What Crafts Are Hot This Year? Discover the Top Trends!

Crafts that are trending this year incorporate a mixture of DIY projects and traditional art forms. Here are some of the hottest crafts that you can try out this year.
  • Glassblowing: The art of creating delicate glass sculptures and ornaments is gaining popularity as more people take up the craft.
  • Tufting: This technique of creating a textured and plush rug or wall hanging will add a touch of cozy warmth to your home.
  • Stained Glass: The use of stained glass as a decorative element is being rediscovered this year. Create beautiful panels for your windows or hang them up as art pieces.
  • Terrazzo: This classic design element that has been around for centuries is now making a comeback in various forms. You can use it to create beautiful coasters, trays, or even larger surfaces like tables and countertops.
  • Crochet: This timeless craft is still trending, as more people pick up knitting needles and create everything from sweaters to blankets.
  • Dry Flower Arrangement: The trend for adding greenery to your home is still going strong, but in 2021 people are leaning towards dry flower arrangements that add a touch of nature to your home all year long.
  • Polymer Clay: This versatile material can be used to create jewelry, figurines, and even home decor items like planters or candle holders.
  • Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out, these hot crafts will surely inspire you to create beautiful pieces for your home. As we approach a new year, it is natural to reflect on the past year and make new plans. For craft enthusiasts, it is a perfect time to refresh creativity and try out new techniques. This year has brought some exciting crafting trends, ranging from Tufting to Dry Flower Arrangement. This article will delve into the hottest crafts of the year, exploring some of their unique features and creative potential.
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    Glassblowing: Crafting with Fire and Passion

    The art of glassblowing dates back to ancient times, and it continues to captivate people today. It involves heating glass to a molten state, then shaping it into various forms using tools and skills. Glassblowing is a highly skilled craft that requires patience, precision, and creativity. This year, glassblowing is making its way back into popularity, as it allows craftspeople to create intricate designs and unique pieces. The process of glassblowing is not only satisfying but also relaxing, as the warmth of the kiln and the hypnotic motion of the glassblower’s hands can put the crafter in a meditative state. The result is stunning handcrafted glassware that is both functional and decorative. Benefits of glassblowing:
    • Opportunity to create unique and personalized glassware
    • Challenge your creativity and develop your skills
    • A therapeutic and relaxing experience

    Tufting: A Soft and Textured Art Form

    Tufting is a craft that involves the use of a tufting gun to create textured designs on fabric materials. The technique is perfect for creating warm and cozy home decor items such as rugs, throws, and pillows. This year, Tufting is gaining popularity, particularly among the younger generation, due to its simplicity and versatility. The tufting gun makes the process incredibly easy, and even beginners can create beautiful designs in a matter of minutes. Creating tufted designs is not only relaxing and therapeutic but also allows for endless possibilities for creating personalized home decor items. Benefits of tufting:
    • Relaxing and therapeutic experience
    • The tufting gun makes the process incredibly easy
    • Allows for endless possibilities in creating personalized home decor items

    The Art of Stained Glass: Mastering the Colorful Canvas

    Stained glass has been a popular craft for centuries, and it continues to be a favorite among craft enthusiasts. The technique involves combining pieces of colored glass to create intricate designs that allow light to shine through. Stained glass is the perfect craft for those seeking a more artistic challenge, as it requires patience, skill, and attention to detail. This year, we have seen a growing trend in creating stained glass designs inspired by nature and other patterns, adding a modern twist to this classic craft. Stained glass is also an excellent way to bring color and light into your home, as it allows for unique decorative pieces that can be displayed anywhere.
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    Benefits of stained glass:
    • A highly artistic challenge that requires patience and skill
    • Excellent use of color and light for decorative home pieces
    • Brings a sense of tradition and elegance into your home

    Terrazzo: Reimagining Classic Flooring in Crafts

    Terrazzo is a popular flooring material that has made its way into the crafting world. Crafters are now using terrazzo to create unique decorative pieces such as coasters, trays, and even jewelry. The material is made by combining small pieces of marble, granite, and other materials with cement, creating a durable and eye-catching material. This year, Terrazzo has become increasingly popular due to its versatility and endless possibilities in creating unique home decor pieces. The process of making terrazzo can be a bit tedious, but the end result is worth the effort, as each piece is unique and can last for a very long time. Benefits of terrazzo:
    • A durable and long-lasting material
    • Endless possibilities for creating unique decorative pieces
    • Brings a modern and stylish look to your home décor

    Crochet: A Simple yet Endless Art of Knitting

    Crochet is a needlework technique that involves interlocking loops of yarn to create decorative and functional pieces. The craft is easy to learn and perfect for creating a broad range of home décor items such as scarfs, blankets, and even stuffed animals. This year, we have seen a growing trend in using crochet to produce intricate and detailed designs. Crochet allows you to explore your creativity by mixing and matching different colors of yarn to create unique designs that fit your style and personality. Additionally, crochet is a relaxing and meditative craft that can provide a sense of accomplishment once you finish a piece. Benefits of crochet:
    • A simple and easy craft to learn
    • Allows for endless creativity in mixing and matching yarn colors
    • A relaxing and meditative craft that can provide a sense of accomplishment

    Dry Flower Arrangement: The Beauty that Never Fades

    Dry flower arrangements have been around for ages, but in recent years, we have seen a growing interest in crafting with dry flowers. The crafting technique involves taking dried flowers and arranging them in a vase or other decorative containers. This year, we have seen a growing trend in using sustainable and eco-friendly flowers for dry flower arrangements.
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    Dry flower arrangements are great for bringing nature inside your home, and they can add a pop of color to any room. The beauty of dry flowers is that they never fade, and they can last for many years if well taken care of. This year, we have also seen a growing trend in using dry flower arrangements for wedding decorations, as they can add a touch of vintage charm to any event. Benefits of dry flower arrangement:
    • Easy to create, and requires minimal maintenance
    • The beauty of the flowers lasts for years and can be displayed throughout different seasons
    • Sustainable and eco-friendly craft

    Polymer Clay for Everything: Versatile and Creative Craftsmanship

    Polymer clay has been around for some time, but it continues to grow in popularity due to its versatility and endless possibilities. The material is a favorite among craft enthusiasts because of its ability to create different shapes and textures easily. This year, we have seen a growing trend in using polymer clay to create personalized jewelry, home decor pieces, and even phone cases. Creating unique pieces using polymer clay is simple and enjoyable, and it requires minimal effort and time. The material is also quite durable, and the end result is a unique and personalized piece that can last for a long time. Benefits of polymer clay:
    • The material is easy to shape and mold into different textures and patterns
    • Durable and long-lasting material
    • Allows for endless possibilities for creating personalized and unique pieces
    In conclusion, these crafts are hot in 2021 for plenty of reasons. The satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands, the therapeutic effects, the ability to personalize items to your exact tastes, and the incorporation of more eco-friendly materials in crafts. These crafts are perfect for people of all ages and skill levels who are looking for a fun and creative hobby. So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get crafting!

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