What Are the Rules for Contemporary Style? Discover the Keys to Modern Decor.

Contemporary style has gained immense popularity due to its clean lines, minimalism, and a perfect balance between form and function. It’s a style that typically focuses on creating a space that is streamlined, functional, and uncluttered while showcasing a few eye-catching design elements. So, what are the rules for contemporary style?

  • Uncluttered Spaces: Contemporary style shuns clutter, so it’s essential to keep everything clean and straightforward. This means that you should avoid too many knick-knacks, accessories, or things that do not serve any purpose other than occupying space.
  • Track Lighting: Contemporary spaces opt for sleek and modern lighting, such as track lighting. It helps keep the space uncluttered while providing plenty of light.
  • Organic Accents: Adding organic accents to contemporary spaces softens the otherwise cold feel of the style. Think about adding natural wood or stone accents that complement the minimalist vibe.
  • Open Floor Plan: A characteristic feature of contemporary style is its preference for the open floor plan. An open plan unites the living, kitchen, and dining spaces, promoting interaction and making the space feel more extensive.
  • No Drapes: Curtains, drapes, or any heavy window treatments go against the minimalistic nature of contemporary style. Instead, opt for simple blinds or shades that allow the light to filter in and keep everything feeling open.
  • Textural Textiles: Contemporary spaces use plain fabrics with textural appeal, such as woven cotton, linen, or wool, adding comfort without detracting from the inherent elegance of the style.
  • By following these rules, you can easily create a contemporary space that feels uncluttered yet welcoming, sleek yet comfortable. So give it a try and see how it transforms the look and feel of your home.

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    The Rules for Creating a Contemporary Style in Your Home

    If you’re looking to create a contemporary style in your home, there are several key rules to follow. This design style is known for its clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalistic approach, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s boring. In fact, contemporary design can be incredibly modern, stylish, and functional all at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about the key rules to follow when creating a contemporary style in your home.

    Uncluttered Spaces for Contemporary Style

    One of the most important rules of contemporary style is to keep your spaces uncluttered. This means that you should focus on minimalistic design elements and avoid adding too many decorative elements to your room. To achieve an uncluttered look, consider the following tips:

    • Keep your surfaces clear of unnecessary objects, including knick-knacks and sentimental decorations.
    • Invest in pieces with simple, clean lines for furniture, rather than frilly or ornate styles.
    • Keep your colors neutral, rather than bold or bright, to maintain a sleek, modern look.

    Remember, less is more when it comes to contemporary style.

    Track Lighting in Contemporary Spaces

    Contemporary spaces make use of intentional lighting to accentuate the room’s features. Track lighting is a great way to achieve an industrial look and feel with a contemporary twist. Here are a few tips for incorporating track lighting into your space:

    • Choose simple track lighting over elaborate chandeliers or pendant lighting.
    • Keep your lighting fixtures in the same finish (e.g. brushed nickel) to maintain continuity in your space.
    • Use dimmer switches to adjust the lighting to your desired level of brightness, depending on the time of day and atmosphere you’re trying to create.
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    By incorporating track lighting into your contemporary space, you’ll be sure to create a dramatic and stylish atmosphere.

    Using Organic Accents for Contemporary Rooms

    Contemporary spaces often incorporate natural or organic elements to soften the starkness of the design. Consider adding the following items to your space for a warm, cozy feel:

    • Wood or bamboo furniture pieces for a touch of earthiness.
    • Greenery in the form of plants or floral arrangements to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room.
    • Organic texture like jute or seagrass rugs, to bring subtle warmth to your hard surfaces.

    The use of these natural accents will help soften your contemporary space and make it feel more inviting and comfortable.

    Incorporating Open Floor Plans for Contemporary Style

    Contemporary spaces favor open floor plans, so if you’re designing a contemporary home, consider knocking down any walls that create a choppy or confined feel. An open floor plan will give your space a light and airy appearance, while also allowing for natural light to permeate the space.

    Remember, visually breaking up your home with walls or a cluttered layout is the opposite of contemporary style. So, focus on creating a seamless flow throughout your space, with uninterrupted lines of sight from room to room.

    Drapes are Out: Contemporary Spaces Prefer No Curtains

    In a contemporary space, drapes are out as window treatments. Instead, consider leaving the windows bare to allow light to flood in without obstruction. When privacy is a concern, opt for simple roller or solar shades in a neutral color.

    The absence of curtains gives your windows a clean, sleek, and clutter-free finish, and also keeps the focus on the architecture of the room, rather than any decorative fabric elements.

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    Textural Textiles in Contemporary Style

    With a neutral color palette dominating most contemporary spaces, the importance of texture cannot be overstated. Textural textiles can add visual interest and depth to an otherwise monotone space. Consider the following options:

    • Chenille or velvet sofas and chairs for a touch of softness, warmth, and texture.
    • Textured pillows, throw blankets, and shag rugs to add a plush, cozy feel to your space.
    • Metallic accents to add a touch of glam and shine to your otherwise muted decor.

    By incorporating a range of textural textiles, you’ll add depth and interest to your contemporary space without sacrificing its minimalist approach.

    Final Thoughts

    Creating a contemporary style in your home is all about the balance between minimalism and modernity. Follow these key rules to achieve stunning, sleek, and functional rooms that are sure to impress your guests. Remember, when it comes to contemporary design, less is often more, so focus on simplicity, natural elements, and the beauty of clean lines in your home.

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