What were the popular flowers in the 20s? Discover the blooms that defined an era.

The 1920s were a time of glamour and extravagance, especially when it came to flower arrangements. Many flowers were used to adorn homes, events, and fashion pieces. If you’re wondering what the popular flowers in the 20s were, we’ve got you covered! Here are the varieties that were on-trend in the roaring ’20s:
  • Carnations – More than 40 varieties of carnations were beloved for their ruffled blooms.
  • Delphinium – These tall, majestic flowers were considered symbols of wealth and luxury in the 1920s.
  • Lily of the Valley – Known for their delicate beauty and sweet fragrance, these flowers were used in bridal bouquets and corsages.
  • Tulips – This classic flower was a favorite of Art Deco designers and was often featured in fashion illustrations and advertisements.
  • Sweet Peas – With their pastel shades and soft petals, sweet peas were a popular choice for garden arrangements.
  • Aster – These daisy-like flowers were beloved for their bright colors and diverse shapes and sizes.
  • Chrysanthemums – In the 1920s, chrysanthemums were not only used for decoration, but also for medicinal purposes. They were believed to have healing properties and were often brewed into tea.
  • These flowers were not only beautiful in their individuality, but were also frequently mixed into bouquets and arrangements to create stunning, layered displays. With their timeless elegance, it’s no wonder that many of these flowers remain popular choices for home and event decor to this day.

    Flower Frenzy in the Roaring 20s:

    The 1920s were a time of prosperity in America, and this reflected in the gardens of the era. People in the 20s were always looking to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to their homes, and there was no better way to achieve that than with a fresh bouquet of flowers. The decade gave rise to several blooms that were not only beautiful but also held symbolic meaning for the people of the time. Here are some of the most popular flowers of the 1920s:
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  • Carnations, the Flower of Love and Fascination:
  • One flower that was incredibly popular in the 20s was the carnation. There were more than 40 varieties of carnations during this period, and they were cherished for their delicate structure and sweet fragrance. White and pink carnations were particularly popular as they embodied love and fascination respectively. Carnations were often used for corsages and boutonnieres for weddings and other special occasions.
  • The Classic Elegance of Delphinium:
  • Delphiniums, with their tall blue stalks and delicate petals, were a popular choice for gardens and bouquets alike in the 1920s. They were known for their stately elegance and grace, and were often used to add a touch of sophistication to home decor. Delphiniums were also a symbolic flower, representing heavenly transcendence and a sense of lightness.
  • The Dainty Charm of Lily of the Valley:
  • Another classic flower from the 20s was the Lily of the Valley. Its delicate white bells and sweet fragrance made it a highly sought-after flower during this era. Lily of the Valley was thought to bring luck and prosperity, and was often given as a good luck charm to friends and family. It was also a popular choice for bridal bouquets as it symbolized purity and innocence.
  • The Royal Splendor of Tulips:
  • Tulips have been beloved for centuries, and the 1920s were no exception. These majestic flowers were highly valued for their vibrant colors and ability to brighten up any room. Tulips came in a range of colors including red, yellow, pink and purple, and were often gifted as a way to express love and affection. The tulip also held symbolic significance, representing perfect love and the idea of forgiveness.
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  • Sweet Peas, the Symbol of Blissful Pleasure:
  • Sweet peas were a popular flower in the 1920s due to their vibrant colors and sweet fragrance. They were highly sought-after for their delicate structure and were often used in wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Sweet peas held symbolic value, representing the idea of blissful pleasure and a sense of lightness.
  • The Radiant Beauty of Chrysanthemums:
  • Chrysanthemums were another popular flower in the 1920s, known for their striking colors and intricate petals. They were thought to represent long life and good luck, and were often used as gifts for birthdays and other special occasions. Chrysanthemums were also used to decorate homes and gardens, adding a touch of radiance and beauty to any space.
  • Aster, A Blossoming Beauty in the 20s:
  • The aster, with its intricate petals and bold colors, was a popular flower during the 1920s. Asters represented elegance and refinement, and were often used for centerpieces and bouquets. They were also used to express affection and admiration, making them a popular choice for romantic gestures. In conclusion, the 1920s offered a wide range of popular flowers that were highly valued for their beauty and symbolic meaning. These flowers not only brightened up homes and gardens but also added a touch of elegance and sophistication to any occasion. Whether it was a wedding, birthday or just a simple gesture of affection, flowers played a crucial role in expressing emotions and conveying sentiments in the 20s.

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