What Decorations Do They Use in Scandinavia? Discover Nordic Holiday Style!

In Scandinavia, Christmas decorations are taken very seriously, and there is a noticeable emphasis on natural elements. Whether in Denmark, Norway, or Sweden, festive decorations often include a mix of wood, flowers, and evergreen branches. Additionally, traditional colors like gold, red, silver, and green are often used to create a rustic aesthetic.
  • Candlelight is a huge component in Scandinavian Christmas décor, with many incorporating candelabras and tea lights for a cozy atmosphere.
  • Real or fake birds, such as robins and owls, are used to bring the outdoor wildlife inside the home.
  • Handmade ornaments, such as paper stars, are often crafted and hung on the Christmas tree.
  • In Sweden, a Yule goat made from straw is a popular decoration and is believed to bring good luck to the household.
  • Advent candles, which are lit each Sunday leading up to Christmas, are a common decoration in Scandinavian homes.
  • Overall, the emphasis on natural elements and handmade items creates a warm, cozy atmosphere during the holiday season in Scandinavia, making it a truly magical time of year. Scandinavian festive decorations for Christmas are considered a significant aspect of the holiday season in the region. The decorations are known for their natural and traditional elements that create a warm and cozy atmosphere during the winter season. Each country in Scandinavia approaches Christmas decorations in their unique way, but they all share some common features that signify the festive season. In this article, we will explore the decorations used in Scandinavia during Christmas under different headings.
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    Natural Elements in Scandinavian Festive Decorations

    Scandinavian festive decorations are known for an emphasis on natural elements that are easily available in the region. The decorations are created from materials such as wood, greenery, and flowers, which bring elements of nature into the house, creating a natural and cozy ambiance during the winter season. Natural elements used for Christmas decorations in Scandinavia include: – Pinecones: Pinecones are a common natural decoration used in Scandinavia during Christmas. They are available in various sizes and are often painted in traditional Christmas colors. – Berries: Berries, especially lingonberries or cranberries, are a popular natural element used to create wreaths and garlands that add color to the house. – Twigs and branches: Natural branches and twigs are also used to create decorations such as wreaths. They are often combined with other materials such as pine cones and ribbon to create a festive look.

    Traditional Colors in Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

    Scandinavian Christmas decorations are characterized by traditional colors like red, gold, green, and silver. The colors are thought to represent elements found in nature such as red for berries, gold for the sun, green for the pine tree and silver for snow. These colors are also used in combination to create a classic look that is both timeless and elegant.

    Flowers in Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

    Flowers are often used in Scandinavian Christmas decorations to add a touch of color to the house. Flowers such as amaryllis, poinsettia, and hyacinth are popular choices for arrangements, and they are often displayed in vases or used to create wreaths and garlands.
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    Wood in Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

    Wood is a popular material used for Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Wooden items such as ornaments, figurines, and candleholders are commonly used, and they are often handmade by local artisans. The use of wood adds warmth and texture to the house, creating a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

    Greenery in Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

    Greenery such as pine trees, fir trees, and holly are popular choices for Scandinavian Christmas decorations. These plants are often used to create wreaths and garlands that are hung around the house, adding a touch of nature to the decorations.

    Silver in Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

    Silver is a prominent color in Scandinavian Christmas decorations, representing snow and ice. Silver is often used in combination with other traditional colors such as red or green, adding a touch of elegance to the decorations. Silver ornaments and decorations are commonly used as centerpieces or hung on wreaths and garlands.

    Gold in Scandinavian Christmas Decorations

    Gold is another popular color used in Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Gold represents the sun and is often paired with traditional colors such as red or green to create a warm and festive look. Gold ornaments and decorations are commonly used to create a classic look that is both elegant and timeless. In conclusion, Scandinavian festive decorations for Christmas are known for their natural elements and traditional colors. From wooden ornaments to natural greenery, these decorations create a warm and cozy ambiance that adds a touch of nature to the house during the holiday season. Whether you choose to use traditional colors or natural elements, the decorations in Scandinavia are sure to add a touch of elegance and warmth to your home.

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