What is Bohemian Called Now? A Guide to Modern Eclectic Decor.

Bohemian, also known as Boho, is still a popular style and fashion trend today. Although Bohemia was a region in the Czech Republic, the term Bohemian has evolved to describe a specific style and way of life. This style is often associated with a free-spirited, artistic lifestyle and is characterized by bold patterns, natural materials, and vibrant colors. Bohemian style can be seen in fashion, home decor, and even wedding themes. Here are some key features of the bohemian style:
  • Layered clothing with loose, flowy fabrics and bold patterns
  • Mixing and matching patterns and colors
  • Use of natural materials like wood, rattan, and macrame
  • Plants and greenery incorporated in decor
  • Vintage and handcrafted pieces
  • Jewelry and accessories with earthy or bohemian elements
  • Overall, the bohemian style is all about embracing individuality and expressing oneself through bold and eclectic fashion and decor choices.

    What is Bohemia Called Now?

    Bohemia, also known as the Czech lands, is a region located in central Europe. It has a rich cultural history and has influenced art, music, and fashion for centuries. Today, people still draw inspiration from the bohemian lifestyle, which is characterized by free-spiritedness, non-conformity, and creativity.

    The Cultural Roots of Bohemian Decor

    Bohemian decor can be traced back to the early 19th century, when artists, writers, and musicians in Paris began to reject traditional societal norms and live a more unconventional lifestyle. They embraced the idea of living freely and creatively, and this was reflected in their living spaces. Bohemian decor is all about mixing and matching styles and textures, incorporating vintage and handmade items, and creating a space that feels eclectic and personal.

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    Some key features of bohemian decor include:

    • Use of vintage and antique furniture
    • Mixing patterns and textures
    • Gallery walls of art and photographs
    • Plants and natural materials
    • Bright colors and metallic accents

    Modern Takes on Bohemian Style

    In recent years, bohemian decor has evolved to incorporate more modern elements. While the traditional look may include lots of tapestries and paisley, modern bohemian decor tends to stick to a more neutral color palette and minimalist approach.

    Some modern ways to incorporate bohemian style into your home include:

    • Choosing natural materials like wood and rattan
    • Incorporating plants and greenery
    • Mixing vintage and modern pieces
    • Opting for earthy tones like beige, olive green, and rust
    • Using bold patterns sparingly and strategically

    Understanding Bohemian: A Brief History

    Bohemia has a complex history that has influenced its people and their way of life. It was known for its production of fine glassware, textiles, and ceramics, and many of these traditional crafts are still popular today. Bohemia was also part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of World War I, when it became an independent state. It later joined with Slovakia to form Czechoslovakia. After the fall of communism in 1989, Czechoslovakia split into two separate countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    Bringing Bohemian into Your Home

    If you want to bring a bohemian touch to your home, start by focusing on natural materials and earthy tones. Incorporate plants, vintage items, and handmade pieces to create a space that feels personal and lived-in. Look for eclectic rugs, throw pillows, and art to add texture and color to your space. And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and styles.

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    Some key elements to consider when decorating a bohemian space include:

    • Layering textiles and patterns
    • Using natural and raw materials like wood and woven textiles
    • Incorporating handmade or one-of-a-kind items
    • Choosing colors inspired by nature, like terra cotta and forest green
    • Creating a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting and comfortable seating

    Mixing Bohemian with Other Decor Styles

    Bohemian decor is versatile and can be mixed with other styles to create a unique and eclectic look. Try combining bohemian with mid-century modern for a sleek and sophisticated look, or with coastal decor for a beachy vibe. You can also mix bohemian touches into a minimalist space to add warmth and texture.

    Some bohemian decor elements that work well with other styles include:

    • Natural materials like rattan and jute
    • Vintage and antique items with character
    • Soft lighting and cozy textures
    • Rich colors and bold patterns
    • Artful displays of plants and greenery

    Bohemian style isn’t just for the home – it’s also a popular fashion trend. In 2021, we’re seeing a resurgence in bohemian-inspired fashion, with designers incorporating flowing silhouettes, romantic prints, and natural materials into their collections.

    Some of the key bohemian fashion trends for 2021 include:

    • Flowy maxi dresses and skirts
    • Romantic floral prints
    • Embroidered details and crochet lace
    • Natural materials like linen and cotton
    • Straw bags and woven accessories

    Bohemian decor and style is all about embracing individuality and creativity. Whether you’re decorating your home or updating your wardrobe, incorporate elements that speak to your unique style and personality.

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