What do homeowners get on Love It or List It? Surprising facts revealed!

For homeowners featured on HGTV’s Love It or List It, the experience doesn’t end with the reveal of their newly designed spaces. In a surprisingly savvy move by the show’s producers, owners are given the chance to buy the furniture and décor used during the staging process. This means that not only do they get to enjoy their revamped home but also they can keep the stylish furnishings that helped bring the new design to life. However, it’s important to note that any items not purchased are removed from the home, so homeowners need to act fast if they want to keep those eye-catching décor pieces. Here are some key takeaways to keep in mind:
  • Homeowners featured on Love It or List It have the opportunity to purchase the furniture and décor used during the home’s staging.
  • Buying these items as part of the show experience means they get to keep the stylish furnishings that helped bring the new design to life.
  • Homeowners need to act quickly if they want to keep any of their coveted décor pieces.
  • Those who miss out on purchasing a certain item can still use it as inspiration for future purchases or DIY projects.
  • Overall, the opportunity to purchase furnishings and decor from the show is a smart move for homeowners looking to hold onto a piece of their redesigned home. By snagging these pieces, they can seamlessly incorporate them into their new design and enjoy the fruits of their Love It or List It experience long after the show has ended.
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    What Do Homeowners Get on Love It or List It?

    Love It or List It is an incredible show that features homeowners who are torn between selling their homes or renovating them. The show features a team of professionals who guide homeowners through the process of deciding whether to love their home or list it. One of the most exciting things about being featured on the show is the opportunity to purchase the furnishings and decor used for staging. In this article, we’ll explore this aspect of the show to learn more about what homeowners get on Love It or List It.

    Furnishings and decor used for staging

    One of the things that make Love It or List It unique is the staging carried out to give homeowners a sense of how their space could look with a different design. The staging encompasses several decorative and furniture items that can change the look and feel of a home quickly. Usually, the show producer brings in the decor items and furniture from their inventory or from participating vendors in exchange for free publicity.

    Opportunity to purchase staging items

    An HGTV representative confirmed that homeowners are given the opportunity to purchase the furnishings and decor used for staging. This means that if homeowners like the look of the items staged in their homes, they can purchase them at an additional cost. The chance to buy these things can be exciting for many homeowners who see items on set that they admire.

    What happens to staging items if not purchased

    As mentioned above, homeowners have the opportunity to purchase the staged items, but what happens to the items that aren’t purchased? The answer is straightforward: the items will be removed from the home and returned to the inventory of the producers of the show.
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    Homeowners’ buying options

    If homeowners decide to purchase any of the items used for staging their homes, they will be given several buying options. These options may include buying the furniture and decor items outright or financing through a payment plan. Homeowners should make their purchasing decisions based on their unique financial situation.

    Personalizing a newly designed home

    When homeowners decide to renovate their homes, they will often purchase new furniture and decor items to personalize their space after the renovation. However, homeowners may choose to keep some of the items used for staging. This can be an opportunity to keep elements of the design that resonate with their personalities and lifestyle.

    Decorating a home after renovation

    Combining newly purchased items with some of the staging items can create a cohesive post-renovation design. Homeowners can enlist the help of professional or DIY decorators to give their space a unique personal touch. This personalized touch can make the difference between a beautiful space and one that is merely functional.

    Financial considerations of purchasing staging items

    While being able to purchase staging items is a fantastic opportunity for homeowners, it’s essential to recognize the financial considerations of purchasing furniture and decor items on top of the cost of renovation. Renovation is often an expensive process, so it’s vital to budget appropriately and make purchasing decisions based on financial reality. In conclusion, Love It or List It offers homeowners the opportunity to buy the furniture and decor items used for staging their homes. Homeowners can add these items to their newly renovated homes, but they should consider the financial implications of doing so. However, buying these items gives homeowners a chance to personalize their space, creating a design that truly reflects who they are.

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