What is 70s decorating style called? Discover the groovy design trend

The 1970s were known for their eccentric and vibrant design style, and the era’s decorating style is often referred to as retro or vintage. However, there is a specific trend within 70s décor that has recently made a comeback: Macrame. This textile art form involves knotting cords or strings to create various patterns and textured designs. Here are some popular ways Macrame was incorporated into 70s decor:
  • Plant Holders: Macrame plant hangers were an iconic feature in 70s design and can add a bohemian touch to any space.
  • Wall Art: Macrame wall hangings were a popular way to add texture and interest to empty walls.
  • Pillows: Macrame pillows added texture and comfort to seating areas and were often made in warm, earthy tones.
  • Room Dividers: Large Macrame pieces were sometimes used as makeshift room dividers, creating a cozy and private atmosphere.
  • Although the Macrame trend may have peaked in the 1970s, it has recently resurged in popularity due to its ability to add warmth, texture, and a bohemian touch to any modern space.

    Introduction to 70s Decorating Style

    The 1970s is often remembered as the decade of disco, bell-bottom pants, and bold colors. But when it comes to home decor, the 70s was known for its distinct style characterized by bold patterns, vibrant colors, and unique textures. The 70s era of decorating style was a reflection of the cultural and social changes of the time, and it heavily influenced interior design.
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    Among the popular 70s decorating styles, macrame was the go-to element for adding texture and color to any space. Macrame was a craze for creativity in the 1970s as it was used to make everything from plant holders to wall arts for decorative purposes. Today, the trend is making a comeback, and it has become increasingly popular in modern-day home decor.

    The Popularity of Macrame in the 1970s

    Macrame was widely popular in the 70s as it offered a way to make unique and personalized home decor. As a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project, macrame provided an avenue for creativity where individuals could showcase their styles and preferences. The technique involved knotting and weaving cords to create beautifully intricate patterns and designs. During the 70s, the popularity of macrame grew exponentially, and people used it for various purposes, including wall hangings, plant hangers, table runners, and even jewelry. It was a method of adding texture, color, and depth to any room in the house.

    Using Macrame for Decorative Purposes

    Macrame is an excellent way to add a unique touch to your home decor. It provides a sense of warmth, texture, and dimension to any space. It can be used in various ways to match the look and feel of different rooms in your house. Here are some ways to use macrame for decorative purposes: • Wall hangings – Create a beautiful piece of art by hanging a macrame piece on your wall. It adds texture and depth to your room. • Room dividers – Use macrame to divide spaces in your home. It provides a sense of privacy while maintaining an open, airy feeling. • Table runners – Add a touch of macrame to your dining table by using it as a table runner. It provides a unique and elegant look to your setup. • Lampshade covers – Give your lamps a new look by covering their shades with macrame. It adds a cozy and warm feeling to the room.

    Adding Texture and Color to Your Space

    Macrame is an excellent method to add texture and color to any space. With various materials available, including cotton, jute, and hemp, you can choose the one that best suits your style. Here are some ways macrame can enhance your home decor:
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    • Mix and match – Don’t be afraid to mix macrame with other textures such as metal, wood, or glass. It creates an eclectic and unique look. • Bold colors – Add a pop of color with a brightly colored macrame piece. This is an excellent way to enhance neutral walls and furniture. • Neutral tones – For a minimalist look, opt for neutral-colored macrame pieces. It provides a clean and sophisticated look.

    Creating Plant Holders with Macrame

    One of the most popular uses of macrame is for creating plant hangers. Macrame plant holders add an organic and bohemian feel to any room. Here’s how to create your own macrame plant holder: • Gather your materials – You will need a plant pot, macrame cord, and scissors. • Measure the cord – Cut four lengths of macrame cord that are four times the length of the pot. • Knot the cords – Take the four cords and fold them in half, creating a loop at the top. Then, knot the cords together, leaving a few inches from the top. • Create the pattern – Follow a pattern of your choice. You can use the square knot, spiral stitch, or half-hitch knot. • Hang your plant holder – Once you’ve completed the knotting, slip the pot into the holder and hang it from the ceiling or a hook on the wall.

    DIY Macrame Wall Art for Your Home

    Macrame wall art is an excellent way to spruce up your walls with a touch of bohemian charm. Here’s how to create your own DIY macrame wall art: • Gather your materials – You will need a dowel, macrame cord, scissors, and a tape measure. • Measure the cord – Cut four strands of cord that are twice the length of the dowel. • Knot the cords – Knot the cords onto the dowel, creating a fringe at the bottom.
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    • Create the pattern – Follow a pattern of your choice. You can use the diagonal clove hitch or the larks head knot. • Finish the wall art – Once you’ve completed the knotting, trim any excess cord, and hang your new macrame wall art.

    Tips for Incorporating 70s Decorating Style into Modern Design

    While the 70s decorating style was popular decades ago, it can still be incorporated into modern design. Here are some tips for blending both styles: • Refresh old items – Refresh vintage items by reupholstering them in modern colors or patterns. It provides a fresh and unique look. • Mix patterns – Blend patterns from different eras by adding patchwork pillows or a plaid throw to modern furniture. • Keep it minimal – Stick to neutral walls and furniture and add a pop of color with decor items such as a macrame wall hanging or vibrant macrame plant holders.

    Final Thoughts on 70s Decorating Style and Macrame

    The 70s style is an excellent way to add fun, flair, and personality to your home. Whether it’s bold colors, unique textures, or intricate patterns, this style offers plenty of ways to express yourself. Macrame is just one element of the 70s style that adds warmth and charm to any space. With the resurgence of 70s decor, now is the perfect time to incorporate macrame into your home and enjoy the benefits of this era’s unique style.

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