What trim color does Joanna Gaines use? Tips for choosing the perfect shade.

If you’re a fan of Joanna Gaines and her signature farmhouse style, chances are you’re wondering what her go-to trim color is. According to Magnolia, Joanna’s home improvement and design company, she prefers to use True White as her trim color of choice. This shade is considered the purest of whites and was actually created by Joanna herself specifically for use on molding and trim. In fact, she often recommends it for use on shiplap as well. So if you want to achieve that classic, clean Joanna Gaines look in your own home, consider incorporating True White into your color scheme. Here are some of the benefits of using True White as your trim color:
  • The shade is bright and pure, giving your home a clean, crisp look.
  • True White complements a wide range of other colors, making it a versatile choice for any decor style.
  • Using the same trim color throughout your home creates a cohesive look that ties all your rooms together.
  • Because True White was designed specifically for molding and trim, you can be sure it will provide optimal coverage and a durable finish.
  • So whether you’re renovating your entire home or just looking to add a few finishing touches, consider adding some True White trim to achieve that coveted Joanna Gaines farmhouse style.

    The Importance of Choosing the Right Trim Color

    When it comes to painting your home, choosing the right trim color can make a world of difference. Trim colors are a way to accentuate the architecture of your home and to provide a polished, finished look to your overall décor. Color choice is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences, but there are some traditional options that never go out of style. Choosing a timeless trim color like white can not only add a classic touch but it can also help to brighten up your space. One popular option for trim color is True White, the color created by Joanna Gaines, which has gained quite the following in the home design community.
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    The Popularity of Joanna Gaines’ Trim Color

    Joanna Gaines is a well-known name in the world of home design, and for good reason. Her ability to create simple, yet elegant designs has drawn inspiration and admiration from homeowners everywhere. True White is the perfect example of this ability. Gaines created this beautiful and clean color with molding and trim in mind. Since its debut, the color has grown in popularity, and with good reason. True White’s versatility and softness have made it the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a quality trim color.

    Understanding the Qualities of True White

    True White is a color that is truly white, meaning that it is pure and clear of any undertones. It is important to understand that white colors can have warm or cool undertones, which can affect how the color looks in a room. True White is true to its name, meaning it doesn’t have any yellow or blue undertones, making it the purest white available. This beautiful tone has a slight gray base to it, which gives it a softness that pairs well with any other color that you might have in your home.

    Using True White for Molding and Trim

    True White is the perfect choice for molding and trim, as it adds contrast and depth to any space. Due to its softness, it complements woodwork perfectly without being too harsh on the eyes. When used for molding or trim, True White creates a beautiful outline that makes the walls look more substantial, while the room still feels bright and airy. With True White, you can illuminate the features of a room without taking away from the overall décor.
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    Achieving the Perfect Shiplap Look with True White

    Shiplap is a beautiful finish for walls that has been trending in the interior design world. Joanna Gaines has used shiplap in many of her designs, and True White is the perfect color to achieve this look. The soft tones of True White create an inviting atmosphere while the shiplap provides texture and depth. True White’s cool undertones accentuate the warmth of natural woods and exposed metals, and it pairs perfectly with other cool colors like blue and green.

    Adding Depth and Contrast with True White Trim

    While True White is excellent for molding and trim, it can also be used as a standalone color to add depth and contrast to your home décor. An easy way to incorporate True White is to paint your doors, wainscoting, crown molding, and other trims in the color. Doing this will create a classic and bright look while still maintaining the integrity of your décor. Pro tip: Create depth by layering True White on top of another white shade, or even a darker color. This can add textural interest and provide a subtle contrast between the colors.

    Pairing True White with Other Paint Colors in Your Home

    True White is a versatile color and works well with a variety of different colors. It is especially prevalent in farmhouse-style homes, paired with warm browns, light blues, and pastel greens. However, this color can also be paired with more modern colors, like black, navy, and gray. Pro tip: When deciding on a color scheme, be sure to evaluate the lighting in your home, as this can alter how colors appear in your space.
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    In conclusion, True White is an excellent trim color for any home. Its pure and clean look, paired with its versatility, make it a top choice for homeowners who want a classic and elegant look. Whether you are looking to achieve a shiplap look or just accentuate your home’s features, True White is sure to be a good choice. So why not consider this popular trim color for your next home design project?

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