What’s Hot in Flooring: 2021’s Top Trends for Home and Garden!

Hardwood flooring is always a popular choice when it comes to renovating or building a home. However, nowadays, more and more people are gravitating towards unique and intricate patterns to add a touch of personality to their living spaces. Here are some of the trending patterns in the flooring world:
  • Herringbone: This pattern involves arranging rectangular pieces of wood in a zigzagging, 45-degree angle. It offers a timeless look that can complement any style of decor.
  • Checkerboard: This pattern, as the name suggests, involves alternating light and dark squares of wood to create a checkered effect. It’s a classic look that pairs well with simple, modern decor.
  • Chevron: Reminiscent of a zigzag pattern, chevron involves arranging pieces of wood in a way that creates a “V” shape. It offers a bold and dramatic look, perfect for making a statement in any room. In summary, while hardwood flooring will never go out of style, adding patterns such as herringbone, checkerboard, and chevron are currently all the rage in the flooring world. Using these patterns can add a unique and personal touch to any home.
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    The Rise of Patterned Hardwood Flooring

    Gone are the days when hardwood flooring was just a simple and conventional option for home design. Today, homeowners are seeking more unique, original, and bold styles that set their interiors apart from the rest. This has led to the rise of patterned hardwood flooring as a popular and trendy option in home design. Hardwood flooring with patterns such as herringbone, checkerboard, and chevron are becoming increasingly sought-after flooring options, offering an intriguing contrast to or new carpet, tile, or other flooring options. The retro and vintage vibe they provide to a space has become very popular.

    Herringbone: A Classic Pattern Making a Comeback

    The herringbone pattern is a classic option that dates back to the Roman Empire. It has been adopted over the years in various ways, including in tile and fabric, and is now finding its way back into hardwood flooring. The herringbone pattern involves laying the planks in a diagonal zigzag pattern, creating a uniquely textured and visually appealing effect. This pattern may require more installation time and labor than traditional hardwood flooring, but the final look is worth it. The herringbone pattern is a good choice for:
    • Living rooms
    • Dining rooms
    • Bedrooms

    Checkerboard: Bold and Eye-Catching

    Checkerboard floors are not just for retro diners and kitchens anymore. This bold and eye-catching pattern is now being used in modern, upscale homes. The checkerboard pattern involves alternating the wood planks between two colors to create a checkered effect, adding a touch of sophistication and playfulness to a space. The checkerboard pattern is a good choice for:
    • Kitchens
    • Mudrooms
    • Bathrooms
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    Chevron: The Versatile and Chic Option

    The chevron pattern is a modern twist on the classic herringbone pattern. This pattern involves laying the planks in a V-shaped pattern and provides a chic and versatile option for those seeking a unique yet understated look for their hardwood flooring. Chevron patterned hardwood flooring is increasingly popular as it can be used in a variety of spaces, including both traditional and contemporary interiors. It can be either dark or light, and it suits different home decors, making it a versatile option for homeowners looking to make dramatic changes to their homes. The chevron pattern is a good choice for:
    • Entryways and hallways
    • Living rooms
    • Dining rooms

    Creating Contrast with Patterned Hardwood Flooring

    Patterned hardwood flooring can provide an excellent contrast to neutral carpet, tile, or other flooring options. It can be used to create dramatic, eye-catching effects or simply to add character and interest to your home. When installing patterned hardwood flooring, you need to consider the other design and decor elements in the space to ensure a cohesive look. A great perk of patterned hardwood flooring is that it works well with various types of furniture, decorative elements, and wallpaper.

    Alternatives to Patterned Hardwood Flooring

    If you like the look of patterned hardwood flooring but are not quite ready to commit to the installation process, several viable alternatives can achieve the same effect. Laminate flooring, vinyl planking, and engineered hardwood flooring are just a few alternatives that allow you to achieve the look of patterned hardwood flooring without the commitment.

    Incorporating Patterned Hardwood Flooring in Your Home Design

    Incorporating patterned hardwood flooring in your home design allows you to express your creativity and personality. When making a choice, it’s advisable to consider the size of the space and how the flooring will blend with other design elements.
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    In conclusion, patterned hardwood flooring is an excellent option to express your creative side and add character to your home. With so many options to choose from, homeowners can enjoy endless possibilities and create unique spaces that reflect their style.

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