What Makes a Cottage-Style Home: Essential Elements to Know.

Cottage style houses are a popular architectural style that gives homeowners a sense of tranquility and comfort. Capturing the essence of countryside living, these houses are known for their unique combination of charming elegance and rustic simplicity. If you are looking to create a cozy living space, here are some of the essential elements of a cottage style house:
  • Asymmetrical Design – A cottage-style house is typically designed with a lack of symmetry to provide a relaxed and informal feel.
  • Steep Gable Rooflines and Big Front Peak – A steeply-pitched roofline and large front peak are common features that add character and visual interest to the house.
  • 1 1/2 or 2-story Construction – To capture a quaint look and feel, a cottage-style house is often constructed with 1 1/2 or 2 stories.
  • Decorative Arched Entryway – The entryway of a cottage-style house is often arched and adorned with tasteful decorations to provide a welcoming and inviting feeling.
  • Small Front Landing – This feature is added to provide a smooth transition between the house and the surrounding property.
  • Oversized Chimney Stack – Typically, a cottage-style house is fitted with an oversized chimney stack to create a traditional, rustic look.
  • Multiple-Pane Windows that have Decorative Light Divides – Creating a bright and inviting atmosphere is essential in cottage-style homes. Multiple-paned windows that feature decorative light divides are common and considered to be staple elements of a cottage-style house.
  • With these essential elements in mind, you can create a charming and inviting space that captures the essence of a cottage-style home.

    Asymmetrical Design: The Unique Charm of Cottage Style Homes

    The beauty of cottage style homes lies in their asymmetrical design. Unlike traditional homes with evenly balanced windows and doors, cottage homes are designed to be effortlessly charming and quirky. The asymmetrical design allows cottage-style homes to have a relaxed and welcoming feel, making it ideal for those who want a cozy retreat where happiness abounds.
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    Cottage-style homes are traditionally smaller in size but ooze a ton of personality. They are built to be functional yet stylish, with unique features that make them stand out from the crowd. The asymmetrical design emphasizes the home’s uniqueness, and the fact that no two cottage-style homes are the same is one of its attractive features. Some key elements that help achieve the look of asymmetry include:
    • Varied heights of rooflines
    • Multiple dormers arranged in an irregular pattern
    • Off-center front door placement
    The asymmetrical design of cottage-style homes is the epitome of charm and has been gaining popularity in recent years.

    Steep Gable Rooflines and Big Front Peak: Key Elements of Cottage Architecture

    The steep gable rooflines and big front peak are iconic features of cottage-style homes, adding to their undeniable charm. These features were incorporated into the original cottage-style homes to make them more weather-resistant. The steep gable rooflines not only help to shed snow and rainwater easily but also add to the visual appeal of the house. The big front peak, on the other hand, creates a focal point, making the house stand out, whether viewed from afar or up close. The shape of the roofline and the peak of the house adds to the uniqueness of the home’s architecture. The steep slope of the roofline makes the house appear taller and creates space for a spacious attic or second-floor living space.

    1 1/2 or 2-Story Construction: Creating a Cozy Abode with Cottage Style Homes

    Cottage-style homes are designed to be cozy retreats, and the 1 1/2 or 2-story construction enhances its coziness. Shorter ceiling heights create a sense of intimacy and contribute to the feeling of being nestled in a comfy, cozy space.
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    The 1 1/2 story construction offers the convenience of having the living spaces on a single floor, while the 2-story construction provides additional living space on the upper level. The additional space upstairs can be used as bedrooms, a home office, or even a playroom for the kids. The smaller size of cottage-style homes, combined with the 1 1/2 or 2-story construction, makes these homes more energy-efficient. The reduced square footage means less heating and cooling is needed, and that translates to lower utility bills.

    Decorative Arched Entryway: Adding Character and Elegance to Your Cottage Style House

    Adding a decorative arched entryway to your cottage-style home is an excellent way to add character and elegance to your abode. The arched shape adds a touch of sophistication while complementing the asymmetrical design of cottage-style homes. The arched entryway can be a stand-alone feature or incorporated into a porch area, adding to the charm of the entrance. The addition of a decorative front door with detailed hardware further enhances the elegance of the overall look. The arched entryway symbolizes grandeur and has been used in architecture since ancient times, and it’s an excellent way to add value to your cottage-style home.

    Small Front Landing: Welcoming Guests with Cottage Charm and Style

    The entryway is an important feature in any home, and for cottage-style homes, the small front landing adds a unique touch of style and charm. The small landing creates a warm and welcoming feel, even before guests step foot inside the house. The front landing can be designed with natural materials such as flagstone, gravel, or brick, and the incorporation of potted plants or hanging baskets adds to the quaintness of the space. A comfortable bench or chair on the landing provides a place to sit and relax, and enjoying the outdoors. The small front landing is an opportunity to add your own personal touch to the outdoor space of your cottage-style home while creating an inviting entrance for all guests.
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    Oversized Chimney Stack: Enhancing the Rustic Look of Cottage Style Homes

    The oversized chimney stack is an iconic feature of cottage-style homes, adding to their rustic charm. The chimney stack is typically built in the center of the house, extending above the roofline. The chimney stack’s size and placement create a sense of warmth and comfort, making the house cozier. The chimney stack is often made of brick or stone and has a traditional look that complements the cottage-style architecture. The oversized chimney stack adds to the home’s rustic vibe and creates a focal point that draws the eye. If you’re planning to have a fireplace in your cottage-style home, a chimney stack is necessary for proper ventilation and to maintain the integrity of the home’s structure.

    Multiplepane Windows with Decorative Light Divides: Bringing in Natural Light and Traditional Flair

    Multiplepane windows with decorative light divides are a staple in cottage-style homes. These types of windows add to the home’s traditional flair while allowing natural light to flood the interior spaces. The windows are often arranged asymmetrically, further emphasizing the home’s unique charm. The addition of decorative light divides, such as diamond patterns or rectangular grids, adds an extra layer of visual interest and elegance. The multiplepaned windows capture the essence of cottage-style architecture, and they’re an excellent choice for emphasizing the home’s traditional charm while brightening the living spaces. In conclusion, cottage-style homes are a popular choice for those who seek charm, warmth, and personality in their homes. The asymmetrical design, steep gable rooflines, and big front peak, combined with other unique features such as the decorative arched entryway and oversized chimney stack, add to the homes’ cozy appeal. The cottage-style home is a place that sparks joy, and the multiplepane windows with decorative light divides create a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

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