What is the 3 Foot 5 Foot Rule for Stunning Home Staging?

The 3 foot 5 foot rule is an important concept in home staging, which is the process of preparing a home for sale to maximize its value and appeal to potential buyers. The rule states that surfaces within the 3-foot to 5-foot range, such as on credenzas, coffee tables, and tables, should be free of clutter to create a clean and spacious look. Here are some ways to implement the 3 foot 5 foot rule in your home staging:
  • Remove excess items from surfaces such as books, toys, and knick-knacks that can make the space look cluttered.
  • Use minimal decorations such as a vase or a small stack of books to add interest to surfaces.
  • Leave plenty of negative space around items to create a sparse and organized look.
  • While some stagers like to use tall vases on the floor to add height to a room, it’s important to make sure they don’t clutter the space within the 3 foot 5 foot range. By implementing the 3 foot 5 foot rule in your home staging, you can create a clean, organized, and appealing look that will help sell your home faster and at a higher price.

    Understanding the 3-foot to 5-foot range rule in home staging

    Home staging has become a necessary step in the selling process for a homeowner who wants to sell their property fast and for the best price. When staging a home, it’s essential to know the 3-foot to 5-foot range rule, which is a fundamental principle of the process. Simply put, it means that every surface your potential buyer can see from three feet away to five feet away, like coffee tables, credenzas, and tables, which should be free of clutter.
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    Why clutter-free surfaces matter in home staging

    Clutter on surfaces is one of the most common problems that can detract from a home’s appeal when staging it for sale. When buyers walk through a home that’s cluttered with toys, magazines, and personal items, it distracts them from seeing the home’s best features and can give the impression that the home is too small and lacking in storage. By ensuring that the surfaces within the 3-foot to 5-foot range are clear of clutter, you make the home feel larger, cleaner, and ready for the buyer to imagine themselves living in the space.

    Which home staging items fall within the 3-foot to 5-foot range?

    The surfaces that typically fall into the 3-foot to 5-foot range include coffee tables, end tables, nightstands, dining tables, kitchen counters, credenzas, and shelves. These surfaces should be clear of clutter and only have a few carefully chosen items, like a decorative tray, flowers, or a small stack of books. By adding just a few key items, you can help create a cohesive look throughout the home, and add a touch of personality to the space without making it too personal.

    The dos and don’ts of using tall vases in home staging

    Tall vases can be a great addition to a space, but they can also be a source of clutter when not used correctly. When using tall vases in home staging, it’s essential to make sure they don’t obstruct the view or take away from the home’s best features.
    • Do: Use tall vases sparingly and only when they add visual interest to a room.
    • Do: Choose a vase that complements the decor of the room and adds a pop of color or texture.
    • Don’t: Use tall vases that block natural light or take away from a room’s focal point.
    • Don’t: Use tall vases that are too thick or busy, as it can make a room feel cluttered.
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    Tips for decluttering coffee tables, credenzas, and other surfaces

    When staging a home, it’s essential to declutter surfaces to help create a clean and inviting look. Here are some tips for decluttering and organizing the most common surfaces in a home:
    • Coffee Tables: Keep only three to five items on the table, like a decorative tray, flowers, or a small stack of books.
    • Credenzas: Use the credenza to display decorative items, like a vase or a piece of art, but avoid cluttering it with personal items like mail or bills.
    • Shelves: Use the rule of three by grouping items into threes, like a stack of books, a plant, and a decorative item.

    How the 3-foot to 5-foot rule can make a big difference in home selling

    The 3-foot to 5-foot rule is a simple yet effective way to help make a home more appealing to potential buyers. By decluttering and organizing surfaces in this range, you create a clean and inviting space that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. When a buyer sees a clutter-free home, they are less likely to be distracted by the clutter and more likely to appreciate the home’s key features, which can lead to a quicker sale for a higher price.

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