What is the new farmhouse style called? Introducing Modern Farmhouse!

The new farmhouse style that has been gaining popularity in recent years is called modern farmhouse style. This style combines the cozy and rustic elements of traditional farmhouse style with a modern twist. Some defining characteristics of modern farmhouse style include light or white neutral colors, sleek metals, and clean lines. To help better understand what elements make up this style, I have created a list of key features of modern farmhouse style:
  • Neutral color scheme with whites, grays, and light beiges
  • Natural wood finishes and materials such as recycled wood and raw-edged turned-leg tables
  • Textured fabrics such as burlap and linen
  • Sleek and minimalistic metal accents
  • Clean lines and simple shapes
  • Overall, modern farmhouse style is the perfect blend of old and new, creating a timeless look that is both comfortable and stylish. Whether you’re looking to redecorate your entire home or just add a few farmhouse-inspired touches, this style is a great choice.

    The Origin of Modern Farmhouse Style:

    The farmhouse style has been a trend in the home decor industry for quite some time. However, the modern farmhouse style has brought a fresh and exciting approach to this classic look. This style is characterized by a combination of rustic and contemporary design elements, which creates a warm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere in any living space. The modern farmhouse style draws inspiration from traditional farmhouses, but with a modern twist. This design style is gaining popularity due to the simplicity and elegance of the design elements used. The style was first introduced in America in the early 20th century, where it was prevalent in rural areas. In recent years, the style has gained massive popularity due to its appeal in both urban and rural areas of the country.
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    The Difference between Modern Farmhouse Style and Country Style:

    It is common for people to confuse modern farmhouse style with country style. However, there are differences between the two styles. The modern farmhouse style uses light or white neutral colors that have a more modern look and feel. Country style, on the other hand, uses pastel and bright colors and gingham or floral patterns. Another difference is that modern farmhouse style incorporates modern decor elements such as metal and clean lines, while country style sets a more rustic and traditional look with decor items such as wooden and woven decor items.

    The Color Palette for Modern Farmhouse Style:

    The modern farmhouse style uses a lighter, neutral color palette that creates a serene and calming atmosphere. This color palette includes shades of white, cream, beige, gray, and light blues, which add a modern touch. The use of these colors creates a cohesive and inviting space, making it perfect for any living area. For those who prefer darker tones, adding accessories such as pillows, rugs, and even furniture made with materials such as leather, wood, or metal could create a cohesive color balance bringing in an appealing contrast.
    Some examples of colors to incorporate in your modern farmhouse style:
    • White: The main color in this design style, which works well with various shades
    • Cream: Similar to white, but with a warmer undertone
    • Light blue: adds some color without overwhelming the space
    • Gray: A neutral color that pairs well with white and soft colors
    • Beige: This color creates a serene-looking living space

    Achieving the Modern Look with Recycled Wood and Pottery:

    Recycled wood and pottery are elements that work to create a modern farmhouse style living space. Using wood to create shelves, a coffee table, or a side table, add a rustic touch to your modern decor. Featuring vintage pottery pieces can incorporate a classic farmhouse vibe and add a sense of history and personalized touches. Pottery added to a room make the living space look unique and authentic. It is important though, to use the correct items sparingly to avoid a cluttered or heavy look. Mix and match various pottery textures and designs to achieve the perfect balance between modern and rustic looks.
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    Metal Fixtures for Enhancing Modern Farmhouse Style:

    Metal items work to create a modern and refined aesthetic feel in a living space. Brass, steel, or even copper fixtures, such as pendant lights, faucets, drawer pulls, and railing can add texture and give a touch of shine. Metal elements can provide an excellent contrast to the warmth of wood in your living space. Be sure to include them in different sizes and shapes to create a harmonious look in your room.
    Here are some ways to incorporate metal fixtures in your modern farmhouse style home:
    • Copper kitchen sink
    • Brass light fixtures
    • Steel railing
    • Copper pots and pans

    Baskets: A Creative way to Incorporate Modern Farmhouse Style into Your Home

    Baskets add an organic and rustic feel to any living space, making them ideal items to incorporate the modern farmhouse style. Baskets are versatile since they can be used for various purposes, from storing cozy blankets to laundry items or even used as decor items themselves. Baskets are multifunctional yet add visual appeal through their natural textures and colors.
    Here are some ways to incorporate baskets into your modern farmhouse style living space:
    • Large baskets are functional as storage for blankets and pillows
    • Medium-sized baskets are excellent for organizing kid’s toys
    • Small baskets can be filled with natural accessories such as pampas grass or cotton balls
    • Wall baskets can be used as decor and add unexpected focal points in the living space.
    Overall, the modern farmhouse style combines rustic and contemporary design elements to create a comfortable and inviting living space. The right mix of recycled woods, pottery, metals, and baskets can help to create a modern farmhouse aesthetic look with long-lasting appeal. Remember to keep the design simple, incorporate lighter, neutral colors, and use these versatile design elements to create an appealing modern farmhouse style, regardless of where you live.

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