Indulge in Cozy Eclectic: The New Face of Farmhouse Style

If you’re someone who loves to keep up with the latest in interior design, you may be wondering what style is replacing the ever-popular modern farmhouse trend. According to a recent trend forecast by Pinterest, Hipstoric Homes are set to take over as the top trend in home design for 2023. This style is all about combining classic, historic interior design elements with contemporary, eclectic accents to create a unique and modern look. Here are some key elements of the Hipstoric Homes trend to keep in mind when redesigning your space:
  • Incorporating vintage pieces: In Hipstoric Homes, vintage finds are a must-have. Look for unique pieces from the 20th century that add character and charm to your space.
  • Mixing patterns and textures: To achieve a truly eclectic look, Hipstoric Homes call for mixing different patterns and textures in your décor choices. Don’t be afraid to pair bold, patterned wallpaper with a shag rug or textured throw pillows.
  • Bold accents: Whether it’s a brightly colored accent wall or an eye-catching piece of artwork, Hipstoric Homes rely on bold accents to tie the space together.
  • Statement lighting: From vintage chandeliers to industrial-style pendant lights, statement lighting is a key element of the Hipstoric Homes trend. Choose fixtures that add character and functionality to your space.
  • Rich colors: When it comes to color palettes, think rich, moody hues like deep navy, forest green, and burgundy. These colors work well with vintage pieces and add depth and dimension to your space.
  • In conclusion, if you’re looking to update your home décor with a trendier, more modern look, consider incorporating some of the key elements of the Hipstoric Homes trend. By blending the past with the present, you’ll create a stylish and unique space that is sure to impress.
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    Introducing the Hipstoric Homes Style

    As we roll into 2023, it’s time to put away the modern farmhouse aesthetic and make way for the newest trend in home design: Hipstoric Homes. This style is less about replicating the past and more about mixing the old with the new. The end result is a unique and eclectic space that balances nostalgia with modernity. Pinterest, the social networking site that has become known for forecasting what’s next in home design, has identified Hipstoric Homes as the top trend for 2023. So, what exactly is this style and how can you bring it into your own home?

    Historic Interiors: The Core of Hipstoric Homes

    The Hipstoric in Hipstoric Homes refers to the historic aspect of the design. The core of this style is all about the interiors. Think 20th century interior design, with its original architecture and vintage furnishings, mixed with modern accents. Exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and large windows are all architectural features that are commonly found in Hipstoric Homes. To create an authentic look of a Hipstoric Home, it’s important to mesh antique furnishings, vintage art, and historic accents throughout the space.

    Modern and Eclectic Accents: The Perfect Match

    Hipstoric Homes are not meant to be a museum-like replication of the past. This style is all about mixing and matching styles to create something unique and eclectic. Adding modern and eclectic accents is key to balancing out the historic features and creating a space that feels fresh and current. For example, modern lighting fixtures, abstract artwork, and bold, colorful textiles can all be incorporated into a Hipstoric Home to add an unexpected twist to the traditional feel of the space.
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    The Fusion of these Contrasting Styles

    The combination of historic and modern can seem like a challenging mix. However, the goal of a Hipstoric Home is not to create a divide between the two styles, but to fuse them together and create a cohesive space. At the core of a successful Hipstoric Home is the ability to maintain the authenticity of the historic features while introducing modern accents to create contrast and depth throughout the space.

    Get the Look: Elements of Hipstoric Homes Style

    To achieve the Hipstoric Homes look, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. Some of the most important elements of this style include:
    • Exposed brick walls or original architectural features
    • Vintage or antique furnishings mixed with modern accents
    • Bold, colorful textiles
    • Abstract artwork
    • Plants and greenery to bring life and warmth into the space
    • Use of industrial materials like metal, concrete or leather
    • Distinctive lighting fixtures, like Edison bulbs or geometric shapes

    Nostalgia Meets Modernity: The Appeal of Hipstoric Homes

    There is something undeniably appealing about the fusion of nostalgia and modernity that Hipstoric Homes offer. This style offers a chance to create a unique space that is both full of history and familiar yet manages to be fresh and contemporary. The combination of curated old-world charms and modern design elements strikes a perfect balance in creating a beautiful aesthetic while adding personality and soul to the space.

    Why Hipstoric Homes is the Top Trend in Home Design

    The Hipstoric Homes trend is growing in popularity for many reasons. People are looking for a way to make their living spaces feel unique and authentic, while incorporating modern touches that make it feel fresh and current. The idea of creating a space that feels personal and effortful resonates with homeowners’ desires to own something special. As more people look to add character to their living spaces, Hipstoric Homes’ unique blend of historic and modern elements are stepping forward as the perfect design aesthetic.
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    Bringing Hipstoric Homes Style to Your Home

    If you’re wondering how to start creating a Hipstoric Home of your own, start by incorporating vintage or antique pieces into your space. You can scour second-hand stores and antique markets to find unique pieces and additions. As already mentioned, exposed brick walls and original architectural features also play a significant role in creating a Hipstoric Home. Finally, they create a bold pop with distinctive lighting fixtures or abstract art. In summary, the Hipstoric Homes trend offers a unique opportunity to transform your home with a combination of historical and modern elements. It’s an inviting, comfortable, warm and welcoming style that contrasts perfectly with the sometimes sterile and bland aesthetic of modern farmhouse trend. With a little planning and some love of vintage finds, creating a Hipstoric Home of your own will be effortless and rewarding.

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