What does the dishwasher do? Understanding the lowest kitchen job

In a professional kitchen, the junior chef, also known as the commis chef, is typically considered the lowest job. However, this does not mean that the role is any less important than the other positions in the kitchen. In fact, the commis chef plays a critical role in supporting the rest of the kitchen staff and ensuring that the kitchen runs smoothly. Here are some of the key responsibilities of a junior chef or commis chef in a professional kitchen:
  • Assisting the head chef and other senior chefs with tasks such as preparing ingredients, cooking dishes, and plating food
  • Completing any assigned tasks efficiently and accurately, with attention to detail and quality
  • Cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment and workstations
  • Learning and developing new skills by observing and collaborating with more experienced chefs
  • Following kitchen safety and hygiene protocols at all times
  • While the junior chef role may be considered the entry-level job in a kitchen, it is an important and valuable position that requires hard work and dedication. Becoming a commis chef is an excellent way to start a career in the culinary arts and gain the experience and skills needed to advance to more senior roles in the future.
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    Introduction to the Junior Chef

    The kitchen is one of the most important places in the culinary world. It is where creativity and passion come together to create some of the most delectable dishes. But running a kitchen is not a one-man show. It takes a team of professionals with different skills and experience levels to make it thrive. One of the most crucial members of a kitchen team is the junior chef, sometimes known as a commis chef.

    Understanding the Role of a Commis Chef

    A commis chef is the lowest-ranked position in a kitchen. It is a junior chef who has recently completed a few years of culinary school or training and is learning the basics of working in a professional kitchen. The commis chef’s role is to work alongside experienced chefs to help prepare and cook dishes, learn new techniques, and understand how the kitchen operates. They are responsible for basic tasks such as chopping, slicing, and peeling ingredients. Key Point: Junior chefs learn by observing and participating in the daily operations of a busy kitchen.

    Educational Requirements for a Junior Chef

    To become a junior chef, one must first complete a culinary program at a recognized institution. These programs provide hands-on training in basic culinary skills, such as food preparation, knife skills, and cooking methods. Some culinary schools also offer internships or apprenticeships, which allow culinary students to gain valuable experience in a real-world setting. Once their training is complete, junior chefs start at the bottom of the kitchen hierarchy, working their way up through the ranks. They are expected to learn the ropes, honing their skills and gaining the knowledge they need to become successful chefs in the future.
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    Key Point: Junior chefs are apprentices that must earn their stripes in the kitchen by learning from experienced chefs.

    Collaborating with Chefs at Stations

    The job of a commis chef involves collaborating with more experienced chefs who work at different stations throughout the kitchen. This allows them to learn new techniques and skills while also gaining experience in a variety of kitchen environments. Commis chefs work in different stations such as the hot station, salad station, and pastry station. During their time working in one station, they are expected to learn everything about the station, take orders from the chef de partie, and work with other chefs to prepare meals. Key Point: Junior chefs work under more experienced chefs to learn different culinary methods and grow their skills.

    Learning About Kitchen Surroundings

    Junior chefs are also responsible for taking care of the kitchen environment. They clean and maintain the kitchen equipment such as knives, pots, and pans while learning kitchen safety and hygiene practices. They must also understand the stock and inventory system, learning how to manage the kitchen’s necessary supplies. Through collaboration and hands-on experience, junior chefs learn about the full spectrum of a kitchen, including:
    • Menu-planning
    • Food ordering and storing
    • Budgeting and costing
    Key Point: Junior chefs learn every aspect of how the kitchen runs beyond just simple food preparation.

    Advancing in the Culinary Field as a Junior Chef

    As a junior chef gains experience and learns more about working in a kitchen, they have the opportunity to advance to higher positions within the culinary field. With the expertise gained over time, they can join the kitchen as a station chef or chef de partie, even rising to head chef.
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    The ultimate goal for most junior chefs is to become a chef or own their restaurant. They can achieve their dreams with hard work, dedication, and a passion for food. Key Point: With time and effort, the junior chef can climb the ranks of the culinary world and become a respected chef in their own right. In conclusion, the junior chef, or commis chef, is an indispensable member of a kitchen team. They may be at the bottom rung of the ladder, but with patience, hard work, and a commitment to learning, they can grow to become an experienced, respected chef in their own right. Junior chefs are the foundation of every kitchen, and their contribution is simply invaluable.

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