What is Cottagecore Style Called? A Guide to Rural Aesthetics.

Cottagecore style evokes a sense of nostalgia for simpler times, where baking homemade bread and gathering fresh flowers were part of everyday life. Here are some key features of this charming trend:
  • Floral patterns: Whether it’s a dress, blouse, or even wallpaper, floral patterns are a staple of cottagecore style. Look for prints that incorporate dainty blooms, like roses or wildflowers.
  • Flowing fabrics: Clothing in this style often features flowing, lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, and chiffon. Think maxi dresses and skirts that move easily in the breeze.
  • Lace and ruffles: To add an extra touch of romance and whimsy, look for pieces that incorporate lace, ruffles, or other delicate details. A lace collar or ruffle-trimmed hemline can elevate a simple dress or blouse.
  • Vintage-inspired accessories: Complete the look with vintage-inspired accessories like straw hats, woven baskets, and Mary Jane-style shoes. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns and textures.
  • Overall, cottagecore style is all about embracing a simpler, more romantic way of life. Whether you’re cooking a homemade meal or tending to your garden, this trend is all about finding joy in the little things.

    The Origins of Cottagecore Style

    Cottagecore is a style that originated from the nostalgia for simple and traditional rural lifestyles and the beauty of nature. Its roots can be traced back to the arts and crafts movement of the late 19th century, which aimed to promote the value of handmade and natural items. With the rise of social media and the desire for a slower pace of life, the cottagecore trend has gained traction in recent years.
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    The Elements of Cottagecore Fashion

    The cottagecore fashion style is characterized by its whimsical, romantic, and vintage-inspired elements. It is a trend that emphasizes comfort, feminity and a connection to nature. Some of the key elements of cottagecore fashion include:
    • Floral patterns
    • Flowing fabrics
    • Lace and ruffles
    These elements combine to create an aesthetic that is both dreamy and rustic. The look is intentional, but also appears effortless and as though it just fell together naturally.

    Cottagecore Fashion in Everyday Life

    Cottagecore may have originated from a nostalgia for rural lifestyles, but it can be adapted to fit any lifestyle. The trend can be worn both in countryside settings and in urban areas. The beauty of cottagecore fashion is its versatility and the fact that it can be incorporated into everyday life so easily. You can wear the trend to run errands, walk your dog, or lounge around the house. Combat boots and wellies pair perfectly with floral dresses. A chunky knit sweater can be layered over a skirt or dress for a cozy look.

    How to Incorporate Floral Patterns into Your Cottagecore Style

    Floral patterns are a staple of cottagecore fashion. The key to incorporating them into your wardrobe is to find pieces that feature light, delicate floral prints. Look for items that feature small flowers in shades that range from light pastels to darker hues. Pair a floral dress with a sun hat and natural leather sandals for the ultimate cottagecore look.

    The Role of Flowing Fabrics in Cottagecore Fashion

    Flowing fabrics are another essential part of cottagecore fashion. Cotton and linen are popular options for summer clothing while wool works well for winter months. The key is to find fabrics that move and billow in the wind, allowing you to feel connected to nature even when you’re inside. Pair a flowing skirt with a simple blouse or sweater for a relaxed yet elegant look.
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    The Beauty of Lace and Ruffles in Cottagecore Style

    Lace and ruffles are elements that are associated with femininity and romance. In cottagecore style, they add a decorative and whimsical touch to clothing. These elements can be found in almost anything – from dresses to blouses to socks. Pair a ruffle-collared blouse with a plain skirt, socks, and boots for a charming and understated look.

    Cottagecore and Sustainability: How to Shop Responsibly for this Trend

    While cottagecore is a trend that emphasizes the beauty of nature and traditional lifestyles, it is important to consider sustainability when shopping for it. Look for items that are made from natural materials such as cotton, linen, or wool. Thrift shops and vintage stores are great places to find pieces that fit the aesthetic without contributing to fast fashion. In conclusion, cottagecore fashion is a trend that emphasizes the beauty and simplicity of rural life, and the importance of reverence for the natural world. Its appeal lies in its comfortable, whimsical and romantic elements that can be adapted into everyday life with ease. Incorporating floral patterns, flowing fabrics, and lace and ruffles into your wardrobe can help you achieve this look. However, it is important to consider sustainability and shop responsibly when embracing this trend.

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