What Makes a Tuscan Style Home So Charming?

Tuscan style homes are unique and exude an old-world charm that many homeowners find attractive. If you’re on the lookout for a Tuscan style home, here are some identifying characteristics to look out for:
  • Exteriors – Terra cotta roofing or tiles with a low pitch. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of a Tuscan-style home. The roofing tiles are usually in earthy tones like red, brown, and burnt orange.
  • Construction – Tuscan-style homes are typically made of stone or stucco. The natural colors of these materials blend perfectly with the natural landscapes of Tuscany.
  • Windows and Doors – Doors have beautiful arches that give the house its distinct appeal while windows are often wide and tall with arches too. This design feature allows natural light to flood the house, making the interior look warm and inviting.
  • Color Palette – The interior of a Tuscan-style house typically has a warm color palette with shades of terracotta, brown, and gold.
  • Garden – A Tuscan-style garden is often an extension of the house. Olive trees, lavender, and other fragrant plants are commonly found in Tuscan-style gardens.
If you love the charm of old-world homes and are planning to build or renovate your home, a Tuscan-style structure is a great option. By incorporating the elements highlighted above, you can create a warm and inviting space that you’ll love coming home to every day.
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Characteristics of Tuscan-style homes

When it comes to home design, Tuscan-style homes have become increasingly popular, especially in areas with warm climate. Characterized by their timeless elegance and rustic charm, the Tuscan home style heavily draws its inspiration from the Italian countryside of Tuscany. From their low-pitched terra cotta roofs to stucco or stone exteriors, these homes have an unmistakable aesthetic, which sets them apart from other home styles.

Exterior features of Tuscan-style homes

The exterior is an essential part of Tuscan-style homes, fundamental in bringing the design to life. If you’re someone who appreciates the warmth and beauty of natural materials in your home, then this might be the ideal style for you. The exterior features that are unique to Tuscan-style homes include:
  • Terra cotta roofing and low pitch
  • Stucco or stone exteriors
  • Arched doors and windows
  • Decorative ironwork and railings
  • Natural stone accents
  • Beautiful entryways

Terra cotta roofing and low pitch

One of the most recognizable features of Tuscan-style homes is their terra cotta roofs. These roofing tiles, often in red and orange hues, are made from clay and baked at high temperatures. The low pitch of these roofs offers a unique look and enhances the home’s character. The roof’s low pitch also makes it perfect for collecting rainwater, a vital factor in Tuscany’s hot, dry climate.

Construction materials commonly used in Tuscan-style homes

Tuscan-style home construction focuses on the use of natural materials. Stucco or stone exteriors provide durability and reduce the home’s maintenance needs. The homes have thick walls that provide insulation and keep the homes cool during hot summers. Commonly used construction materials include:
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  • Stucco
  • Limestone
  • Brick
  • Travertine

Arched doors in a Tuscan-style home

Arched doors are a prevalent feature in Tuscan-style homes. These doors are usually made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. The arched design brings a sense of grandeur and charm to the home. This entranceway gives an excellent impression of what to expect inside with the attention to detail in the design.

Wide and tall arched windows in Tuscan-style homes

Wide and tall arched windows are also essential in Tuscan-style homes. These windows, just like the doors, add to the home’s elegant look with its arched design and allow plenty of natural light to flow into the home. These windows usually have wooden shutters that block the sun during the hot afternoons while keeping the interior cool.

A closer look at the stonework and stucco used in Tuscan-style homes

The stucco or stone used in Tuscan-style homes plays a significant role in bringing warmth and character to the design. Stonework takes various forms from dressed stone to random rubble, often varying in size and color. The stucco used on exteriors is typically a fine-grain variety giving it a smooth finish. The stucco is often pigmented in earthy colors like terracotta, rusty oranges, and yellows. Natural stone accents are often seen in arches, mantels and also corners of the house, which adds an extra touch of character to the already charming home. In conclusion, the Tuscan-style home design has a lot to offer, from its warm earth tone palette of terracotta and stucco to its arched windows and doors. Whether you’re considering building a home or renovating, the Tuscan-style home is worth considering for the timeless elegance and rustic charm it brings.

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