What are the rules for decorating a room? Get the perfect look!

Decorating a room can seem like a daunting task, but there are some basic rules you can follow to create an aesthetically pleasing space. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind when decorating a room:
  • Hang Curtains: Hang curtains 2/3 the distance between the window and the ceiling to make the room look taller and more elegant.
  • Focus on the Negative (Space): Don’t overcrowd the room with too many items. Focus on negative space to draw attention to the important pieces in the room.
  • Use a Too-small Rug to Make a Statement: Use a too-small rug to create a bold statement. This will draw attention to the rug and make it a focal point in the room.
  • Bring the Oversized Branches In: Add some oversized branches to add a touch of nature to the room. These can be placed in a vase or on a mantel to create a natural, organic feel.
  • Strip Out the Shiplap: While shiplap has been popular, it can become overdone. Strip out the shiplap and create a different feature wall to add interest to the room.
  • Soften a Square Sofa with a Barrel Chair: Soften the lines of a square sofa by adding a barrel chair. This creates contrast and adds interest to the room.
  • Remember, these rules are just suggestions. You should always decorate to your own personal tastes and preferences.
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    Hanging Curtains with Proportion in Mind

    When it comes to decorating a room, hanging curtains is a crucial element. Curtains can drastically change the look and feel of any space. However, simply hanging a curtain without taking into account the proportion of the room can leave the space feeling unbalanced. One rule of thumb is to hang curtains about two-thirds of the distance between the window and the ceiling. This creates an illusion of height and adds a sense of grandeur to the room. Another consideration is the width of the curtains. It’s important to choose curtains that are wide enough to cover the entire window when closed. This helps to create a cohesive and polished look. Additionally, choosing curtains that are a few inches longer than the window provides the illusion of a larger window and can also add an elegant touch. Remember, curtains should frame the window, not overwhelm it.

    Leveraging Negative Space in Your Decor

    Negative space is an often-overlooked aspect of decorating, but it’s an important one. Negative space refers to the open or unused space in a room. Many people feel the need to fill every inch of a room with decor, but this can make a space feel cluttered and overwhelming. By embracing negative space, you can create a more balanced and serene environment. One way to incorporate negative space into your decor is to use larger, statement pieces rather than an abundance of small, cluttered items. Another option is to leave open spaces on shelves, tables, and walls. These open spaces provide breathing room for the eye and allow your decor to shine.
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    Make a Statement with a Too-Small Rug

    When it comes to choosing a rug for a room, many people opt for a larger size. While this can be a good choice, an undersized rug can also make a bold statement. Choosing a rug that is too small for the space and placing it in the center of the room can create a unique and daring look. Not only does an undersized rug make a statement, but it can also be more affordable than a larger one. However, it’s important to keep in mind that there should still be enough space for furniture to sit on the rug. This creates a cohesive look and allows the furniture to anchor the space.

    Embrace the Beauty of Oversized Branches

    Bringing natural elements into your decor is not only visually appealing but can also provide a sense of calm and relaxation. Oversized branches are a perfect way to do this. They add height and texture to a room and can be used in a variety of ways. One option is to place the branches in a large vase or container and use them as a centerpiece on a table or mantle. Another option is to place them in a corner of the room to create a focal point. The key is to choose branches that are appropriately scaled for the space. Bold, statement-making branches can make a huge impact in any room.

    Moving Beyond Shiplap: More Creative Wall Alternatives

    Shiplap has been a popular wall treatment in recent years, but it’s not the only option. There are plenty of creative alternatives that can add texture and interest to your walls.
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    One option is to use wallpaper with a bold pattern or texture. Another option is to use wood paneling in different patterns or finishes. Using tiles or stones can also create a stunning wall treatment. The key is to experiment with different options and choose a wall treatment that fits your style and the overall vibe of the room.

    Balancing Square Sofas with Barrel Chairs

    Square sofas can be a great choice for modern and minimalist spaces, but they can also feel rigid and stark. Adding a barrel chair can soften the look and add a touch of whimsy to the room. The key is to choose a chair with a similar color palette or style as the sofa. This creates a cohesive look, rather than a haphazard one. Additionally, adding a few decorative pillows to the chair can add extra comfort and personality to the space. Incorporating these decorating rules into your space can create a cohesive and visually appealing environment. Remember, the key is to not only choose decor that fits your personal style but also takes into account the proportion and negative space of the room. Experiment with different options and have fun with your decor!

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