Is Cottagecore Trending? Exploring the Timeless Charm of Rustic Living

Yes, cottagecore is still trending and has been for a while now. Despite recent shifts in global trends, the allure of this aesthetic is here to stay. Here are some reasons why:
  • Connection to nature: Cottagecore emphasizes the beauty of the outdoors, and people still yearn for a sense of connection to nature, especially after spending more time inside over the last year and a half.
  • Comfort and simplicity: The cozy and minimalistic elements of cottagecore are appealing to those who are looking for a sense of comfort in their surroundings. Many people have discovered the joy of slowing down and simplifying their lives over the last year, which aligns with the core values of cottagecore.
  • Escape from reality: In a world that can feel overwhelming and chaotic, cottagecore provides a sense of escapism. Its whimsical and idyllic imagery offers a retreat from the stresses of daily life.
  • Adaptability: The cottagecore aesthetic is versatile and can be tailored to different tastes and preferences. From shabby chic to rustic farmhouse, there is something for everyone within the cottagecore movement.
So, despite the ebb and flow of trends, it seems that cottagecore is still here to stay. Its enduring appeal lies in its connection to nature, comfort and simplicity, escapist qualities, and adaptable nature.

Defining Cottagecore: A Recap

Cottagecore is a cultural aesthetic that romanticizes rural life and a simpler way of living, characterized by soft pastel colors, floral patterns, whimsical decorations, and elements of vintage and thrifted style. It is often associated with nostalgia and a longing for a slower pace of life that feels more connected to nature and the seasons.
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This aesthetic has been popularized by social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram, as people seek respite from the fast-paced, technology-dominated world. Cottagecore has also been linked to the popularity of simplified and eco-friendly lifestyles, such as minimalism and sustainable living.

Cottagecore: Nostalgia Meets Modernity

Cottagecore has resonated with people of all ages as it brings a sense of comfort and warmth to daily life. Whether through the use of farmhouse decor, knitting, gardening or cooking, cottagecore is a comforting way for people to escape the stresses of their daily lives. While cottagecore’s retro-inspired aesthetic emphasizes traditional elements of rural life, it is often used in a modern setting. This approach to the aesthetic aims to create a space that feels familiar and nostalgic while being updated for modern times. As a result, many people have flocked to cottagecore-like aesthetics because of their ability to marry the warmth of tradition with the freshness of modernity.

Cottagecore: Aesthetic and Lifestyle

Cottagecore is an aesthetic and a mindset rolled into one. It is not just about the clothes you wear or the home décor you choose but about how you live your life. Cottagecore encompasses the values of living a simpler, more sustainable, and mindful life, embracing nature and its cycles, and developing a connection to the land. Incorporating cottagecore into your life can be easily achieved through DIY projects, gardening, cooking, or spending time in nature. It encourages people to slow down and take time to appreciate life’s little pleasures, such as sitting by a fire or enjoying a cup of tea.
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The Role of Social Media in the Cottagecore Movement

Social media has played an integral role in the spread of the cottagecore movement. It creates a space for people to connect and share their experiences, creating communities and promoting a sense of solidarity. Platforms like TikTok have enabled the spread of cottagecore content, with users creating videos showcasing this aesthetic and how they have incorporated it into their lives. Social media has been instrumental in the popularity of cottagecore fashion and lifestyle items, showcased in carefully thought-out flat-lays and artistic imagery. Cottagecore hashtags have taken over the internet, encouraging users to share their own interpretations of the aesthetic, as well as providing inspiration for others to follow.

Is Cottagecore Here to Stay? Examining Its Enduring Appeal

Cottagecore has undoubtedly had its moment in the spotlight, but its appeal has not waned. Many people have found solace in the aesthetic during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have been forced to spend more time at home and connect with nature. Cottagecore’s enduring appeal is its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort for many people. It speaks to people’s desire to slow down in today’s fast-paced world and connect with nature and each other. Notably, cottagecore’s popularity highlights a growing trend towards sustainability, eco-friendliness, and a simpler way of life. Key Point: Cottagecore has resonated with individuals because of its ability to create spaces that bring warmth and comfort to daily life while also embracing elements of both modernity and tradition.

Cottagecore Fashion, Home Décor and DIY Ideas

Cottagecore fashion has evolved from a simple style to a full-on aesthetic, with soft, romantic dresses, ruffles, lace, and floral prints being highly popular. It is known for its use of natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, and linen. Home decor incorporates many vintage or thrifted products: quilts, wreaths, and floral arrangements. DIY projects, such as crocheting, embroidery, preserving, and canning, create a connection of labor to the elements of earth and time.
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Some DIY ideas include:
  • Garden-related projects: Building raised garden beds or a greenhouse
  • Making soap
  • Canning your fresh produce
  • Upcycling furniture pieces with rustic finishes
  • Baking homemade bread and preserving fruits or vegetables
Cottagecore décor follows the slow living principle, so less is more. Pale colours and floral designs complement one another, while natural materials ensure consistency throughout the space.

The Future of Cottagecore: What to Expect Next

It is hard to predict what the future holds for the cottagecore movement, but it is clear that its appeal is enduring. With the emergence of sustainability movements and the rise of eco-friendliness, cottagecore ideals and lifestyle may become more mainstream. Additionally, as people begin to travel again, there may be a revival of interest in rural living and agriculture. Regardless of what the future holds, cottagecore will be a reminder of the simple life’s beauty and its enduring appeal.

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