What Was Popular Decor in the ’70s? Get Groovy Inspiration!

The 1970s brought a unique style to home decor, and many of the design features from that era remain popular today. According to Corvette, an interior designer and expert on home decor, the 70s were all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that blended nature with modern design. Here are some of the most popular decor elements from the 70s:
  • Textured fabrics: Bold textures such as shag carpets and macrame were common in the 70s.
  • Geometric shapes and patterns: From bold triangles and squares to curved lines and swirls, geometric shapes and patterns were a common theme in 70s decor.
  • Sunken living rooms: This type of living room design created a cozy, conversation-focused vibe and was a popular feature of 70s homes.
  • Room dividers: Open-concept homes weren’t as popular in the 70s, and room dividers made it easy to create separate areas for different activities.
  • Upholstered seating: Plush, upholstered seating was a hallmark of 70s design. This included velvets, corduroys, and other textured fabrics.
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  • Nature-inspired decor: Bringing the outdoors inside was a big part of 70s design. Rattan, bamboo, and other natural materials were common, as were botanical prints on wallpaper and fabrics. While the 70s are long gone, these design elements can still add a fun and funky vibe to modern homes. By incorporating textured fabrics, geometric shapes, and natural materials, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that pays homage to the bold and colorful style of the 70s.

    A Look Back at the 1970s’ Design Style

    The 1970s was a time of change, rebellion, and style. People were looking for new ways to express themselves and their homes were a canvas for their creativity. The design style of the 70s was characterized by vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, and an inclination towards natural elements. The use of bold and unconventional design materials was embraced and celebrated in this era. From carpets to curtains, to wallpapers, every piece of decor was unique and daring.

    The Return of Textured Fabrics

    Textures in home decor have been making a comeback recently, and we have the 1970s to thank for it. The use of textured fabrics was a significant trend in the 70s, and it has returned with a bang. From shag rugs to macrame wall hangings, textured fabrics are being used to add depth and personality to homes. Bold and fluffy fabrics like faux fur and shearling are making an appearance on throw pillows and blankets as well. Key takeaway: Add texture to your space with a plush rug, cozy throw, or macrame wall decor.

    Geometric Shapes and Patterns in Decor

    In the 1970s, geometric shapes and patterns were in high demand. They were used on everything from wallpapers to curtains and furniture. This trend is making a comeback in contemporary home decor. Bold, abstract geometric patterns are popping up on accent pieces, throw pillows, and area rugs.
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    Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to mix different geometric shapes and patterns in your decor to create an eclectic and personalized look.

    Multi-Use Spaces: Sunken Living Rooms and Room Dividers

    Multi-use and free-flowing spaces were a hallmark of the 1970s’ design style. Sunken living rooms, room dividers, and open-plan spaces were popular ways to incorporate this design trend. Using room dividers like screens and partitions to create distinct yet connected spaces is becoming popular once again. Additionally, sunken living rooms are making a comeback, providing a cozy and intimate space for relaxation. Key takeaway: Use room dividers and sunken living rooms to create multi-use spaces that are functional and stylish.

    Upholstered Seating: A Nod to the 70s

    When it comes to seating, the 70s were all about comfort and style. Upholstered seating was a staple in living rooms, and it is now becoming popular once again. Plush, voluptuous chairs, sofas, and even ottomans are making a comeback in contemporary home decor. Key takeaway: Add some comfortable yet stylish upholstered seating to your living room for a retro-inspired look.

    Bringing Nature Inside: The Velvet and Rattan Trend

    In the 1970s, bringing nature inside was a hot trend in home decor. Velvet and rattan were used to add texture, dimension, and a natural feel to interior spaces. Today, this trend is making a comeback, with velvet and rattan making appearances in furniture, accessories, and decor. Key takeaway: Add some velvet or rattan elements to your space, such as a velvet sofa or a rattan lamp, to add a natural and cozy feel to your home.
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    Patterns on Wallpaper: A Retro Touch

    Wallpaper was a popular decor choice in the 1970s, and it’s making a comeback today. Bold, graphic patterns, and prints are making an appearance on contemporary wallpapers. Florals, abstract designs, and retro patterns are among the styles that have made a comeback in wallpaper. Key takeaway: Add a retro touch to any room in your house by incorporating bold wallpaper with graphic prints or abstract designs. In conclusion, the 1970s’ design style was all about bold, vibrant, and unconventional design choices. From textured fabrics to geometric shapes and patterns, to multi-use spaces and bringing nature indoors, the 70s was an era of creativity and bold accents. These design trends are making a comeback in contemporary home decor, adding personality and a touch of retro-chic to every space.

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