What Are the Essential Elements of Urban Modern Style?

Urban modern design is a popular style that brings together various elements to create a clean and sophisticated look. When it comes to implementing this style in your home, there are a few key elements that you should consider. Here are some of the elements of urban modern:
  • Soft neutral colors: Urban modern is all about creating a calm and serene atmosphere. This is why soft neutral colors such as beige, gray, and cream are often used. These colors provide a clean canvas to showcase other design elements.
  • Luxurious furniture: Furniture plays a crucial role in urban modern design. It should be comfortable, functional, and stylish. Think of sleek sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables with clean lines and simple designs.
  • Natural light: Natural light is an essential element in creating an urban modern look. Large windows are a great way to introduce natural light into your space. You can also use sheer curtains to help diffuse the light and create a soft, calming effect.
  • Rough wood and metals: While soft neutral colors dominate the urban modern style, rough wood and metals are also used to create a contrast. Exposed brick walls and concrete floors can add an industrial feel to your space, while black steel elements can add a touch of sophistication.
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  • Floor-to-ceiling windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows are a popular option in urban modern design. They allow for plenty of natural light and give the illusion of more space. They also provide stunning views, which can be a great addition to your urban modern home. In conclusion, when implementing the urban modern style in your home, it is important to focus on soft neutral colors, luxurious furniture, natural light, rough wood and metals, and floor-to-ceiling windows. With these key elements, you can create a space that is both comfortable and stylish.

    Elements of Urban Modern

    Urban modern is a design style that combines the elements of city living with modern design. The result is a sleek, sophisticated and functional space that reflects the fast-paced lifestyle of city dwellers. To achieve this look, there are several key elements that need to be implemented. These elements include soft neutral colors, luxurious furniture, abundant natural light, rough wood accents, a mix of steel, metals, and brick, and floor to ceiling windows.

    Soft Neutral Colors

    One of the most important elements of urban modern design is the use of soft neutral colors. This color palette includes shades of gray, beige, cream, and off-white. These colors create a sense of calm and serenity, making them the perfect backdrop for the rest of the design elements. However, this does not mean that the space has to be boring. Bold elements can be added using different textures or patterns in the furnishings and decor to create depth and interest. Bold elements can be added using:
    • Textured rugs
    • Pattered throw pillows
    • Metallic accents
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    Luxurious Furniture

    Luxurious furniture is another key element of urban modern design. The furniture should be sleek, clean and modern, and embody the sophistication of city living. Quality materials such as leather, marble, and velvet are popular choices for upholstery. The furniture pieces should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing – multi-functional pieces such as storage ottomans or sofa beds are great additions. Materials popular for upholstery:
    • Leather
    • Marble
    • Velve

    Abundant Natural Light

    One of the most overlooked elements of urban modern design is the importance of natural light. Large windows or skylights are essential to this design style as they allow natural light to flood the space. This creates a sense of warmth and openness that is crucial in urban living spaces. The natural light can also be enhanced by incorporating mirrors in the design, which not only reflect light but can also create the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors can be used in the following ways:
    • Large floor mirrors
    • Mirrored accent pieces
    • Mirror panels on walls

    Rough Wood Accents

    While soft neutral colors and luxurious furniture are the main elements of urban modern design, rough wood accents can be incorporated to add warmth and texture. Examples of rough wood accents include exposed ceiling beams, wooden wall paneling, or a rough-hewn wooden coffee table. This element adds an element of industrial design which is the hallmark of urban living.

    Mix of Steel, Metals, and Brick

    In addition to rough wood accents, a mix of steel, metals, and brick is key in achieving the urban modern look. These materials embody the industrial style and can be incorporated into the design through lighting fixtures, shelving, or walls. The combination of different textures creates a sense of depth and interest in the design.
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    Incorporate the following into the design using steel, metals or brick:
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Shelving units
    • Accent walls

    Floor to Ceiling Windows

    Finally, one of the most striking elements of urban modern design is the use of floor to ceiling windows. This type of window allows natural light to flood the space and offers stunning views of the city. It also gives the illusion of a larger space and adds an element of luxury. In conclusion, when implementing urban modern design, it is important to consider all the key elements mentioned above. Soft neutral colors, luxurious furniture, abundant natural light, rough wood accents, a mix of steel, metals, and brick, and floor to ceiling windows all work together to create a space that is sleek, functional, and sophisticated.

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