What’s Next After Shiplap? The Latest Trend in Home Design!

The trend of using shiplap as a wall treatment has been popular for a while, but homeowners are now seeking new ways to add texture and charm to their walls. So, what is replacing the shiplap trend? According to design expert Jennifer Markowitz, JNR Designs, homeowners are looking towards faux finishes and wallpaper to achieve the desired effect. Here are some of the top contenders for replacing shiplap:
  • Grasscloth wallpaper: This textured wallpaper adds depth and interest to any room. It’s perfect for creating an organic and natural look that complements modern or traditional decor.
  • Board and batten: Similar to shiplap, board and batten adds a rustic and timeless appeal to any room. It’s perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming space without being too trendy.
  • Beadboard: This traditional style adds a classic and timeless look to any room. It’s perfect for creating vintage or coastal-inspired spaces. While shiplap may be falling out of fashion, there are still plenty of ways to add texture and interest to your walls without following the trend. Whether you opt for a faux finish or try out a new wallpaper, there are many options available to suit your taste and style.

    The Rise and Fall of Shiplap Trend

    Shiplap first became popular in the 18th century as a way to add texture and protect walls in homes and buildings. However, it had a resurgence in recent years, due in part to the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper. The show’s hosts, Chip and Joanna Gaines, frequently used shiplap in their renovation projects, sparking a trend across the country. Suddenly, shiplap was everywhere, from accent walls to entire rooms.
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    Is Shiplap Going out of Style?

    While shiplap seemed like it would never go out of fashion, many design experts are now saying that it’s falling out of favor. Jennifer Markowitz, owner of JNR Designs, notes that it’s become trendy to move away from the rustic farmhouse look that shiplap embodies. Instead, modern designs are leaning towards sleek and minimalist features. However, this doesn’t mean that shiplap is completely out of the picture. Many homeowners still like the cozy and warm feel that shiplap adds to their homes. If you’re a fan of the trend but want to freshen up your home’s look, there are plenty of alternative options to consider.

    Alternative Options to Shiplap

    If you’re not ready to say goodbye to the shiplap trend just yet, there are other ways to incorporate the look into your home. Some alternatives to shiplap include:
    • Beadboard: Beadboard is similar to shiplap, with narrow planks that fit together in a tongue-and-groove fashion. It has a similar texture and feel to shiplap, but with a more formal look.
    • Board and Batten: This is a type of wainscoting that features a combination of vertical boards (the batten) and narrower boards (the board) that fill in the gaps. It creates a more structured look than shiplap.
    • Reclaimed Wood: If you’re still drawn to the natural wood look, consider using reclaimed wood for an accent wall or other project. It’s eco-friendly and can add personality and charm to any space.

    Faux Finishes: A Shiplap Replacement

    If you’re looking for something completely new and different, faux finishes might be the answer. With today’s technology, there are countless ways to create the look of different materials without actually using them.
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    For example, you can create a faux shiplap look using paint. Simply paint thin lines on your wall in a distressed style to mimic the look of actual planks. You can also use wallpaper or textured panels to create the look of wood or other materials.

    Wallpaper: The Ultimate Shiplap Alternative

    Another way to achieve the shiplap look without actually using wood is to choose a wallpaper that mimics the texture and color of shiplap. This is a great option if you want to avoid the mess and labor of installing actual shiplap, or if you rent your home and can’t make permanent changes. Wallpaper comes in countless designs and styles, from classic white shiplap to colorful and bold patterns. You can use it to create an accent wall or cover an entire room, depending on your preferences.

    Shiplap vs. Faux Finishes: Which one to choose?

    When deciding between shiplap and faux finishes, the answer ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you love the look and feel of real wood, shiplap might be the best option for you. If you prefer a cleaner and more modern look, faux finishes might be a better choice. It’s also important to consider your budget and timeline when making a decision. While shiplap can be a costly and time-consuming project, faux finishes such as wallpaper or paint are more affordable and can be done in a weekend.

    Designing Your Home Without Shiplap: Tips and Tricks

    If you’ve decided to move away from the shiplap trend altogether, you might be wondering how to design your home without it. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create a fresh and modern look:
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    • Focus on texture: Even without shiplap, you can add texture and depth to a space with cozy rugs, woven blankets, and plush pillows.
    • Choose a bold accent color: Whether it’s a bright yellow chair or a deep blue rug, a bold accent color can add personality and pizzazz to a room.
    • Mix and match: Don’t be afraid to combine different styles and designs. For example, you can pair a modern sofa with a vintage rug for an eclectic look.
    • Invest in statement pieces: Instead of filling your home with lots of small decor items, choose a few larger pieces that really make a statement. This could be a unique light fixture, a vintage mirror, or a large piece of artwork.
    In conclusion, while shiplap might be falling out of fashion, there are plenty of alternatives and design options to consider. Whether you choose to go for a modern and sleek look or stick with the cozy and rustic feel of shiplap, the key is to make your space your own.

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