Unlocking the Mystery: Adapting ADT Equipment for DIY Home Security

Yes, you can absolutely use ADT equipment without service! If you are interested in only using the cameras, you don’t need the ADT Self Setup security system or monitoring plan. ADT offers a range of cameras for your home security needs, and even without a subscription to storage, you can still use the cameras to monitor your home. To make the most out of your system, you can connect a microSD card to your Indoor Camera or Wireless Outdoor Camera for additional storage. Here are some benefits of using ADT equipment without a subscription:
  • You can still monitor your home using the camera systems.
  • You can save money on ADT’s monthly subscription fees.
  • You can take advantage of the camera’s basic features free of charge.
  • You can add additional storage simply by using a microSD card, making it easy to customize your system to fit your home security needs. ADT’s cameras are easy to set up and use, making them a great option for those who want to monitor their home without committing to a monthly subscription. Whether you want to keep an eye on your pets or check in on your home while you’re away, ADT’s cameras provide a reliable and user-friendly solution for all your home security needs.

    Using ADT Equipment Without a Monitoring Plan

    ADT is one of the most well-known and widely used home security companies in the United States. While you may assume that you need a monitoring plan to use ADT equipment, this is not the case. You can still use ADT cameras without a monitoring plan, and even without the ADT Self Setup security system. This means that users have the option to simply purchase the cameras they need and set them up as a standalone security solution without the added monthly cost of monitoring.
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    ADT Self Setup Cameras: A Standalone Option

    The ADT Self Setup cameras, the Indoor Camera and Wireless Outdoor Camera, are standalone options that do not require any additional equipment to function. They can be connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network and controlled through the ADT app, which can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can still use ADT cameras for surveillance and security without a monitoring plan.

    Storing Video Footage on ADT Cameras

    One of the most significant aspects of video surveillance is the ability to store footage. ADT cameras have built-in storage that allows videos to be stored on the device itself. The amount of storage included varies depending on the type of camera, but users can also purchase additional storage if needed.
    • The Indoor Camera has up to 32GB of storage
    • The Wireless Outdoor Camera has up to 64GB of storage

    Using MicroSD Cards with Indoor Cameras

    For users who want additional storage for their Indoor Camera, a microSD card can be inserted, providing up to 64GB of additional storage. The camera will automatically record and save video footage to the microSD card, which can be accessed remotely through the ADT app.

    Wireless Outdoor Cameras and Storage

    The Wireless Outdoor Camera is weather-resistant and designed for outdoor use. It includes up to 64GB of storage and has the same capabilities as the Indoor Camera for storing video footage. However, it does not have the option to insert a microSD card for additional storage.

    Comparing ADT Monitoring Plans and Standalone Equipment

    While monitoring plans offer the added benefit of professional monitoring and quick response to emergencies, standalone ADT equipment can still provide a significant level of security and surveillance. By using ADT cameras without a monitoring plan, users can save on monthly costs and still have the ability to monitor their home remotely.
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    • Monitoring plans start at $36.99 per month
    • Standalone equipment starts at $199.99 per camera

    ADT Equipment as a Supplement to Existing Security Systems

    For users who already have an existing security system or may not want to fully commit to a monitoring plan, ADT equipment can still be beneficial. The cameras can be used as an additional layer of security, providing an extra set of eyes to monitor your home. They can also be a cost-effective solution for those who may not want to invest in a full monitoring plan but still want surveillance capabilities. In conclusion, ADT equipment can be used without a monitoring plan and still provide a significant level of security. The cameras can be used as a standalone option or as a supplement to an existing security system. With the ability to store video footage and remote access through the ADT app, ADT cameras can provide users with peace of mind and an added layer of protection for their home.

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