What Shade of Grey Does Fixer Upper Use in Home Design?

If you’re an avid watcher of Fixer Upper like many of us, you may be curious about what color of gray the show commonly uses. The answer is Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray, a shade that falls between a cool and warm gray tone. Not only does this hue match perfectly with the style of the show, but it’s also versatile enough that it can work with a myriad of decor. Here are a few reasons why this color choice is so beloved on Fixer Upper:
  • Repose Gray is an excellent neutral color to emphasize bold accents in furniture or textiles.
  • It has a calming effect on the room and goes well with any overall theme.
  • Repose Gray is also a color that looks great in both natural and artificial lighting conditions.
  • The use of this color creates a serene, cohesive feeling throughout the home.
  • In short, Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray is an ideal shade for those wanting a neutral backdrop for their interior decor. So, if you’re looking to update your home with a touch of Fixer Upper’s style or just your own unique taste, consider giving Repose Gray a try.

    The Versatility and Popularity of Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

    The versatility of Repose Gray

    Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is a color that truly works with any design style. This shade of gray has a timeless appeal that matches both classic and contemporary trends. As a neutral color, Repose Gray is flexible and can be paired with almost any accent color. It can be bold and make a statement or be used as a transitional color to smoothly connect different spaces.
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    Repose Gray on Fixer Upper

    One of the reasons that Repose Gray has become such a popular color in recent years is its frequent usage in episodes of Fixer Upper. This show has revitalized the home design industry, and the design team of Chip and Joanna Gaines often use Repose Gray in their designs. It has been seen on walls, cabinets, and even as an exterior color. Repose Gray has been used in homes with various architectural styles, including farmhouse, cottage, and modern designs.

    A gray that works with any lighting

    One of the unique features of Repose Gray is that it looks great in all lighting types. It is not too cool or too beige, making it a perfect neutral color for homes that have diverse lighting atmospheres. Whether the space is lit with natural daylight or warm artificial lighting, Repose Gray will appear cohesive and consistent. In addition to its versatility, this color is also low-maintenance and can easily hide dirt. Some key facts about Repose Gray:
    • It is a favorite of designers because of its timeless appeal
    • It is a classic and versatile neutral color that can easily match with other colors
    • It is popular among interior design bloggers and homeowners alike
    • It works with any lighting type and is perfect for rooms with diverse lighting conditions
    • It hides dirt and smudges, making it a low-maintenance color

    Sherwin Williams and the perfect shade of gray

    Sherwin Williams is a highly respected brand in the paint and design industry, and they have developed an excellent reputation for creating high-quality paint products. The company has an extensive selection of colors to choose from, and Repose Gray is a gem among all of them. Sherwin Williams’ commitment to quality shows in the consistency and richness of the Repose Gray color.
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    Repose Gray: not too cool, not too beige

    Repose Gray is a perfect blend of warm and cool undertones, making it a true neutral gray. It is not too cool, and therefore, it does not appear icy or cold. It is not too beige either, so it does not have any yellowish undertones that can make it appear bland. Instead, it delivers a beautiful gray that creates depth and interest while still appearing clean and fresh.

    Why Repose Gray is a favorite of Fixer Upper fans

    Being a favorite color of the popular home renovation TV show, Fixer Upper, surely helped the popularity of Repose Gray. But it is also a color that attracts homeowners and interior designers because of its versatility, uniqueness, and timelessness in design. It is a popular color choice for many household spaces, whether it be for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, or even exteriors. In conclusion, Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is an exceptional gray color that works with all design styles and lighting conditions. Its versatility and popular usage on Fixer Upper have made it a favorite among homeowners and interior designers. Its unique mixture of warm and cool undertones allows it to stand out among other neutral gray tones. Whether you are looking for a bold statement color or a transitional color, Repose Gray is an excellent choice for your next paint project.

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