How do you make bare walls look good? Tips for adding color and texture

Bare walls in a room can make it feel incomplete and sterile. However, there are easy ways to make them look good and inject some personality into the room. Here are some ideas:
  • Floating Shelves: These are a great way to add some dimension to a wall and display decorative pieces, such as plants or books.
  • Hanging Rug: Instead of a traditional wall hanging, choose a well-made rug with a bold pattern and hang it on the wall. This will add texture and a pop of color to the space.
  • Oversized Art: Choose a large piece of art or a gallery wall to create a statement piece on the wall. It will give the wall a focal point and make it feel less empty.
  • Utilize Height: Hang items from high up on the wall down to a lower point, such as a macrame or a string of photos. This will draw the eye up and make the room feel more spacious.
  • Playful Display: Choose a theme or color scheme and display items on the wall that fit the theme. For example, a collection of vintage mirrors or hats.
  • Curated Vignette: Create a small display of items, such as a collection of framed pictures or a group of decorative plates. This will give the wall a curated and intentional feel.
  • Make a Statement: Consider a bold wallpaper or a mural to really make the wall stand out and add a dramatic element to the space.
By incorporating one or more of these ideas, your bare walls will look good and the room will feel complete.
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How to Make Bare Walls Look Good: Creative and Stylish Wall Décor Ideas

Plain, bare walls can sometimes leave us feeling uninspired and longing for some creativity and visual interest in our living spaces. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to dress up plain walls and transform them into stunning focal points that showcase our personality and style. From floating shelves and hanging rugs, to oversized art and curated vignettes, these creative wall décor ideas will elevate any space.

Floating Shelves: Elevate Your Space

One of the simplest and most versatile ways to make a bare wall look good is by adding floating shelves. Floating shelves offer a minimalist approach to storage and décor, and are perfect for showcasing art, books, plants, and other decorative objects. Installing floating shelves is a relatively easy DIY project that requires minimal tools and materials. Some ideas to consider when using floating shelves on your walls include: – Creating a visual statement with staggered shelves in varying sizes and shapes – Using minimalist black or white shelves for a contemporary look – Displaying plants and decorative objects with groupings of smaller floating shelves Whether used to display treasured decorative items or to provide much-needed storage in small spaces, floating shelves offer a stylish and functional solution for any wall.

The Power of Hanging Rugs: A Simple Solution to a Plain Wall

Another creative way to add interest to bare walls is by hanging rugs. Well-made rugs can bring warmth, texture and bright colors to any space, and offer a bohemian and cozy feel to a room. Some tips on how to use hanging rugs as a statement piece on your walls include: – When hanging a rug, consider choosing one with bold and intricate patterns – Mix and match different textures and colors to create an eclectic feel – Use several smaller rugs hung close together to create a unique and eye-catching display Hanging a rug on your wall is a simple and affordable way to add color, texture, and warmth to your space.
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Oversized Art: A Bold Choice for a Bare Wall

For those who prefer bold and dramatic design choices, oversized art pieces can be a stunning addition to any bare wall. Large-scale art can add drama, color, and visual interest to a space, and make a bold statement. When using oversized art as a focal point on your wall, here are some ideas to consider: – Consider using oversized canvases or prints on a smaller or focal wall to add drama – Choose artwork that is cohesive with the room’s overall design and style – Make sure the piece is securely anchored to the wall using professional hardware An oversized art piece can immediately transform any room and be a great conversation starter for guests.

Utilize Height: Create a Dynamic Look

Creating a dynamic look on bare walls means thinking beyond traditional eye-level placement. Utilizing height within a room can create a unique and visually engaging display. Here are some creative ways to use height to add interest to a bare wall: – Create a vertical gallery wall with multiple frames hung in a column – Hang decorative objects at varied heights to create interest and highlight vertical space – Use a ladder style shelf or bookcase to showcase your favorite items from floor to ceiling By taking advantage of diverse heights within a room, you can create a visually dynamic wall that is sure to impress.

Playful Display: Mix and Match for an Eclectic Wall

An eclectic and playful display can be achieved by mixing and matching different types of wall décor to create a unique and interesting design. Here are some creative ideas to consider: – Create an accent wall using a mix of framed art, tapestries, and even mirrors – Mix and match different shapes and sizes of frames with a unifying theme to create an interesting display – Use wall-mounted planters to add greenery and visual interest to a plain wall A playful display showcases your personal style and creates a fun and interesting focal point on your wall.
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Curated Vignette: A Thoughtful Display for Your Wall Décor

Creating a curated vignette involves thoughtfully combining different types of wall décor and arranging them in a visually appealing way. Here are some ideas to consider when curating a vignette on your bare wall: – Use a combination of art, floating shelves, and smaller decorative objects to create a layered look – Use a combination of large and small pieces to create depth and interest – Consider elements of repetition and symmetry when arranging items A curated vignette is a stylish and thoughtful way to display your favorite wall décor and showcase your design sensibility.

Make a Statement: Bold Ideas for Bare Walls

For those who really want to make a statement with their wall décor, bold and unexpected design choices can set the tone. Here are some ideas to create a bold and memorable look: – Use a large-scale tapestry or rug to create a dramatic and colorful backdrop – Use a statement wallpaper, such as a graphic or bold print, to create an instant focal point – Consider using a unique or unconventional object as a focal point, such as a vintage neon sign or sculpture By using bold design choices, you can create a truly unique and memorable focal point on your bare walls. In conclusion, making bare walls look good requires creativity and thoughtful consideration of different wall décor elements. By using floating shelves, hanging rugs, oversized art, utilizing height, curating playful displays, creating vignettes, and making bold statements, you can transform any plain wall into a stunning focal point. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun – the possibilities are endless!

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