What is dark cottagecore called? Explore Enchanting Gothcore!

If you’ve ever indulged in the cozy, pastoral world of Cottagecore, you may be interested to know that there’s a subgenre that’s a little darker. It’s known as Cottagegore, also called Goth Cottagecore or Dark Cottagecore. Here are some key elements that differentiate Cottagegore from the original aesthetic:
  • While Cottagecore celebrates the beauty of nature in a pristine and picturesque way, Cottagegore incorporates the more macabre side of the woods. Think rotting or decaying plants and mushrooms, webs, mossy overgrowth, and sometimes even animal bones.
  • Whereas Cottagecore fashion leans towards soft florals, flowing fabrics, and neutrals, Cottagegore explores more dramatic, witchy, and eclectic styles. This could include ripped knits, leather boots, or even gothic accessories like chokers and heavy silver jewelry.
  • Cottagegore also emphasizes darker imagery and folklore, such as tales of forest cryptids, spirits, witches, or even horror fiction. A love of vintage and antiques is still present, but in a more eerie, mysterious way.
  • For those who find Cottagecore a bit too saccharine, Cottagegore can be a way to add some edge, depth, and spine-tingling elements to the idyllic countryside aesthetic. It’s a celebration of the haunting beauty of the natural world, and a way to embrace your inner witch or forest-dwelling creature.
  • So if you’re feeling drawn to the dark side of Cottagecore, embrace your love of all things eerie and start exploring the world of Cottagegore.
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    Introduction to Cottagegore

    Cottagecore is a lifestyle aesthetic that has emulated the rural life in a nostalgic way. Recently, many sub-genres have developed, including Dark Cottagecore, also known as Cottagegore or Gothic Cottagecore. This particular trend incorporates the same pastoral elements as Classic Cottagecore but with a darker twist. The dark side of Cottagecore involves decaying plants, forest cryptids and spirits, and monsters that complete a cottage’s spooky look.

    Features of Cottagegore Style

    The Cottagegore style draws heavily from the Classic Cottagecore aesthetic, but there are a few key differences such as the use of black and deep purple colors along with the usual pastels. The style incorporates natural objects such as dried flowers, mushrooms, stones, and dead twigs that contrast with vintage objects such as antique lamps or skeleton keys. Subtle elements of folk witchcraft also play a role, including forest cryptids and spirits, and monsters that complete the spooky look of a cottage. Some of the other key features of Cottagegore Style include:
    • Dark and Victorian-inspired clothing and accessories
    • Animal skull décor, or dried plants like flowers or herbs
    • Black candles and incense with woodsy and earthy scents
    • Lighting fixtures- like sconces and candelabras in bronze or silver metals

    The Dark Side of Cottagecore: Gothic Cottagecore

    Gothic Cottagecore is another term used to describe the darker side of Cottagecore. This sub-genre emphasizes the creepy and macabre elements of nature. This includes adding death and decay to create a spooky atmosphere in decorations and fashion. This movement that leans on the Cottagegore side may be characterized as less ‘soft’ and more ‘edgy,’ incorporating darker elements with the classic, pastoral Cottagecore.
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    The Origin of Cottagegore

    Cottagecore has become increasingly popular in 2020 and 2021, likely due to global events being centered around home life. As far as one can tell, Cottagegore emerged as a subcategory of Cottagecore in a need to connect deeper with nature. It was born out of an appreciation of life’s beauty in all stages and an opportunity to take a break from life’s routine and restrictions. This aesthetic style became a way to create a soothing and nurturing environment for its followers, a way to live in harmony with nature.

    How to Create a Cottagegore Aesthetic

    To successfully achieve a Cottagegore aesthetic in your home, you must start by purposefully including natural and dark elements. For example, incorporating dried flowers, bones, and antlers in the decoration. Including elements with deeper, rich color palettes also helps to establish a darker-looking cottage. Try painting the walls with dark navy blue or sage green tones and incorporating materials such as wrought iron and leather. Accessorizing with old books and vintage portraits can also help create the spooky Library or Study, which fits the Cottagegore aesthetic well.

    Tips for Decorating a Cottagegore Home

    When decorating a Cottagegore, think of houses on the edge of the forest, far from civilization. Use natural and paranormal accents to add a slightly spooky atmosphere. Here are some specific tips to get started:
    • Use Candles and incense such as lavender or amber to add natural scents to the home.
    • Decorate with homey touches such as quilts or crocheted blankets.
    • Decorate with vintage objects such as lockets, dusty books, or candelabras.
    • Install woodsy accents like deer heads or antlers and irregularly shaped wood pieces.
    • Decorate with dark, whimsical touches such as netted, droopy curtains, chipped statuettes, and worn board games.
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    Examples of Cottagegore Fashion and Accessories

    Cottagegore Fashion is a large part of the Cottagegore aesthetic, and it often tends towards darker shades and medieval-inspired appearances. Here are some examples of Cottagegore fashion and accessories:
    • Silk shawls, blouses, and long skirts in deep jewel tones.
    • Leather belts and bags with silver or brass buckles.
    • Layering textures including lace and velvet.
    • Accessories like silver goblets and music boxes.
    • Witchy elements like amulets and talismans
    In conclusion, Cottagegore is a unique lifestyle category that brings a darker twist to the classic Cottagecore aesthetic. Its popularity is growing, and more and more people are embracing this trend when decorating their homes or exploring their fashion choices. It promotes living in harmony with nature and appreciating the beauty of life in all stages, even if it has a bit of a spooky edge.

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