month for this style. The next two states where modern farmhouse reigns are Ohio with 3,717 searches and North Carolina with 3,497 searches. Here are some key takeaways about the popularity of modern farmhouse style across the US:
  • Modern Farmhouse is the top design trend in the US with 32 states embracing this style over others
  • Texas is where searches for this style are most frequent, with an average of 8,647 searches per month
  • Ohio takes second place with 3,717 searches for modern farmhouse style per month
  • North Carolina takes third place with 3,497 searches for this style each month
  • It’s interesting to see how the popularity of this style varies across the country and how it has resonated with homeowners and designers alike. From its rustic charm to its modern touches, modern farmhouse is a style that seems to have staying power.

    The Rise of Modern Farmhouse Design in the US

    Modern farmhouse design first gained popularity in the early 2010s and has since become the top design trend in the United States. This style of home décor encompasses a blend of rustic and modern elements, emphasizing warmth, simplicity, and functionality. It’s not surprising that its popularity has soared as people crave cozy and inviting spaces to call their own.
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    One reason this design has become so popular is the way it brings a fresh, updated approach to traditional farmhouse design. Modern farmhouse integrates cabin-like elements like wood accents, neutral tones, and earthy textures with contemporary design components like clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalist themes.

    Breaking Down the Popularity of Modern Farmhouse by State

    According to Google search data analysis by HVAC technicians and design experts, modern farmhouse design is most popular in Texas, followed by Ohio and North Carolina. Texas leads the pack with an average of 8,647 monthly searches, while Ohio comes in second with 3,717 and North Carolina with 3,497. The following states have also shown significant interest in modern farmhouse design:
    • California
    • New York
    • Florida
    • Pennsylvania
    • Illinois

    The Lone Star State: Why Texas Loves Modern Farmhouse

    Modern farmhouse design has captured the hearts of Texans and is the most popular style of home décor search in the state. This style suits the state’s deep-rooted farming culture and rural setting while offering a fresh and updated take on traditional design. Texas homeowners have embraced the design’s use of raw wood elements, neutral color palettes, and natural textures that combine to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The open floor plans commonly found in modern farmhouse homes lend themselves to Texas’s love of entertaining, large gatherings, and indoor-outdoor living.

    Ohio’s Take on Modern Farmhouse Design

    Ohio comes in a close second when it comes to modern farmhouse design searches. Ohio homeowners seem drawn to the clean lines, rustic charm, and updated finishes. The state’s location in the heart of the country makes it a prime location to take advantage of both rustic and modern design elements.
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    The state’s love for antiques and historic preservation fuels its love for modern farmhouse home décor. These homeowners appreciate the use of character-rich woods, natural materials, and vintage accents that create a feeling of history and nostalgia within their homes.

    Exploring North Carolina’s Affinity for Modern Farmhouse

    North Carolina has a rich history of farming and agriculture, which makes modern farmhouse design perfect for its residents. There is a deep appreciation for “home,” family, and community, which often translates into a warm and welcoming home environment. Many residents appreciate modern farmhouse design’s vast array of authentic, rustic materials like reclaimed wood, natural stone, and exposed brick, which create elegant yet cozy living spaces that feel like home. North Carolina residents love the use of neutral color palettes, functional and practical spaces, and materials that get better with age.

    Other States Embracing Modern Farmhouse Design

    Modern farmhouse design has become a widely popular design trend not only in Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina but several other states across the US. Homeowners in California, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Illinois are showing significant interest and embracing this design trend. The style’s popularity can be attributed to its combination of rustic and modern elements, which creates an inviting and comfortable living space. By incorporating reclaimed wood, natural fibers, and clean lines, homeowners can create a relaxing and cozy environment within their home.

    How to Incorporate Modern Farmhouse Style in Any State

    If you are looking to incorporate modern farmhouse design into your home regardless of where you live, there are several key elements to keep in mind. Add a blend of vintage and modern elements that capture the cozy, relaxed feeling of farmhouse living with a clean, modern touch. Keep these key components in mind when designing your space:
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    • Neutral color schemes with pops of accent colors
    • Comfortable and functional furniture with clean lines
    • Reclaimed wood and natural fiber accents
    • Loads of natural light and open living spaces
    • Vintage accessories like door hardware, farm signs, and decorative accents.
    Modern farmhouse design is not just for your home’s interior. It also carries over beautifully into your outdoor spaces and garden. The following modern farmhouse design trends can add that extra touch of warmth to your home’s exterior and garden:
  • Combine natural textures like wood and metal to create unique and inviting outdoor spaces.
  • Blend traditional elements with modern pieces
  • Use diverse natural elements like stone, water features, and textured grasses
  • Maximize outdoor living spaces with all-season furniture and practical designs.
  • With modern farmhouse design, you can create a warm and inviting home that perfectly blends your love for modern and traditional design. Incorporate this design style into your home or outdoor space to create relaxing, comfortable, and on-trend living environments for you and your family.

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