What is a Dallas Style House? Explore the Lone Star Charm.

A Dallas style house is a type of home that is uniquely designed to fit the preferences of Texans. This style of home is characterized by its sturdy full brick exterior construction and features such as high ceilings and spacious floor plans. Here are some key things you need to know about Dallas Style Homes:
  • Steeper-pitched roof angle: One of the key features of a Dallas style house is a slightly steeper pitched roof, with an angle ranging between 10 percent to 12 percent.
  • Full brick construction: This style of home typically utilizes full brick exterior construction, with bricked gables and windows.
  • High ceilings: Inside a Dallas style home, you’ll often find ceilings ranging from 10 feet and higher, making the space feel grand and spacious.
  • Spacious floor plans: One of the most significant benefits of owning a Dallas style home is the spacious floor plans. These homes are designed to maximize living space, with plenty of room for families or entertaining guests.
  • No hallways: Unlike many other homes, Dallas style properties do not often have hallways. This layout allows for more open space and easy movement throughout the house.
  • Large Kitchens: Kitchens in Dallas style houses are designed to be spacious, typically with ample counter and storage space. This layout is perfect for those who love to cook or entertain guests.
  • Ultimately, Dallas style homes are a unique blend of functional design and style, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a spacious, attractive home.

    What is a Dallas Style House?

    A Dallas style house is a type of home architectural design that originated from Texas. This style is known for its unique characteristics and charming features. It reflects the warmth and grandeur of Southern living and provides a perfect combination of comfort and beauty.

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    The Characteristics of a Dallas Style House

    The characteristics of Dallas style house are unique and distinct. Here are some of them:

    • The roof of the house is slightly steeper with an angle of 10 percent to 12 percent.
    • The exterior is full brick construction, with bricked gables and windows.
    • The ceilings inside the home can be 10 feet high or higher, creating a spacious feel.
    • The floor plans are spacious, with an open and welcoming design.

    The Dallas style house is known for its unique beauty and the comfortable living space it provides. It is designed to create a cozy environment with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

    Exploring the Exterior Elements of a Dallas Style Home

    The exterior design of a Dallas style house is beautiful and charismatic. The full brick construction is one of the most notable features of this style. The use of bricks in the exterior accentuates the traditional and elegant look of the house.

    The bricked gables and windows enhance the overall look of the house and create a charming, timeless appeal. Furthermore, brick homes are known for their durability and low maintenance costs.

    Dallas Style Home: What’s in the Ceilings?

    Dallas style homes have high ceilings which provide a sense of spaciousness. This design element is one of the trademark features of the style. The 10 feet or higher ceilings create an open and bright feeling in the home.

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    The beautiful thing about high ceilings is that they allow for more light, making it easier to illuminate areas. The tall ceilings also improve air circulation, making it more comfortable to live in the house.

    Spacious Kitchens: A Signature of Dallas Style Homes

    Dallas style homes place a priority on spacious kitchens. The kitchen is often the heart of the home in this style, and it is designed to be both functional and beautiful. The kitchen is generally a focal point in Dallas homes, and with good reason.

    Kitchens in Dallas style homes boast top of the line appliances, spacious countertops, and plenty of storage space. This provides an enjoyable and practical environment for cooking and gathering with friends and family.

    Uncovering the Floor Plans of a Dallas Style House

    Dallas style houses often feature an open floor plan. This aspect of the design ensures that the space flows from one room to another smoothly. Due to the open design, a smaller house can feel larger making it ideal for families.

    The spacious nature of the floor plans allows people to move around the house freely. Additionally, the design ensures that the rooms are well lit and very comfortable to accommodate anyone.

    Advantages of Owning a Dallas Style Home

    Owning a Dallas style house offers numerous benefits. Some of them include:

    • The house has a timeless, classic charm that is appealing to many people.
    • The house is built with durable materials, reducing maintenance costs.
    • The open design of the house makes it feel large, even in smaller spaces.
    • The spacious floor plans and high ceilings provide a comfortable and roomy living environment.
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    Dallas style homes provide a unique combination of comfort, style, and elegance. The homes are designed with practicality in mind, which makes them not only stylish but practical as well.

    If you are considering purchasing a new home, you may want to consider a Dallas style house. With this style of house, you can enjoy the beauty and comfort of Southern living.

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