What separates boho and bohemian decor styles?

The terms boho and bohemian are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences when it comes to home decor. Boho, short for bohemian, is a style that’s become popular in recent years, characterized by bold, eclectic patterns and colorful accents. However, bohemian decor refers to the overall lifestyle and philosophy that emphasizes free-spirited, unconventional living. Here are some key differences between the two:
  • Boho decor tends to be more eclectic and bold, while bohemian decor is more understated and low-key.
  • Boho style incorporates a lot of bright, saturated colors, while bohemian style tends to be more earthy and muted.
  • Boho decor often features pattern mixing and layering, while bohemian decor tends to be more simplistic and natural.
  • Boho style often incorporates trendy pieces and accessories, while bohemian style focuses on timeless, handmade pieces with sentimental value.
  • In summary, boho and bohemian decor both embrace a love of art, creativity, and worldly influences, but boho tends to be more trend-focused and vibrant, while bohemian decor epitomizes a more laid-back, natural way of living.
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    The Origins of Bohemian Decor

    The word bohemian originated in France in the early 19th century, where it was used to describe a romanticized view of gypsy life. The Bohemian lifestyle was seen as carefree, unconventional, and creative. This lifestyle was embraced by artists, writers, and musicians who rejected the traditional bourgeoisie values and embraced a more bohemian life. As the Bohemian lifestyle became more popular, it began to influence the world of interior design. Bohemian décor is all about living in a space that is personalized, relaxed, and comfortable. It embraces natural elements, such as wood and plants, and allows you to express your personality through unique objects and colors.

    Elements of Boho Decor

    Boho décor is all about creating a relaxed and comfortable space, where you can express your personality through unique and eclectic objects. Here are some key elements of boho décor:
    • Natural elements such as plants, wood, and wicker
    • Textiles such as blankets, throws, and pillows in bold prints and colors
    • Unique and eclectic objects such as vintage maps, antique mirrors, or a funky chandelier
    • Mixing and matching styles, including modern, vintage, and ethnic
    The key to creating a bohemian feel in your home is to embrace your personality and to incorporate pieces that reflect your travels and experiences.

    Colors and Patterns in Bohemian Style

    Bohemian style is all about bold colors and patterns. The key is to mix and match patterns and colors in a way that feels cohesive and harmonious. Typically, bohemian décor includes bright jewel tones, such as purple, fuchsia, and turquoise. It also incorporates natural, earthy colors such as greens and browns.
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    When it comes to patterns, the options are endless. From geometric shapes to florals and everything in between, the key is to embrace patterns that speak to you. Mixing and matching patterns is encouraged in bohemian style, which can create a fun, eclectic look.

    How Does Boho Differ from Other Decor Styles?

    Boho décor is all about creating a relaxed and comfortable space, whereas other décor styles may focus more on creating a polished or glamorous space. Boho décor is also unique in that it embraces a mix of styles, including vintage, modern, and ethnic. Additionally, boho décor incorporates natural elements, such as plants and wood, which lends itself to a more relaxed and organic feel. In contrast, other décor styles may focus more on man-made materials and sleek lines.

    Incorporating Travel-Inspired Decor into Your Home

    If you’re someone who loves to travel, incorporating travel-inspired décor into your home is a great way to add a bohemian vibe. Here are some ideas:
    • Hang maps or globes on your walls
    • Display souvenirs from your travels, such as pottery or textiles
    • Use travel-inspired textiles, such as Turkish rugs or Moroccan poufs
    • Decorate with antique suitcases or trunks
    Incorporating travel-inspired décor into your home is a great way to express your personality and to create a space that feels unique and worldly.

    Balancing Eclectic Decor with Cohesion in Your Space

    One of the challenges with bohemian décor is finding the balance between eclectic objects and creating a cohesive look. Here are some tips:
    • Choose a color scheme-This can help to tie in disparate pieces
    • Incorporate repetition, which helps tie elements together and create a sense of continuity
    • Choose a focal point, such as a statement piece of furniture or piece of art
    • Allow for negative space, which can help to create a sense of balance and calm
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    Embracing your unique personality and incorporating eclectic objects can create a fun and relaxed bohemian vibe in your home. By following these tips, you can help create a cohesive look that feels polished and put together.

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