What Styles Complement the Industrial Look?

Industrial style is a popular trend in home décor, but finding the right accompanying design elements can be overwhelming. If you’re wondering what styles go well with industrial décor, nature-inspired and earthy colour designs are perfect matches. Here are a few design ideas to create an effortlessly stylish industrial-inspired space:

  • Brown, olive green or deep taupe walls in an open-plan kitchen provide the perfect backdrop for a reclaimed wooden industrial dining table, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Incorporate nature-inspired décor elements such as potted plants, floral patterns, or using natural textiles like wool or linen to create a cozy and inviting vibe.
  • Using recycled materials and vintage décor pieces in a room with exposed brick or metal accents is an ideal way to complement the industrial aesthetic. For example, placing a vintage leather sofa will add warmth and texture to space.
  • Rustic, wooden furniture pieces with worn charm also work well with the industrial look, complementing the raw, unfinished feel of the space. Consider using an industrial-style lamp with a warm Edison bulb to increase the ambiance.
  • Finally, incorporating art pieces made of metal, such as wrought iron wall hangings in earthy colours, is an effective way to pull the design elements together.

    In conclusion, if you want to create a stunning industrial-style space, mixing natural elements and colours will give your space a transformational impact. By balancing industrial design features with nature-inspired decor and furnishings will create a rich, comforting, and welcoming living space.

    What Styles Go Well with Industrial?

    Industrial styling is all about showcasing the raw, unfinished beauty of materials and the stripped-back look of urban interiors. While industrial design is often associated with cold metal, concrete and brick materials, there are plenty of ways to incorporate warm and natural elements into this style. In fact, nature-inspired and earthy color designs work quite well with the industrial look. Here are some ideas for incorporating these styles into your industrial design project.

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    Nature-Inspired Design

    Bringing elements of the great outdoors into your industrial design is a great way to add warmth and texture to your space. You can do this by incorporating natural woven materials, such as jute or rustic textiles to your space. Adding lush greenery or botanical prints can have a refreshing effect, and create a cozy, yet modern environment. For example, hanging planter baskets from the ceiling or placing a large potted plant on a side table can create a unique design element that stands out.

    Earthy Colour Combinations

    Incorporating natural colors into your industrial design scheme is a smart way to add depth and character to your space. Browns, greens, and other earth tones mix perfectly with industrial style interiors. When choosing a color scheme for an industrial-inspired room, consider using a warm, earthy colour combination. For example, a deep brown leather couch or a green accent wall could work well with a concrete or metallic coffee table topped with natural wood.

    Tip: To avoid your space feeling too bland or dull, it’s best to balance natural colors with brighter, bolder accents. For example, you could add a couple of bright, eye-catching pillows to a natural fabric couch or include a vibrant painting on a neutral-colored wall.

    Why Industrial and Brown Go Hand in Hand

    When thinking about industrial design, one of the first colors that come to mind is brown. Brown is a warm earthy colour that pairs well with industrial decor. It conjures up images of reclaimed woods, leather fabrics and raw metal fittings – all elements of the industrial look. Brown accents can be found in every possible industrial accent, from corduroy upholstery to distressed vintage decor.

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    Tip: Dark brown accents are perfect for creating a dramatic contrast to a space with light-colored walls or flooring. By adding deeper brown tones, you can effectively create a modern industrial aesthetic.

    Olive Green Palettes and Industrial Style Interiors

    Olive green is a fresh and earthy color that pairs particularly well with industrial accents. Olive green accents can be found in many elements of an industrial space, incorporating delicate green tones into the space. For example, an industrial-style kitchen with a light olive green backsplash can add refreshing greenery while still feeling modern. Olive green textiles or wall decorations can be added as well to provide a pop of color.

    Tip: To create a cohesive theme, consider pairing olive green accents with natural finishes such as concrete or natural wood pieces. You could also bring in a few distressed metallic accents to create an eye-catching pop of color.

    The Perfect Deep Taupe Match for the Industrial Aesthetic

    Deep taupe is a brown-gray color that is closer to gray than it is to brown but still works well with an industrial design theme. It offers a sophisticated and elegant design option when compared to other earth tones while still staying true to its natural roots. It is also versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways within an industrial design project. For example, it could be used for the walls of an open-plan kitchen or on a deep taupe sofa.

    Tip: When choosing Decor, dark taupe is perfect to create a moody industrial ambiance, adding interesting textures like chunky knits or faux fur to create a cozy atmosphere that complements the industrial design.

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    The Best Reclaimed Wooden Dining Tables for Industrial Kitchens

    One of the most significant elements of an industrial design project is the incorporation of reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood brings in an element of rustic charm and a vintage look that is core to the industrial style. When choosing a reclaimed wooden dining table for your industrial kitchen, consider how it will look with your chosen industrial style accents. Natural finishes like concrete and industrial metal work well when paired with wooden tables, but be careful not to overshadow your dining table.

    Tip: When designing a dining room with an industrial loft feel, consider adding a chandelier with Edison bulbs hanging over the table with your reclaimed wood dining table, adding some hi-tech touches with some industrial decor pieces.

    In conclusion,

    When it comes to designing an industrial space in a home, there are many different styles that can complement this style. As a home and garden enthusiast, I suggest keeping things simple and selecting natural elements like reclaimed wood and natural textiles to subtractively contrast the harsh and raw industrial materials. Don’t be afraid to be inventive with color and experiment with shades, patterns, and textures to create a personalized industrial look.

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