What is Greek Interior Style? Discover the Charm and Simplicity.

Greek interior style is a design aesthetic that incorporates elements inspired by the ancient Greece culture. The style is characterized by a combination of two colors – white and blue. The use of these two contrasting colors imparts a fresh and contemporary appearance to the overall design. Here are some common features of Greek interior style that one can expect to find when entering a Greek-inspired space:
  • Whitewashed walls and surfaces: Greek interior style often features white-washed walls and surfaces. This simple color choice helps create a bright and airy atmosphere in the room.
  • Use of blue shades: Blue is another key component of Greek interior style. Various shades of blue are scattered throughout the design – from furniture to windows, and columns with decorative designs.
  • Incorporation of natural materials: Greek interior style emphasizes the beauty of natural materials like stone, marble, and wood. These materials are often incorporated as accents to add a rustic touch to the design.
  • Emphasis on symmetry: Symmetry is also important in Greek interior style. From the placement of furniture to the use of repetitive patterns in accent pieces, symmetry helps create a sense of order and balance in the space.
  • Whether implementing this style in a small apartment or large estate, Greek interior design can bring a sense of timeless elegance and simplicity to any space.

    The color scheme of Greek interior style

    Greek interior design is known for its beautiful combination of blue shades and white to create an effective and sharp contrast. The overall color scheme appears contemporary and fresh, evoking a calm and serene feeling. This combination of colors is quite different from other interior styles, but it is this uniqueness that has made it quite popular among individuals who want to express their love for Greece or recreate that feeling of being in a Greek home. The blue shades range from light to dark, from delicate sky blue to the intense deep blue of the sea. The white serves as a perfect backdrop that allows the blue to pop and stand out while adding an air of elegance and sophistication to the space. When combined, these colors create a welcoming and calming atmosphere, perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing space.
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    Whitewashed walls: a staple of Greek interior design

    Whitewashed walls are a staple of Greek interior design. They add that much-needed brightness to the space, making it look airy, light, and inviting. It is no wonder that most Greek homes have whitewashed walls not only inside their homes but also outside. It is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation, and even today, it remains a much-loved aspect of Greek homes. The beauty of whitewashed walls is their simplicity. They evoke a sense of purity and simplicity, and they also serve as a perfect backdrop for any decorative elements in the space. Additionally, whitewashed walls will go with any decorative items, including furniture or accessories regardless of color. It is the perfect canvas to start building your Greek-inspired interior design scheme.

    Blue accents and pops of color

    When it comes to a Greek interior design color scheme, blue is the star of the show, and rightly so. Blue is the color of the sea and sky, and it is a significant part of Greek history, mythology, and culture. Using different shades of blue throughout your space can evoke a calming and peaceful atmosphere, reminiscent of the serene Greek islands. It is essential to note that while blue is the main color, it is also important to add some pops of color in décor and accessories. By adding some greenery or colorful blooms, you can add life to the interior and enhance the natural beauty of your Greek-style decor. Bullet points for blue accents:
    • Shades of blue are essential for a Greek-inspired room
    • Use shades of blue ranging from light to dark
    • Blue evokes a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxation
    • Use blue in decorative elements and accessories

    Greek-inspired furniture and decor

    The furniture in a Greek-inspired interior design scheme showcase classic lines and shapes that evoke a sense of simplicity, elegance, and sophistication. The furniture is often made from natural materials such as wood or stone, and it typically has a rustic look and feel to it. Neutral tones such as beige, brown, and white are often used in furniture to complement the blue and white color scheme.
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    To add the Grecian touch to your space, consider adding ornamental and decorative elements such as pottery, vases, candle holders, and figurines. Additionally, using natural fabrics such as cotton or linen only adds to create a relaxed and inviting feeling in your home. Bullet points for Greek-inspired furniture and decor:
    • Furniture with classic lines and shapes help to create a Grecian ambiance
    • Natural materials like wood and stone help to convey the rustic feel of Greece
    • Neutral tones complement the blue and white color palette
    • Ornamental and decorative elements can add an authentic touch to your space

    Incorporating columns and decorative designs

    An essential element in the Greek-style is the use of columns and arches. These features contribute to creating the architectural beauty that Greece is famous for, bringing it right into your home. Columns offer a sense of grandeur, adding a touch of class and sophistication. When it comes to decorative designs, consider adding patterns inspired by ancient Greek pottery, such as meander patterns, which symmetrically intertwine to create a long continuous line. This famous pattern adds a touch of elegance to fabrics, wall art, and beddings. Bullet points for incorporating columns and decorative designs:
    • Columns and arches add a sense of grandeur to your home
    • Patterns inspired by ancient Greek pottery, such as meander patterns, add a touch of elegance
    • Decorative designs can be used in fabrics, wall art, and beddings

    Achieving a modern, fresh look with Greek style

    Greek interior design is timeless, and it’s possible to incorporate it into a modern home. While staying true to the central theme of blue and white, integrate different textures and materials to create an updated, modern style. Consider adding metallic finishes or textures such as a Moroccan rug to add some spice and flair. Additionally, the use of natural materials such as wood, rattan, and jute creates warmth in the home’s purely white canvas. For small pops of color, incorporate earthy tones and greens to welcome the feel of the Mediterranean.
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    Bullet points for achieving a modern, fresh look with Greek style:
    • Integrate different textures and materials to create a modern look
    • Consider adding metallic finishes or textures such as Moroccan rugs
    • Use natural materials such as wood, rattan, and jute to create warmth in the space
    • Small pops of color such as earthy tones and greens are perfect for adding character while staying true to the Mediterranean vibe

    Creating a cohesive Greek-inspired interior design scheme

    To create a cohesive Greek-inspired interior design scheme, it’s essential to start with a color palette. The blue and white color combination serves as a base for the design scheme and is beautifully complemented by beige and natural wood tones. Textures can be introduced using natural fabrics and materials. When it comes to accessorizing, consider pottery, vases, and other authentic Greek elements. Adding textures from different sources such as cushions or rugs creates a layered effect in the room, helping to add warmth and depth. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that evokes the feeling of peace, calm, and relaxation that Greece is known for. When done right, a Greek-inspired interior design scheme can transport you to the Mediterranean in the comfort of your own home, perfect for anyone looking to enjoy the Greek way of living. Bullet points for creating a cohesive Greek-inspired interior design scheme:
    • Start with a base color palette of blue and white
    • Complement this palette with beige and natural wood tones
    • Accessorize with authentic Greek elements such as pottery and vases
    • Adding different textures creates a layered effect in the room
    In conclusion, the beauty of Greek-inspired interior design lies in the simplicity of design, the use of natural materials, and the combination of blue and white. It evokes a sense of peace, warmth, and the Mediterranean, perfect for creating a relaxing home environment. By incorporating different textures and elements, you can update this timeless interior design style to suit your unique style while still staying true to the Greek-inspired interior design scheme.

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