Capturing Coastal Charm: Tips for a Beachy Home Look

When it comes to achieving a coastal look in your home, there are certain elements that can help create a relaxed atmosphere synonymous with a beachy vibe. Among the things that can make a house look coastal include:
  • Lighter shades of blue, green, beige, and white prominently used throughout the house. These soothing hues are reminiscent of the ocean, sky, and sand.
  • Casual and comfortable furnishings like couches and armchairs, covered in slipcovers, will make your interior relaxed and cozy.
  • Sisal rugs, sea glass details, and gauzy linen draperies will further bring in the calming beach vibe.
  • Whether you prefer a slightly nautical feel or a more subtle, beachy ambiance, incorporating these coastal-style elements into your home can help transport you to a year-round paradise.

    What Makes a House Look Coastal?

    If you love the beach, you might find yourself wanting to incorporate the coastal look into your home decor. Luckily, coastal style doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s all about creating a relaxed atmosphere that reflects your love for the ocean. Here’s what you need to know to achieve the coastal look in your home.
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    Color Scheme: Shades of Blue, Green, Beige, and White

    Coastal style emphasizes a light, airy feel in shades of blue, green, beige, and white. These colors create a relaxed atmosphere that mimics the ocean and sky. They work well together as a color palette, but you can also incorporate them separately throughout your home. For example, you might paint your walls in a light blue or green shade, then use beige and white accents for a pop of contrast. Key point: When choosing colors for your coastal home, think light and airy.

    Emphasis on Light and Airy Atmosphere

    Coastal style is all about creating a relaxed atmosphere that feels like you’re at the beach. To achieve this, you’ll want to emphasize light and airiness in your decor choices. This means using light, sheer fabrics for curtains and drapes, choosing furniture with a more open design, and keeping the overall ambiance bright and cheerful. Here are a few tips to help you emphasize light and airiness in your home:
    • Choose furniture with light-colored upholstery or slipcovers
    • Use sheer or gauzy fabrics for curtains and drapes
    • Emphasize natural light by keeping windows uncovered or using light-colored blinds or shades

    Casual Furnishings and Slipcovers

    When it comes to coastal style, casual is key. The goal is to create a cozy interior that feels welcoming and relaxed, so choose furnishings that reflect that vibe. Comfortable sofas and chairs with plush pillows and blankets are perfect for the coastal home, as are slipcovers in neutral colors. Coastal style also emphasizes layering, so don’t be afraid to add throw blankets and accent pillows to your furniture. This will create a cozy, welcoming look that’s perfect for lounging after a day at the beach.
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    Natural Elements: Sisal Rugs, Sea Glass Details, and Linen Drapery

    To bring the beach indoors, incorporate natural elements into your decor. Sisal rugs, sea glass details, and linen drapes are all perfect for the coastal home. These elements add texture and depth to your decor, while also emphasizing a natural, beachy vibe. Here are a few ways to incorporate natural elements in your coastal home:
    • Use sisal rugs or other natural fiber area rugs to add texture to your floors
    • Incorporate sea glass or driftwood details into your decor, such as in vases or tablescapes
    • Choose linen drapes or curtains for a light, airy feel

    Incorporating Nautical Decor

    Nautical decor is a classic element of coastal style, but it’s important not to go overboard (pun intended). Instead of filling your home with anchors and ships, choose a few key pieces that reflect your love of the ocean. For example, a set of nautical prints or a driftwood mirror can be the perfect touch in a coastal home.

    Bringing in Ocean-Inspired Textures

    In addition to natural elements, you can also bring ocean-inspired textures into your coastal home. Woven baskets, knitted throws, and rope accents all add to the beachy vibe. These textures create a warm, welcoming feel that’s perfect for the coastal home.

    Maximizing Natural Light

    Finally, one of the key elements of the coastal look is natural light. The more light you can bring into your home, the better. This means keeping your windows uncovered and using light-colored blinds or shades. It also means choosing light, airy fabrics for your curtains and drapes.
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    Natural light creates a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere in your home. It helps emphasize the light and airy feel that’s so important to coastal style.


    Achieving the coastal look in your home is all about creating a relaxed, beachy vibe. By using a light, airy color scheme, emphasizing natural elements, and maximizing natural light, you can create a space that feels like a beach retreat. So kick off your shoes, sit back, and enjoy the coastal vibe in your own home.

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