What is faux bohemian? Uncovering this trendy home decor style.

Faux bohemian refers to the lifestyle of a person who attempts to embody certain elements of the Bohemian lifestyle while still adhering to societal norms. Essentially, being a fakehemian. This can include aspects such as dressing in bohemian-inspired clothing, decorating with bohemian-style decor, and participating in activities associated with the bohemian lifestyle. However, unlike true bohemians who often reject societal norms and live unconventional lives, fauxhemians tend to maintain a level of conformity. Here are some possible examples of what a faux bohemian lifestyle could look like:
  • Wearing boho-style clothing that is mass-produced and purchased from mainstream stores, rather than vintage or handmade clothing.
  • Decorating a home with bohemian-inspired decor that is from chain stores, instead of unique or thrifted pieces.
  • Participating in activities that are associated with bohemianism, such as attending music festivals or practicing yoga, but doing so in a more mainstream or commercial setting.
  • Engaging in artistic pursuits, such as painting or writing, but not necessarily pursuing these activities as a form of livelihood or rejecting traditional career paths altogether.
  • It’s important to note that there is no one right way to embody bohemianism, and that everyone’s interpretation of this lifestyle will differ. Some may view faux bohemianism as inauthentic and superficial, while others may see it as a way to incorporate elements of a lifestyle that they admire into their daily lives. Ultimately, whether you choose to fully embrace a bohemian lifestyle or incorporate certain aspects of it into your life in a more subtle way, the most important thing is to be true to yourself and to allow your unique personality and interests to shine through.
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    Defining Faux Bohemian Culture

    Faux Bohemian or fakehemian culture refers to individuals who embrace some aspects of a Bohemian lifestyle while maintaining the social norms and societal expectations of their respective communities. These individuals often take pride in dressing, decorating and living in a way that reflects counter-culture expressions, but without forgoing their mainstream lifestyles. Bohemianism, on the other hand, is an unconventional way of life where individuals embrace art, music, literature, and unconventional values and beliefs. Bohemians are known for their rejection of societal conventions and norms and often view themselves as free thinkers and non-conformists. Faux Bohemians, on the other hand, may view true Bohemians as too unconventional and idealistic, preferring instead a more practical and calculated approach to their lifestyles.

    The Origins of Fauxhemianism

    The term faux Bohemian has been used from the early 20th century to describe individuals who attempted to mimic the bohemian lifestyle, but were not true Bohemians themselves. These individuals would incorporate some bohemian elements, such as wearing artistic or exotic clothing, but would not fully embrace the bohemian ideals of creativity, individuality, and non-conformity. In recent years, fauxhemianism has gained more attention as mainstream fashion brands have capitalized on the trend and created bohemian-inspired clothing and home decor lines. The rise of Instagram and other social media platforms has also propelled the fauxhemian trend, as individuals share images of their bohemian-inspired lifestyles online.

    Fauxhemian Inspiration and Style

    Faux Bohemian style draws inspiration from bohemian culture, and incorporates elements of free-spiritedness, nature, and artistic expression. However, it also incorporates mainstream fashion trends and styles, such as wearing designer jeans with fringe tops or adding bohemian-inspired decor to modern homes.
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    Some key elements of fauxhemian style include:
    • Mixing prints and colours
    • Nature-inspired clothing and accessories
    • Vintage or vintage-inspired clothing
    • Clothes with flowy fabrics or oversized silhouettes
    • Layering of clothing and accessories

    Fauxhemian Fashion and Clothing

    Faux Bohemian fashion and clothing typically involve comfortable and flowy fabrics that exude an effortless and carefree aesthetic. Clothing choices may include long flowing maxi dresses, ethnic-inspired prints, embroidery, and lace. Fauxhemian clothing is often comfortable and practical yet chic and stylish, often combining modern design with bohemian inspiration. Bohemian accessories are also a significant part of this trend. Fauxhemians might wear beads, feathers, floppy hats, or lacy scarves that add an extra layer of boho flare to an outfit. The key to fauxhemian clothing is to create an organic and effortless appearance, merging mainstream and bohemian styles to create a unique, stylish and authentic look.

    Fauxhemian Home Decor and Design

    Faux Bohemian home decor often centres on an eclectic and quirky mix of vintage and modern design influences. Often with earthy colours, adding bohemian textiles, and incorporating natural elements like plants and crystals. Some popular fauxhemian home decor items include:
    • Vintage furniture or furniture with vintage-inspired aesthetics, like antique mirrors, patterned rugs, and woven wall hangings.
    • Plants, paired with wicker baskets, macrame plant hangers, or pots decorated for a bohemian style.
    • Tapestries and printed fabrics with ethnic or nature-inspired designs.
    • A folky authentic piece of fun art or sculpture or decorate your existing pieces with these motifs.
    • Bohemian-inspired candles and diffusers that use earthy scents like sandalwood, lavender, and citrus.
    The overall goal is to create a cozy and comfortable space with unique personality and multicultural influences at its heart.

    Fauxhemian Music and Entertainment

    Fauxhemianism can also refer to music and entertainment. Fauxhemians may seek music that represents romantic and charming themes unique to the bohemian spirit. Additionally, they may enjoy romantic or whimsical cinematic portrayals of the bohemian lifestyle, like in the Moulin Rouge! or Midnight in Paris.
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    The Evolution of Fauxhemianism

    Fauxhemianism continues to evolve, reflecting the ever-changing nature of fashion and artistic tastes. The trend has paved the way for new ideas and combinations, allowing individuals to merge various styles and aesthetics to create unique and personal expressions of their individuality. While new trends and styles may emerge continually, the core values of fauxhemianism remain timeless – embracing nature, creativity, and individualism and creating unique personal styles.

    Embracing Faux Bohemian Culture in Modern Society

    Fauxhemianism is a chance for people to embrace their creativity and unique expression while still adhering to the social norms of modern society. People can easily incorporate some bohemian aspects into their lives, without risking social exclusion or alienation. This trend encourages people to be creative, bold, and daring in their fashion and style choices, and blend and mix past and present. So, whether you are seeking to add just a splash of bohemian flair to your wardrobe or redecorating in a rustic bohemian theme, remember that fauxhemianism is more than just a trend. It’s an opportunity for you to express yourself in a way that allows you to celebrate your individuality and creativity. So, go ahead, embrace the faux Bohemian culture, and enjoy being a free-spirited and vibrant part of modern society.

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