What Kitchen Styles are Out of Style? Say Goodbye to These Trends.

When it comes to kitchen design, it’s all about keeping up with the latest trends. If you’re wondering what kitchen styles are out of style, here are some elements that you may want to avoid for your next home renovation project:
  • All-White Kitchens: While white kitchens can give your home a clean and classic look, overusing this color scheme can make your space feel sterile and dull.
  • Industrial-style Lighting: While industrial-styled decor can be trendy, lighting fixtures that look like they belong in a factory are a design trend that’s quickly fading.
  • Marble and Granite Countertops: While marble and granite have been a go-to choice for countertops for years, they’re now being replaced with unique and creative countertops made from materials like quartz, wood, or concrete.
  • Traditional Dining Table Space: Formal dining rooms are no longer on-trend as homeowners are opting for open concept layouts and more casual eating areas.
  • Tuscan Kitchens: The warm and welcoming ambiance of Tuscan kitchens was once popular, but the trend has shifted toward sleeker, more modern designs.
  • Busy Backsplashes: Often made with intricate mosaics and tile patterns, busy backslashes can be overwhelming and make your kitchen feel cluttered.
  • Monochrome Themes: Single color schemes can be too one-note and lack excitement and visual interest.
  • Above the Range Microwaves: Built-in microwaves have become more stylish and integrated into cabinetry in recent years. Microwaves that sit above the range are now seen as an outdated design choice.
  • By avoiding these now-outdated kitchen design choices, you can create a space that feels fresh and modern for years to come.
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    Kitchen trends come and go, and at times it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out of style. One trend that has recently fallen out of favor is the all-white kitchen. While white kitchens haven’t completely disappeared, they have lost their appeal and have become associated with an outdated look. Here are some downsides to all-white kitchens that you should consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

    The Downsides of All-White Kitchens

    • All-white kitchens can look sterile and lack personality. They often lack color and texture, making them less inviting.
    • White cabinets and countertops can show wear and tear more quickly, making them look dingy and aged.
    • Keeping an all-white kitchen clean is a task and requires constant maintenance to keep it looking sharp.
    An Alternative to All-White Kitchens is to incorporate pops of color into your kitchen. Consider adding a colorful backsplash, using colorful appliances, or painting an accent wall. This way, you can still achieve the minimalist look of an all-white kitchen, but also add personality and warmth.

    An Alternative to Industrial-Style Lighting

    Industrial-style lighting has been a go-to trend for modern kitchens in recent years. However, this trend has worn out its welcome and has started to feel more like a cliché than a style choice. The harshness of the industrial aesthetic is no longer appealing to homeowners looking for a softer and more subtle approach. One alternative is to opt for lighting fixtures that are sleek and modern, but in a more traditional style. This could include chandeliers or pendant lights with soft curves and classic detailing. This design approach adds glamor and sophistication while still maintaining a modern flare.
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    Why Marble and Granite Countertops are a Thing of the Past

    Marble and granite countertops were the gold standard for kitchens in the early 2000s, but as kitchens have evolved, so have homeowners’ preferences. Marble and granite countertops can be expensive and high-maintenance. These surfaces also tend to gather watermarks and stains, making them difficult to clean. A more modern countertop alternative is to use a quartz composite material. This type of material is stain-resistant, low-maintenance, and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. They can also be designed to mimic the look of marble and granite without the drawbacks, making it a practical and visually appealing option.

    Outdated: Traditional Dining Table Spaces

    Dining rooms were once the quintessential gathering places for families to enjoy meals, but modern homes no longer have the space or prioritize this tradition. A designated dining space can feel outdated and restrictive. Instead, open-concept kitchen designs with a breakfast bar or island offer a more modern alternative. This design allows for a seamless transition from preparation to dining and socializing.

    Tuscan Kitchens: Overdone and Out of Style

    Tuscan-style kitchens were once trendy in the 90s and 2000s, but now they are considered to be over-the-top and uncontemporary. Heavy wood components mixed with bright and bold colors do not compliment most modern interior design trends. A more up-to-date alternative is a sleek modern industrial design with metal and glass accents. Avoid adding too many design elements to the space and stick with the functional essentials.

    Busy Backsplashes: Time to Simplify

    Busy, decorative backsplashes have been popular in the past, but busy designs can distract the eyes and take away from other design elements in the kitchen. A simpler backsplash can give your kitchen a cleaner and more modern feel, without compromising on character.
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    Consider using solid, textured tiles or a simple pattern in muted tones to provide the necessary aesthetic without overwhelming the overall design of the kitchen.

    Monochrome Themes – Too Bland for Modern Kitchens

    Monochrome themes lack the dynamics and variety required to bring interest to the kitchen. Neutral tones paired with whites can come across as too sterile and boring, now that the modern urban design is seeking a more edgy and eclectic approach. A more recent trend is to incorporate different materials and textures. Combining metals, woods, and stone can create an interesting, layered look.

    Above the Range Microwaves: An Eyesore in Modern Kitchens

    Above the range microwaves are no longer popular as they can make a kitchen look crowded, and take up functional space. Replacing an above-range microwave with a sleek and modern freestanding microwave is more practical and aesthetically pleasing. If you want your kitchen to feel contemporary and on-trend, ditch the above-range microwave and incorporate a sleek freestanding model instead. In conclusion, modern kitchen styles require simple and functional design. Ditch expansive, over-the-top kitchens with Tuscan-style designs, and instead opt for functional, minimalist design. Consider incorporating pops of color, different textures, and materials – along with sleek appliances and lighting fixtures – for a fresh, modern kitchen that will stand the test of time.

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