What are the 6 types of houses in Spanish? Discover Spanish architecture styles!

If you’re looking to expand your housing vocabulary in Spanish, here are six types of houses you should know:
  • Casa – this is the general term for a typical house or home
  • Mansion – similar to an English mansion, this refers to a large and luxurious house
  • Casa adosada – also known as a semi-detached house, refers to a house that shares a common wall with another house
  • Casa de playa – this translates to beach house, a popular style of property found in coastal areas
  • Casa rodante – this refers to a mobile home, often used for vacations or as a primary residence
  • Casita de campo – a small house or cottage found in rural areas, often used as a vacation home
  • Learning these house types in Spanish will come in handy when house-hunting or discussing properties with Spanish speakers.

    Exploring the 6 Types of Houses in Spanish

    When it comes to housing, there are many types of houses available all over the world. In Spanish, there are also several terms that refer to different types of homes. In this article, we will take a more in-depth look at the six most common types of houses in Spanish: House, Casa, Mansion, Semi-Detached House, Beach House, Mobile Home, and Cottage.

    House: The Basic Type of House in Spanish

    The first type of house we will explore is the most basic – the House, which translates to Casa in Spanish. This refers to the standard single-family home that is typically found in suburban areas. The House usually features a front yard and backyard, with some space between the neighboring properties. It can vary in size and style, from a small bungalow to a large mansion. These homes tend to be permanent dwellings and are generally the most stable type of housing.
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    Casa: The Spanish Translation for House

    As we mentioned earlier, Casa is the Spanish translation for House. However, the word Casa can also be used to describe more modest dwellings, such as apartments or studios. In this context, it is common to add words like pequeña (small), grande (large), de lujo (luxury), or económica (affordable) in front of the word Casa to indicate the specific type of dwelling.

    Mansion: Grand Homes in the Spanish Language

    A Mansion is an extravagant and luxurious home that is typically associated with the wealthy. In Spanish, the term for Mansion is also Mansion and it refers to a large and impressive dwelling. These homes are usually situated on sprawling estates with extensive gardens and sometimes even with swimming pools. They can feature numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, grand entrances, and beautiful architectural details. Key Point: Mansions in Spanish tend to be a symbol of wealth and prestige and are often associated with la buena vida.

    Semi-Detached House: Casa Adosada in Spanish

    The fourth type of house we will explore is the Semi-Detached House, or Casa Adosada in Spanish. This refers to a home that shares a wall with another dwelling. It is similar to a duplex, but a Casa Adosada tends to be larger and more spacious. These homes typically have a private backyard, and sometimes a garage or driveway. They are an excellent option for families who want more space but don’t want to live in a full-blown single-family home. Key Point: In Spanish, it is essential to differentiate between a Casa Adosada and a Duplex, as the latter is more commonly known as a Dúplex.
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    Beach House: Casa de Playa, Ideal Vacation Homes

    The fifth type of house is the Beach House, or Casa de Playa in Spanish. As the name suggests, these homes are usually located near the beach or other bodies of water. They are ideal for people who want to spend the summer relaxing by the sea or enjoying water-based activities. Beach houses can range from small, rustic cottages to large, luxurious homes with a pool and outdoor entertainment areas.
    • Beach houses are typically more expensive than other types of homes due to their location near the water.
    • Bigger beach houses can sometimes be rented out as vacation homes for significant income potential.

    Mobile Home: Casa Rodante, Traveling Homes

    The sixth and final type of house is the Mobile Home, or Casa Rodante in Spanish. These are dwellings that are designed to be mobile, allowing their owners to move around as needed. They are often used as temporary homes, for travel, or as an affordable way of living. Mobile homes can vary in size, from small campers to large trailers with multiple rooms and amenities. Key Point: In Spanish, the term Caravana can also be used to refer to mobile homes or travel trailers.

    Cottage: Casita de Campo, Rustic and Cozy Homes

    The last type of house we will explore is the Cottage. A cottage is typically a small, cozy, and rustic dwelling situated in a rural or remote area. In Spanish, these homes are known as Casita de Campo and are ideal for people who want to live in a peaceful and quiet location. They can be made out of wood, stone, or other natural materials, and are often quite charming and picturesque.
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    Key Point: Many people aspire to have a Casita de Campo as a weekend getaway or retirement home, as they offer a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


    There you have it – six of the most common types of houses in Spanish. Each of these types of homes can be found in many different places, from traditional suburban neighborhoods to remote rural areas, and everything in between. Understanding these different types of houses can help you identify the type of home that is right for you, wherever you are in the world.

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