What to Hang on Modern Farmhouse Walls: Creative Ideas

When decorating your modern farmhouse, there are several options for wall decor that can achieve that perfect country chic look. Here are some ideas for what to put on your farmhouse walls:
  • Clocks: An old clock can be the perfect addition to your farmhouse walls. Not only does it add charm and nostalgia, but it also serves a functional purpose.
  • Catchy Word Art Farmhouse Signs: A simple sign with a catchy word or phrase can add an element of whimsy and humor to your farmhouse walls. Look for signs with a rustic, distressed finish for that perfect country feel.
  • Old Frames: Vintage frames with a coat of paint or distressing can add a touch of elegance to your farmhouse walls. Try grouping them together in a gallery wall for added impact.
  • Shiplap: Nothing says modern farmhouse quite like shiplap. Consider adding shiplap to one or more walls in your home, and then hang art or photos on the shiplap for a cohesive look.
  • Shelving With Antiques: Install open shelves on your farmhouse walls and display antique finds, such as old milk jugs or vintage crocks. This adds both storage and interest to your space.
  • Window Frames: Salvaged window frames can add a unique and creative element to your farmhouse walls. Create a collage of frames with or without glass, and then add photos or greenery for a stunning focal point.
  • Blanket Ladder: For a functional and decorative wall piece, consider a blanket ladder. Not only can it hold your cozy blankets, but it can also add height and dimension to any space.
  • When it comes to modern farmhouse wall decor, the options are endless. Mix and match different pieces until you find the perfect combination that suits your personal style and adds that charming, rustic feel to your home.
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    Clocks as Functional Decor

    Clocks have always been a timeless addition to any home decor, but they are particularly suited to modern farmhouse wall designs. A classic antique clock with bold numerals makes an excellent focal point, adding interest and charm to any wall. Moreover, a clock is not only a decorative piece, but also a functional one, helping you keep track of time throughout the day. Plus, its rustic quality adds to the overall farmhouse vibe, giving you a taste of country living in your own home. When choosing a clock to add to your modern farmhouse wall, consider the size, style, and color. A larger clock will make a bold statement, while a smaller one might blend seamlessly into a gallery wall display. You can also choose clock faces in wood, weathered metal, and even galvanized steel, depending on your preference. The possibilities are endless, and with the right clock, your modern farmhouse wall can be transformed into a vintage paradise. Key Point: A clock is an ideal way to add both functionality and charm to your modern farmhouse wall design.

    Catchy Word Art Farmhouse Signs as Wall Art

    Another popular trend in modern farmhouse wall decor is word art signs. These catchy pieces bring humor, inspiration, and a sense of whimsy to your walls. Featuring rustic fonts, distressed finishes, and often incorporating natural elements like wood or metal, these signs add texture and character to your home. Word art signs come in a variety of sizes and themes, from simple monograms to elaborate family mottos. You can also customize your sign to feature your favorite sayings, quotes, or song lyrics. These signs make excellent gifts as well, adding a personal touch to special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Key Point: Catchy word art farmhouse signs are an excellent way to add personality and character to your modern farmhouse wall design.

    Revamping Old Frames with a Farmhouse Twist

    Another way to add interest and charm to your modern farmhouse walls is by revamping old picture frames. A simple coat of paint, distressed finish, or shabby chic treatment can give an old frame new life. You can also add decorative elements like wooden appliques or decoupage vintage postcards onto the frame to give it a unique twist.
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    Revamping old frames allows you to add personal touches to your walls, showcasing your family photos, vintage artwork, or sentimental keepsakes. You can also mix and match frames of different sizes and styles to create a lively gallery wall that perfectly reflects your style. Key Point: Revamping old frames is a cost-effective and creative way to add texture and personality to your modern farmhouse wall design.

    Shiplap: The Classic Farmhouse Wall Treatment

    One of the most recognizable elements of modern farmhouse design is shiplap. This classic wall treatment, featuring overlapping wooden boards, instantly evokes a rustic, lived-in feel. Shiplap can be used as an accent wall or to wrap an entire room, depending on your preference. When selecting shiplap for your modern farmhouse wall, consider the type of wood and finish you want. Pine boards are a popular choice, but you can also opt for cedar, cypress, or even reclaimed wood for an even more authentic look. Once installed, you can customize your shiplap wall with painted or stained finishes, or leave it bare for a natural, rustic look. Key Point: Shiplap is a classic and versatile wall treatment that adds instant farmhouse charm to any room.

    Displaying Antiques on Shelving for Added Interest

    If you have a collection of antique or vintage treasures, displaying them on open shelving is an excellent way to add interest to your modern farmhouse walls. Whether you showcase your grandmother’s china collection, vintage milk glass, or antique clocks, these pieces add a touch of nostalgia and history to your space. When selecting the shelving for your modern farmhouse wall, consider the materials and style. Reclaimed wood shelves provide a perfect rustic touch, while white painted or metal shelves offer a cleaner and more contemporary look. Experiment with different arrangements of your antiques to create a visually interesting display that showcases your favorite pieces. Key Point: Open shelving is a creative and nostalgic way to add antique and vintage elements to your modern farmhouse wall design.

    Upcycling Window Frames as Wall Decor

    Another creative way to add farmhouse charm to your walls is by upcycling old window frames. These unique pieces add texture and dimension to your wall decor, creating a one-of-a-kind display. You can simply display the frame as is, or add additional elements like wreaths, mirrors, or photos to create a personalized look.
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    When selecting window frames for your modern farmhouse walls, consider the size and style. Larger frames make a bolder statement, while smaller frames can be arranged in a gallery-style display. You can also choose frames with different numbers of panes or add additional vintage elements like old hardware or shutters for added interest. Key Point: Upcycling old window frames is a cost-effective and creative way to add character and depth to your modern farmhouse walls.

    Using a Blanket Ladder for a Farmhouse Vibe

    Finally, an unexpected but stylish addition to your modern farmhouse wall decor is a blanket ladder. This unique piece provides both form and function, allowing you to display your favorite blankets and throws in a decorative way. Whether you opt for a rough-hewn wooden ladder or a painted metal one, this element adds a touch of rustic charm to your modern farmhouse walls. When selecting a blanket ladder for your modern farmhouse wall, consider the materials and finishes. Wooden ladders offer a more traditional look, while metal ladders can be painted in fun and unexpected colors. Playing around with various textures and styles can help you find the perfect blanket ladder for your modern farmhouse wall design. Key Point: A blanket ladder is an unexpected and stylish way to display your favorite throws and blankets while adding farmhouse charm to your wall decor. In conclusion, when it comes to modern farmhouse wall decor, the possibilities are endless. From clocks and word art signs to shiplap and upcycling window frames, there are numerous ways to add farmhouse charm to your walls. By incorporating these elements into your home decor, you can create a cozy and inviting space that truly reflects your personal style.

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