What does an industrial style bedroom look like? Get inspired now!

An industrial style bedroom is a trendy and unique way to add some personality to your sleeping space. This style is inspired by factories and industrial spaces, using raw materials and clean lines to create a minimalist yet charming aesthetic. Here are some key elements that you’ll typically find in an industrial style bedroom:
  • Exposed pipes and ductwork: Instead of hiding them, industrial style embraces the exposed piping and ductwork, turning them into decorative features.
  • Unfinished wood: Rustic and raw wood surfaces are common in an industrial style bedroom.
  • Metal accents: Whether it’s in the form of a metal bedframe or an industrial-style lamp, metal is a prominent feature of this style.
  • Neutral color palette: Industrial bedrooms tend to stick to a monochromatic color scheme, using mostly shades of black, gray, and white.
  • Minimalistic approach: The industrial style favors function over form, so you won’t see a lot of frills or decorative elements.
  • Raw concrete: Concrete walls or floors are a great way to add a touch of authenticity and texture to an industrial bedroom.
  • Overall, an industrial style bedroom is all about polished, clean lines and minimalist decor. It’s perfect for those who want a unique and trendy space that’s both functional and stylish.
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    The basics of industrial bedroom design

    Industrial style bedrooms are characterized by a utilitarian design that emphasizes function over form. This style is inspired by industrial design, which is known for its raw and unfinished look. Industrial bedrooms exhibit a minimalist yet polished aesthetic, which is perfect for those who seek a comfortable space without clutter and overwhelming decor. The essence of industrial bedroom design lies in the use of industrial-grade materials such as steel, concrete, and brick. The furniture is mainly composed of metal and wood, while the colors are subdued to give a cool and edgy feel. The decor of an industrial-style bedroom features metallic accents, exposed pipes, and raw wood, resulting in a cohesive and unique look.

    Materials and colors for an industrial bedroom

    Materials used in an industrial bedroom are often raw, rugged, and no-frills. Industrial-style bedrooms are characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, concrete, and metal. Different shades of black, gray and neutral colors are often incorporated to give an industrial feel. However, these colors are often complemented with bright bolds or natural elements such as green plants or rustic decor. Metallic accents such as light fixtures, picture frames, and decorative objects can add a hint of glamour to the bedroom. For the flooring, hardwood or concrete with a matte finish can give a modern and industrial feel. Handmade and industrial accessories such as canvas art pieces and leather cushions can give the room a unique flair. Note: Textural fabrics can be used to soften the coldness of metallic elements and add a layer of warmth and comfort to a bedroom. A mix of different materials, patterns, and textures can help to add depth to the room.
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    Furniture and accessories for an industrial bedroom

    When choosing furniture for an industrial bedroom, it is important to emphasize functionality. Furniture should be simple and have clean lines, with wooden or metal legs. Industrial beds are often made out of wrought iron or metal pipes with solid wooden headboards or an upholstered headboard attached to a metal frame. Industrial-style lighting can add an extra touch of drama to the bedroom. Geometric pendant lights, Edison bulbs, and metal light fixtures can give a raw and exposed feel. Industrial bedroom decor consists of metallic accent pieces such as metal wall art, mirrors, and vintage clocks. Other accessories such as open shelving, woven baskets on wheels, and vintage nightstands can also help to enhance the industrial look.

    The impact of exposed pipes and raw concrete

    Exposed pipes and raw concrete are essential elements in industrial bedroom design, providing an authentic industrial look. The main function of exposed pipes is to add depth and texture to space, creating an impression of an unfinished environment. Raw concrete floors, wall fixtures, and countertops can add a raw and rugged finish to space. Note: If you don’t have exposed pipes or raw concrete, you can create this look using brick or concrete-inspired wallpaper or wall murals.

    Lighting and its role in an industrial bedroom

    Lighting plays a vital role in creating an industrial bedroom look. Industrial-style lighting fixtures with a matte finish, exposed bulbs, and metal finishes are popular choices. Wall sconces can be hung on either side of the bed, adding an industrial yet cozy feel to the room. Pendant lights can also be used to add interest to the room, hanging above nightstands or above the ceiling as a focal point.
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    How to create a minimalist, industrial feel in the bedroom

    Here are some tips on how to create an industrial-style bedroom that is minimalistic and refined: – Keep the color palette neutral, with black, white, and gray as the foundation colors. – Use raw and natural materials, such as metal, wood, concrete, and brick. – Emphasize functional and minimal furniture, such as simple beds, metal nightstands, and open shelving. – Add industrial-inspired decor such as metal wall art, geometric accents, and vintage pieces. – Use textural fabrics to soften the look of hard metallic pieces.

    Combining industrial style with other interior design styles

    Industrial style can be combined with other interior design styles, creating a unique and personalized look that fits the homeowner’s tastes. For example, bohemian accents can add softness and comfort to an industrial bedroom. French touches can add a touch of elegance and refinement to industrial design. Rustic decor such as woven baskets and wood accents can give it a slight country feel. Note: While adding interior design styles, remember to maintain the industrial essence of the bedroom while creating a blended look that still appears aesthetically cohesive.

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