What style goes with modern farmhouse? Discover the perfect blend.

If you are a fan of the modern farmhouse style, then you must be pondering over what other furniture and accessories to choose to match your modern farmhouse style furniture. A great way to achieve a cohesive look throughout your home is to incorporate metal accents into your cabinet hardware, lighting and furniture pieces, which will complement the warm wood tones. Additionally, natural materials such as wicker and Rattan can add a touch of rustic ambiance to your modern farmhouse interiors. However, it is essential to exercise restraint when adding accessories to avoid creating a cluttered or overwhelming atmosphere. Therefore, keep the room clean and tidy with only a few carefully curated decor items. Below are some helpful style tips that you could consider to match your modern farmhouse furniture:
  • Incorporate metal elements into your furniture, such as metal legs, armrests or table frames.
  • Choose natural wood tones for your furniture surfaces, cabinets or wooden floors to create a cohesive look.
  • Add some texture to your living spaces with wicker or rattan accessories, such as baskets or decor items.
  • Use neutral or muted color palettes to create a calming and welcoming ambiance.
  • Select simple, functional furniture pieces that align with the clean and straightforward aesthetic of modern farmhouse style.
  • Choose lighting fixtures that feature metal accents or natural materials such as wooden or rattan lampshades.
  • In conclusion, modern farmhouse style is all about blending the old and new to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. By selecting metal accents, incorporating natural elements such as wood and wicker, and keeping accessories to a minimum, you can achieve the perfect modern farmhouse look.
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    Metal accents for cabinets and lighting

    When it comes to modern farmhouse style, metal accents are a must-have. These accents help bring out the farmhouse charm and complement the modern decor to create a perfect combination. You can add metal accents in your cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures to add a touch of modern, industrial elegance. The key to achieving this style is to balance the old-fashioned and modern elements evenly. To add some personality to your cabinets, opt for vintage-inspired metal pulls, knobs or handles that would perfectly complement the modern farmhouse look. Pendant lights with an industrial or sleek, streamlined design would also blend well with the style and create a charming, rustic atmosphere. Pro tip: For bigger spaces where your lighting fixtures need to make a statement, consider using chandeliers and pendant lights made of wrought iron or metal with an industrial finish.

    Mixing metal and wood furniture

    A modern farmhouse style typically involves a mix of wood and metal furniture pieces. To achieve this style, choose furniture pieces that combine metal and wood in their design. This style adds a touch of industrial charm to the rustic farmhouse accents. When choosing the furniture, look for pieces with a distressed appearance or reclaimed barn wood. This type of furniture adds character, warmth, and texture to any room, seamlessly blending the two styles. You can also opt for furniture made with reclaimed metal or metal with a distressed finish for a more industrial feel. Pro tip: Choose furniture pieces that have both modern and traditional elements to create a timeless look that will stand the test of time.
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    Incorporating natural materials like wicker and Rattan

    Natural materials such as wicker and Rattan bring in a touch of nature and warmth to the modern farmhouse style while still keeping the decor simple. They add texture and depth to a space, making it feel more inviting and cozy. To incorporate these materials into your modern farmhouse decor, consider adding wicker or Rattan baskets, chairs, or decorative accents. These natural materials can be incorporated in the space through woven dining chairs, hanging light fixtures, or woven baskets for storage needs. Pro tip: Mix different textures of woven materials to create visual interest and depth.

    Simplicity in home accessories

    When it comes to modern farmhouse style, simplicity is key. The accessories should complement the decor without being overwhelming or detracting from the overall aesthetic. Opt for accessories that add value and function to a space like decorative vases, throw pillows, or area rugs. Pro tip: Use accessories with a vintage feel to add character and charm to the overall design.

    Keeping a clean and tidy atmosphere

    To achieve the perfect modern farmhouse style, it’s essential to keep your home clean, tidy and well-organized. Minimalism is the key to achieving a modern farmhouse look, meaning less is more. A clutter-free space will showcase your decor. To achieve a clean and organized look, consider decluttering and organizing your home regularly. Use storage baskets that are hidden from plain sight to store your belongings. At the same time, incorporating a few green indoor plants can bring in a pop of color and dimension to the space. Pro tip: Use open shelves that can double as functional decor to display attractive dinnerware, home decor pieces, or dishware.

    Choosing the right lighting for a modern farmhouse style

    Lighting is an essential aspect of modern farmhouse style as it reflects the simplicity and warmth of the style. Opt for pendant lights, industrial chandeliers, and flush mount fixtures to add a rustic, timeless touch to your home.
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    When choosing lighting, select fixtures with brushed metal or black accents to complement the wood furniture pieces in your home. Alternatively, for a modern touch, choose fixtures with a sleek finish or a streamlined design. Pro tip: Use dimmer switches to adjust the lighting and create a cozy ambiance.

    Statement furniture pieces for a modern farmhouse look

    Statement furniture pieces are a great way to add character and personality to a modern farmhouse-style home. These pieces can be a buffet, console table, or a decorative accent cabinet. When choosing a statement furniture piece, ensure it aligns with your overall decor aesthetic while still making a bold statement. Consider a wooden table with a distressed look or a couch with a neutral fabric color to create a welcoming ambiance. Pro tip: Use a statement piece to create a focal point for your room and complement it with understated decor pieces that complement the style. In conclusion, achieving a modern farmhouse style requires a balance between contemporary and old-fashioned elements. Incorporating metal accents, wood and metal furniture pieces, natural materials, simple decor, lighting, and statement furniture pieces are all essential aspects of achieving this style. Keep the clutter to a minimum and maintain a clean and tidy atmosphere to showcase the rustic charm and timeless elegance of modern farmhouse style.

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